Residential Demand Charges Comparison

Demand ChargesListed below are electricity retailer’s demand rates for households in the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Victoria.
Residential electricity demand charges are a capacity charge based on a maximum amount of electricity consumed in a defined period – usually 30 to 60 minutes – during certain time periods or months e.g. 3:00PM to 9:00PM on work days only in November to March. The demand component is usually charged based on a cents per kWh or kVA per day basis.

Demand Charges vary depending on;
1. The electricity network region you are connected to. There are 15 major electricity networks in Australia.
2. The electricity retailer who you buy power through.

Here’s how to find the best deal. A low demand charge is important, but you also need to consider daily charges, usage rates (and feed-in tariffs if you have solar). WATTever’s comprehensive electricity comparison includes all this information for every retailer.

View the latest Business Demand Charges here.

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Australian Capital Territory Electricity Anytime Demand Charges
#Retailer PlansMax kW Demand Charge
ActewAGL ACT Energy Rewards 20 Smart Meter Home$0.15620
ActewAGL ACT Smart Meter Home 12$0.15620
ActewAGL Standing Offer Smart Meter Home$0.15620
Energex Network Electricity Anytime Demand Charges (South East Queensland)
#Retailer PlansMax kW Demand Charge
AGL Essentials$0.27800
AGL Everyday$0.27800
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.27800
AGL Residential Freedom$0.27797
AGL Savers$0.27800
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.27797
AGL Savers Online$0.27800
AGL Savers Seniors$0.27800
AGL Set and Forget$0.27800
AGL Solar Savers$0.27797
AGL Standing Offer$0.27797
Diamond Energy Market Offer
South Australia Electricity Anytime Demand Charges
#Retailer PlansSummer Demand ChargeNon-Summer Demand Charge
AGL Everyday
AGL Residential Freedom
AGL Savers
AGL Savers Home Connect
AGL Savers Online
AGL Set and Forget
AGL Solar Savers
AGL Standing Offer
AGL Melbourne Victory
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.42320$0.20900
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.42320$0.20900
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.42320$0.20900
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 25$0.42320$0.20900
Energy Locals Solar Promise 2019$0.42320$0.20900
Energy Locals Simple Saver$0.42320$0.20900
Energy Locals Member Promise 2019$0.42320$0.20900
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.42320$0.20900
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.42320$0.20900
Ausnet Electricity Anytime Demand Charges (Eastern Victoria)
#Retailer PlansSummer Demand ChargeNon-Summer Demand Charge
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.32219$0.08063
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.32219$0.08063
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.32219$0.08063
Powershop Standing Offer$0.32400$0.08040
Powershop Power Saver$0.32400$0.08040
Powershop Mega Pack$0.32400$0.08040
Powershop Lite$0.32400$0.08040
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.33000$0.08800
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.33000$0.08800
AGL Essentials$0.33000$0.08800
AGL Everyday$0.33000$0.08800
AGL Solar Savers$0.33000$0.08800
AGL Set and Forget$0.33000$0.08800
AGL Savers Online$0.33000$0.08800
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.33000$0.08800
AGL Savers$0.33000$0.08800
AGL Residential Freedom$0.33000$0.08800
AGL Prepaid$0.33000$0.08800
AGL Standing Offer$0.33000$0.08800
CitiPower Network Electricity Anytime Demand Charges (Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs)
#Retailer PlansSummer Demand ChargeNon-Summer Demand Charge
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.30993$0.10596
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.30993$0.10596
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.30993$0.10596
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.30998$0.10593
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.30998$0.10593
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.30998$0.10593
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.31000$0.10586
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.31002$0.10586
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.31003$0.10586
CovaU Standing Offer$0.31003$0.10586
Powershop Power Saver$0.31160$0.10570
Powershop Mega Pack$0.31160$0.10570
Powershop Lite$0.31160$0.10570
Powershop Standing Offer$0.31160$0.10570
CovaU Smart Saver$0.33633$0.11934
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.33633$0.11934
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.34100$0.12100
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.34100$0.12100
AGL Everyday$0.34100$0.12100
AGL Essentials$0.34100$0.12100
AGL Standing Offer$0.34100$0.12100
AGL Solar Savers$0.34100$0.12100
AGL Prepaid$0.34100$0.12100
AGL Residential Freedom$0.34100$0.12100
AGL Savers$0.34100$0.12100
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.34100$0.12100
AGL Savers Online$0.34100$0.12100
AGL Set and Forget$0.34100$0.12100
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.35453$0.12122
Origin Energy Standing$0.35453$0.12122
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.35453$0.12122
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.35453$0.12122
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.35453$0.12122
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.35453$0.12122
Origin Energy Saver$0.35453$0.12122
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.35453$0.12122
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.35453$0.12122
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.35453$0.12122
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.35453$0.12122
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.50377$0.16780
Jemena Network Electricity Anytime Demand Charges (North West Melbourne)
#Retailer PlansMax kW Demand Charge
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.17808
CovaU Standing Offer$0.17808
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.17808
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.17809
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.17809
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.17809
Powershop Standing Offer$0.17810
Powershop Power Saver$0.17810
Powershop Mega Pack$0.17810
Powershop Lite$0.17810
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.17810
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.17810
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.17881
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.17881
AGL Residential Freedom$0.19800
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.19800
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.19800
AGL Savers$0.19800
AGL Essentials$0.19800
AGL Everyday$0.19800
AGL Prepaid$0.19800
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.19800
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.19800
AGL Savers Online$0.19800
AGL Set and Forget$0.19800
AGL Solar Savers$0.19800
AGL Standing Offer$0.19800
CovaU Smart Saver$0.19800
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.20372
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.20372
Origin Energy Standing$0.20372
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.20372
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.20372
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.20372
Origin Energy Saver$0.20372
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.20372
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.20372
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.20372
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.20372
Powercor Network Electricity Anytime Demand Charges (Western Victoria)
#Retailer PlansSummer Demand ChargeNon-Summer Demand Charge
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.36056$0.12043
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.36056$0.12043
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.36056$0.12043
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.36056$0.12043
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.36058$0.12045
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.36058$0.12045
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.36058$0.12045
CovaU Standing Offer$0.36066$0.12033
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.36066$0.12033
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.36066$0.12033
Powershop Standing Offer$0.36260$0.12010
Powershop Power Saver$0.36260$0.12010
Powershop Mega Pack$0.36260$0.12010
Powershop Lite$0.36260$0.12010
CovaU Smart Saver$0.39058$0.13019
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.39058$0.13019
AGL Savers$0.39600$0.13200
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.39600$0.13200
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.39600$0.13200
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.39600$0.13200
AGL Essentials$0.39600$0.13200
AGL Prepaid$0.39600$0.13200
AGL Savers Online$0.39600$0.13200
AGL Set and Forget$0.39600$0.13200
AGL Solar Savers$0.39600$0.13200
AGL Standing Offer$0.39600$0.13200
AGL Residential Freedom$0.39600$0.13200
AGL Everyday$0.39600$0.13200
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.43901$0.14641
Origin Energy Standing$0.43901$0.14641
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.43901$0.14641
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.43901$0.14641
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.43901$0.14641
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.43901$0.14641
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.43901$0.14641
Origin Energy Saver$0.43901$0.14641
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.43901$0.14641
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.43901$0.14641
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.43901$0.14641
United Energy Network Electricity Anytime Demand Charges (South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula)
#Retailer PlansSummer Demand ChargeNon-Summer Demand Charge
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.25410$0.25410
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.33627$0.14520
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.33627$0.14520
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.33627$0.14520
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.33628$0.14518
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.33628$0.14518
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.33628$0.14518
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.33628$0.14518
Powershop Standing Offer$0.33630$0.14520
Powershop Power Saver$0.33630$0.14520
Powershop Mega Pack$0.33630$0.14520
CovaU Smart Saver$0.33630$0.14520
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.33630$0.14520
CovaU Standing Offer$0.33630$0.14520
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.33630$0.14520
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.33630$0.14520
Powershop Lite$0.33630$0.14520
AGL Solar Savers$0.37400$0.16500
AGL Standing Offer$0.37400$0.16500
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.37400$0.16500
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.37400$0.16500
AGL Essentials$0.37400$0.16500
AGL Prepaid$0.37400$0.16500
AGL Residential Freedom$0.37400$0.16500
AGL Set and Forget$0.37400$0.16500
AGL Savers Online$0.37400$0.16500
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.37400$0.16500
AGL Savers$0.37400$0.16500
AGL Everyday$0.37400$0.16500
Origin Energy Standing$0.38456$0.16863
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.38456$0.16863
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.38456$0.16863
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.38456$0.16863
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.38456$0.16863
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.38456$0.16863
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.38456$0.16863
Origin Energy Saver$0.38456$0.16863
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.38456$0.16863
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.38456$0.16863
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.38456$0.16863
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.38500$0.38500

Note: Demand Charges shown are per kWh and include GST plus all available discounts.

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