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Electricity Bill Shock

Electricity bill shock ahead

Australia’s energy prices have been falling for the last four years, but that’s about to change. Like the jump in petrol prices earlier this year, households will see a steep rise in electricity bills – up to 25% or more in some States.

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70 reasons to drive an EV

Reasons to drive an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles have so many advantages over cars powered by internal combustion engines (ICE). While the instant acceleration, lack of tailpipe emissions and low energy costs are well-known, there are plenty more. Here are nearly 70 reasons why driving an electric vehicle beats a conventional ICE vehicle: Performance 1. Better

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Shell Powershop takeover

Shell Powershop takeover – what to do

Shell announced on Monday 22nd November that it would take ownership of energy retailer Powershop Australia. Many of Powershop’s 185,000 customers loved the retailer’s focus on renewables – so it’s no wonder people are up in arms.

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solar sponge tariff

Solar sponge tariffs mean cheaper electricity for all

Rooftop solar is now the second biggest generator of electricity in Australia, pushing down the cost of power. But what about the 7 million households who don’t have solar? Here’s how the new so-called ‘solar sponge tariffs’ enable anyone to get on board with cheaper daytime electricity.

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Cheapest electricity deals in Victoria

Cheapest electricity deals we’ve seen in Victoria

From March 2021, there has been fierce discounting of grid electricity offers by several energy retailers in Victoria. So we ran the numbers to find out if the plans available now are cheaper than any deal since WATTever began comparing every electricity plan listed on retailers websites in July 2017.

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ReAmped shake up Victoria and ACT electricity prices

ReAmped shake up Victoria and ACT electricity prices

The arrival of low-cost electricity retailer ReAmped Energy into Victoria in March and into the ACT today is excellent news for energy shoppers wanting a better deal. Over the last two years, the independent electricity retailer has been a leading force lowering energy costs by intensifying price competition.

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Enova Energy Queensland entry brings community power

Enova Energy Queensland entry brings community power

Households and businesses in South East Queensland interested in sustainable energy take note. Enova Energy will arrive in Queensland with electricity offers from March 2021, taking their fast-growing community-powered model to the sunshine state. If you are looking for an energy supplier with heart, it’s worth checking out Enova Energy.

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Victorian electricity prices fall in 2021

2021 Victorian electricity prices drop

The new year always brings new electricity pricing in Victoria. In 2021 Victorian electricity prices will drop. This is good news for energy shoppers after a tough year where lockdown meant larger energy bills for many Victorian households. Here’s what you’ll find if you’re on the hunt for a better

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