Residential Demand Charges Comparison

Demand Charges

Listed below are electricity retailer’s demand rates for households in the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Victoria.
Residential electricity demand charges are a capacity charge based on a maximum amount of electricity consumed in a defined period – usually 30 to 60 minutes – during certain time periods or months e.g. 3:00PM to 9:00PM on work days only in November to March. The demand component is usually charged based on a cents per kWh or kVA per day basis.

Demand Charges vary depending on;
1. The electricity network region you are connected to. There are 15 major electricity networks in Australia.
2. The electricity retailer who you buy power through.

Here’s how to find the best deal. A low demand charge is important, but you also need to consider daily charges, usage rates (and feed-in tariffs if you have solar). WATTever’s comprehensive electricity comparison includes all this information for every retailer.

View the latest Business Demand Charges here.

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Ausgrid Network Electricity Time Of Use Demand Charges (Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Region and Newcastle)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Summer Demand ChargeNon-Summer Demand Charge
ReAmped Energy Market Offer$0.00000$0.00000
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi EA111$0.01120$0.01120
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats EA111$0.01120$0.01120
Sumo Select EA111$0.01210$0.01210
Sumo Lite EA111$0.01210$0.01210
Sumo Saver EA111$0.01210$0.01210
CovaU Standing Offer EA115$0.04480$0.04480
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi EA115$0.04480$0.04480
CovaU Freedom EA115$0.04480$0.04480
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats EA115$0.04480$0.04480
GloBird Energy Combo$0.05500$0.05500
GloBird Energy Easysave$0.05500$0.05500
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.05500$0.05500
GloBird Energy Standing Offer$0.05500$0.05500
CovaU Freedom EA111$0.11200$0.11200
CovaU Standing Offer EA111$0.11200$0.11200
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.19800$0.19800
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.19800$0.19800
Red Energy Red Taronga Saver$0.19800$0.19800
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi EA116$0.22390$0.11200
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats EA116$0.22390$0.11200
CovaU Standing Offer EA116$0.22400$0.11200
Sumo Lite EA116$0.22550$0.11550
Sumo Saver EA116$0.22550$0.11550
Sumo Select EA116$0.22550$0.11550

Endeavour Energy Network Electricity Anytime Demand Charges (Western Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and Illawarra)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Summer Demand ChargeNon-Summer Demand Charge
ReAmped Energy Market Offer$0.00000$0.00000
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi N73$0.01107$0.00336
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats N73$0.01107$0.00336
CovaU Freedom N73$0.01110$0.00340
CovaU Standing Offer N73$0.01110$0.00340
Sumo Lite$0.03850$0.01650
Sumo Saver$0.03850$0.01650
Sumo Select$0.03850$0.01650
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats N72$0.04496$0.01376
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi N72$0.04496$0.01376
CovaU Standing Offer N72$0.04500$0.01380
CovaU Freedom N72$0.04500$0.01380
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.09900$0.09900
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.09900$0.09900
Red Energy Red Taronga Saver$0.09900$0.09900
GloBird Energy Combo$0.22000$0.22000
GloBird Energy Easysave$0.22000$0.22000
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.22000$0.22000
GloBird Energy Standing Offer$0.22000$0.22000

Essential Energy Network Electricity Time Of Use Demand Charges (Regional NSW)

Energex Network Electricity Anytime Demand Charges (South East Queensland)

South Australia Electricity Anytime Demand Charges

#Retailer Plans (linked)Summer Demand ChargeNon-Summer Demand Charge
AGL Solar Savers Online$0.31570$0.31570
AGL Solar Savers$0.31570$0.31570
AGL Standing Offer$0.31570$0.31570
Alinta Energy No Fuss$0.43300$0.21510
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.43300$0.21510
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.46410$0.22920
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.46410$0.22920
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.46410$0.22920

AusNet Services Network Electricity Anytime Demand Charges (Eastern Victoria)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Summer Demand ChargeNon-Summer Demand Charge
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.33990$0.08500
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.34100$0.08800
Powershop Lite$0.34840$0.08690
Powershop Standing Offer$0.34870$0.08690
AGL Essentials$0.34940$0.08710
AGL Seniors Plus$0.34940$0.08710
AGL Essentials Saver$0.34940$0.08710
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.34940$0.08710
Alinta Energy HomeDeal$0.35200$0.08800
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.35200$0.08800
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.35200$0.08800
Lumo Energy Basic$0.35700$0.08920
Lumo Energy Movers$0.35700$0.08920
Lumo Energy Value$0.35700$0.08920
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.36630$0.09680
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.36630$0.09680
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.36630$0.09680
GloBird Energy ComboElec$0.38500$0.09900
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.38500$0.09900

CitiPower Network Electricity Anytime Demand Charges (Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Summer Demand ChargeNon-Summer Demand Charge
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.30590$0.10480
CovaU Smart Saver$0.30595$0.10488
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.30800$0.11000
Powershop Lite$0.31420$0.10780
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.31460$0.10780
Powershop Standing Offer$0.31460$0.10780
CovaU Standing Offer$0.31500$0.10810
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.31500$0.10810
AGL Seniors Plus$0.31500$0.10810
AGL Essentials$0.31500$0.10810
AGL Essentials Saver$0.31500$0.10810
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.31500$0.10810
Momentum Energy Flexi Geelong Cats$0.31500$0.10810
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.31500$0.10810
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.31500$0.10810
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.31500$0.10810
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.31900$0.11000
Alinta Energy HomeDeal$0.31900$0.11000
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.31900$0.11000
Lumo Energy Movers$0.32120$0.11010
Lumo Energy Value$0.32120$0.11010
Lumo Energy Basic$0.32120$0.11010
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.35200$0.12100
GloBird Energy ComboElec$0.35200$0.12100
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.37840$0.13420
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.37840$0.13420
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.37840$0.13420

Jemena Network Electricity Anytime Demand Charges (North West Melbourne)

Powercor Network Electricity Anytime Demand Charges (Western Victoria)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Summer Demand ChargeNon-Summer Demand Charge
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.36280$0.12110
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.36300$0.13200
Lumo Energy Value$0.38080$0.12720
Lumo Energy Movers$0.38080$0.12720
Lumo Energy Basic$0.38080$0.12720
Powershop Standing Offer$0.40040$0.13310
Momentum Energy Flexi Geelong Cats$0.40100$0.13380
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.40100$0.13380
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.40100$0.13380
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.40100$0.13380
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.40100$0.13380
CovaU Smart Saver$0.40110$0.12120
CovaU Standing Offer$0.40110$0.12120
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.40110$0.13380
AGL Essentials Saver$0.40110$0.13380
AGL Seniors Plus$0.40110$0.13380
AGL Essentials$0.40110$0.13380
Alinta Energy HomeDeal$0.40700$0.14300
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.40700$0.14300
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.40700$0.14300
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.44000$0.15400
GloBird Energy ComboElec$0.44000$0.15400
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.44000$0.14630
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.44000$0.14630
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.44000$0.14630

United Energy Network Electricity Anytime Demand Charges (South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Summer Demand ChargeNon-Summer Demand Charge
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.34760$0.15020
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.35200$0.15400
Lumo Energy Movers$0.36500$0.15760
Lumo Energy Basic$0.36500$0.15760
Lumo Energy Value$0.36500$0.15760
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.39116$0.17094
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.39120$0.17090
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.39120$0.17090
CovaU Smart Saver$0.39120$0.17090
AGL Seniors Plus$0.39120$0.17090
AGL Essentials$0.39120$0.17090
AGL Essentials Saver$0.39120$0.17090
Momentum Energy Flexi Geelong Cats$0.39120$0.17090
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.39120$0.17090
Powershop Lite$0.39120$0.17090
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.39120$0.17090
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.39120$0.17090
Powershop Standing Offer$0.39160$0.17050
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.39160$0.17050
Alinta Energy HomeDeal$0.39600$0.17600
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.39600$0.17600
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.40700$0.18700
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.41470$0.18260
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.41470$0.18260
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.41470$0.18260
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.44000$0.19800
GloBird Energy ComboElec$0.44000$0.19800

Australian Capital Territory Electricity Anytime Demand Charges

#Retailer Plans (linked)Max kW Demand Charge
ActewAGL ACT 12 Smart Meter Home$0.16820
ActewAGL ACT 20 Smart Meter Home$0.16820
ActewAGL Standing Offer Smart Meter Home$0.16820

Note: Demand Charges shown are per kWh and include GST plus all available discounts.

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