Compare ActewAGL electricity rates

Compare ActewAGLLooking to compare ActewAGL electricity rates and plans? We’ve summarised ActewAGL’s current residential plans below.

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ActewAGL plans for the Australian Capital Territory

PlanBenefit PeriodAnytime RateSupply Charge (per day)Solar Feed-in TariffFact Sheet
ACT Energy Rewards 20 Home Saver PlusOngoing17.63c178.75c8.00cView
ACT Energy Rewards 20 Home SaverOngoing18.97c131.23c8.00cView
ACT Energy Rewards 12 Home Saver PlusOngoing19.40c178.75c8.00cView
ACT Energy Rewards 20 HomeOngoing20.03c107.25c8.00cView
ACT Energy Rewards 12 Home SaverOngoing20.86c131.23c8.00cView
ACT Energy Rewards 12 HomeOngoing22.04c107.25c8.00cView
Standing Offer Home Saver PlusOngoing22.04c178.75c11.00cView
Standing Offer Home SaverOngoing23.71c131.23c11.00cView
Standing Offer HomeOngoing25.04c107.25c11.00cView

Rates shown are for anytime (flat rate) tariff and include GST and all available discounts. Plans are updated weekly from ActewAGL’s Energy Price Fact Sheets.

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