Compare IO Energy electricity rates

Compare IO EnergyLooking to compare IO Energy electricity rates and plans? We’ve summarised IO Energy current residential plans below.

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IO Energy plans for South Australia
Anytime tariff (RSR)

PlanGeneral UsageControlled Load 1Supply ChargeSolar Feed-inReference PriceBasic Plan Info
Spark30.00c18.00c110.00c8.00c13% less thanNoCL CL1

Time Of Use tariff (RTOU)

PlanPeak TOUShoulder TOUOff-Peak TOUControlled Load 1Supply ChargeSolar Feed-inReference PriceBasic Plan Info
Millenium36.00c18.00c12.00c12.00c146.16c8.00c11% less thanNoCL CL1
Lightning125.00c20.00c8.00c8.00c146.16c8.00c107% more thanNoCL CL1

Rates shown include GST and all available discounts. Plans are updated weekly from IO Energy’s Basic Plan Information Documents. Basic Plan Information Documents are available at