GreenPower Rates by Retailer

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What is GreenPower? GreenPower is a government managed program that lets households and businesses choose to offset their electricity use with renewable energy. If you choose to buy GreenPower, your electricity retailer will purchase certified renewable energy on your behalf. Accredited GreenPower is generated from sources including wind, solar, water and bioenergy.

Why do people choose GreenPower? GreenPower helps reduces the impact on the environment. By buying renewable energy, you reduce the greenhouse gases normally associated with your energy use. The GreenPower program has helped build demand and investment in renewable energy sources. More than $500 million has been returned to renewable energy generators through GreenPower since 2009.

How much extra does GreenPower cost? Listed below are the GreenPower rates for each participating electricity retailer is the current cost per kWh to use 100% GreenPower for your electricity consumption. This list only includes retailers who offer 100% GreenPower as an option on their electricity plans. WATTever’s comprehensive electricity comparison allows you to choose GreenPower and estimate the cost.

GreenPower rates by electricity retailer

Note: NectrPacific Blue, and Simply Energy are not listed in the table above even though they do offer plans which includes 100% GreenPower. This is because the cost of 100% GreenPower is not shown separately for these plans and therefore cannot be ranked in the table above.

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