Latest Residential Electricity Plans

Latest Electricity Plans

WATTever’s technology and team actively monitors retailer websites to get the most up to date electricity plan information. Published here are the “Valid From” date of the latest market and regulated residential electricity plans for each retailer in each state, that are currently included in WATTever’s electricity comparison service. It’s a great way of seeing the retailers that have recently released residential electricity plans and those retailers that haven’t. Retailers commonly change their plans every six months (usually at end of the year or mid-year) but can update plans at any time.

WATTever checks for the latest plans from every retailer each week. If you find a more recent plan available on retailer’s website that isn’t listed below, contact us and we’ll make the update. View a summary of the latest business electricity plans.

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Please note the following about the information above: 1. Retailers may have multiple plans including some with older start dates. 2. We don’t list Standing Offer start dates as we don’t recommend switching to standing offers. They are usually the most expensive plans each retailer offers.