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How to save money on energy

Your essential guides to reducing energy bills

Is energy efficiency worth it? What are the actions and investments that pay off best? WATTever’s essential guides give you the information on what really works when you want to save money on energy in your home. From lighting, to heating and cooling, appliances to hot water we let you know how to get it right.
Heating & Cooling Energy Saving Guide
Home Heating Cooling Energy Saving Guide
Heating and cooling account for around a quarter of the energy used in the average home. So what should your priorities be if you want to save money on energy while staying comfortable? Here’s how to keep your climate and energy bills under control.
Appliance Energy Saving
Appliance Energy Saving Guide
Appliances Energy Saving Guide
About a third of the electricity used in the average Aussie home powers appliances. Along with cost saving tips for how and when to use appliances, we’ll also outline the energy efficient technologies to choose when it’s time to replace old appliances.
Hot Water
Hot Water
Hot Water Energy Saving Guide mobile
Water heating makes up a big slice of any homes energy costs. We’ll share tips to trim your hot water right now, plus review the technologies that can slash your bills. You’ll find a running cost comparison and recommendations on which system is best for your situation.
Lighting Energy Saving Guide
Lighting Energy Saving Guide
Lighting uses around seven percent of the energy in the average home. Efficient lighting is a quick fix that pays off fast. We’ll break down what matters most, give you the download on downlights and unpack all the benefits of getting efficient with lighting.
Compare electricity
Comparing Electricity Guide
Comparing Electricity Get the best deal guide
The right electricity plan can save you hundreds of dollars. Here’s our essential guide to getting the best electricity deal with tips to avoid the pitfalls. From solar, concessions and discount tactics to fine print and benefit periods we’ll outline the details you want to watch for.
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