Compare best solar feed-in tariffs by city

Best Solar Feed-in Tariffs by location

Looking to find who offers the best solar feed-in tariffs for where you live?

Click the links below to see the best solar feed-in tariffs by location across Australia’s major cities.

It pays to switch and save

Solar feed-in tariffs have been falling for the last two years. And grid prices rose sharply in 2022. The Australian Energy Regulator pointed out that potential savings are available for customers that shop around for a cheaper deal. So, it’s vital to check out your options if you want to maximise your solar savings You’ll find WATTever’s free comparison service includes all retailers and all their publicly-listed solar electricity plans to help you do this. Remember it’s the right combination of feed-in tariff and grid rates for your households unique energy use and export, that makes the best deal!

Solar owners can start by comparing a ranking of the best solar feed-in tariffs for their location on the links below.