Residential Controlled Load 3 Rates Comparison

Controlled Load 3 dedicated circuit

Listed below are electricity retailer’s controlled load 3 rates for households in QLD (Smart Control) and TAS (Tariff 62). There are no controlled load 3 tariffs in the other states and territories.
Controlled Load 3 Rates are the amount you pay per kWh for appliances that are on dedicated circuits connected as a Controlled 3 Load. For residential properties this can include pool pumps, in-floor heating and occasionally hot water heating and air conditioning.
Controlled Load 3 Rates vary depending on;
1. The electricity network region you are connected to.
2. The electricity retailer who you buy power through.
Here’s how to find the best deal. A low controlled load 3 rate is important, but you also need to consider the other usage rates, daily supply charges (and feed-in tariffs if you have solar). WATTever’s comprehensive electricity comparison makes it easy to get it right because it includes all this information.
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Select your State/Territory:
Energex Network Electricity Controlled Load 3 Rates – Tariff 35 aka Smart Control (South East Queensland)
#Retailer Plans (linked) 
AGL Essentials Saver Online$0.113
AGL Essentials Saver$0.113
AGL Seniors Plus Online$0.113
AGL Seniors Plus$0.113
AGL Essentials Plus Online$0.121
AGL Essentials Plus$0.121
AGL Solar Savers Online$0.129
AGL Solar Savers$0.129
AGL Standing Offer$0.129
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.141
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.150
Elysian Energy Standing Simple Plan$0.169
Tasmania Electricity Controlled Load 3 Rates – Tariff 62
#Retailer Plans (linked) 
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.126
Future X Power Flexi Saver$0.129
1st Energy 1st Plus$0.133
1st Energy 1st Solar Bonus$0.133
Aurora Energy Standing Offer$0.133
Future X Power Standing Offer$0.133

Please note the following about the information below:
1. Controlled Load 3 Rates shown include GST and all available discounts.
2. Daily charges relating to controlled load or dedicated circuits are not shown on this page.

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