Residential Usage Rates Comparison

Electric light bulb and clock kWH Listed below are electricity retailer’s latest usage rates for households in the ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA.
What are Usage Rates? Usage Rates are the amount you pay per kWH for the electricity you consume in your home. This includes lighting, appliances, air conditioning, ovens etc.
Usage rates are charged one of two ways.
1. Anytime rates have the same cost whether power is used day or night. Anytime rates may change once you use a set amount of energy.
2. Time of Use (TOU) also referred to as Flexible rates are charges that reflect what time power is consumed. Peak rates apply during daytime periods when demand is greater so the cost is higher. Off Peak rates apply to nighttime when demand is lower so the rate is cheaper. Depending on your Time of Use plan, a Shoulder rate may apply to the period between Peak and Off Peak. View the time of use hours by electricity network. You’ll need an interval meter that measures when your power is consumed to be eligible for a Time of Use plan. Rates for controlled loads such as electric off-peak hot water systems are covered in our controlled load comparison.

Electric light bulb and clock kWH
Listed below are electricity retailer’s latest usage rates for households in the ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA.
What are Usage Rates? Usage Rates are the amount you pay per kWH for the electricity you consume in your home. This includes lighting, appliances, air conditioning, ovens etc.
Usage rates are charged one of two ways.
1. Anytime rates have the same cost whether power is used day or night. Anytime rates may change once you use a set amount of energy.
2. Time of Use (TOU) also referred to as Flexible rates are charges that reflect what time power is consumed. Peak rates apply during daytime periods when demand is greater so the cost is higher. Off Peak rates apply to nighttime when demand is lower so the rate is cheaper. Depending on your Time of Use plan, a Shoulder rate may apply to the period between Peak and Off Peak. View the time of use hours by electricity network. You’ll need an interval meter that measures when your power is consumed to be eligible for a Time of Use plan. Rates for controlled loads such as electric off-peak hot water systems are covered in our controlled load comparison.

Usage Rates vary depending on;
1. The electricity network region you are connected to. There are 15 major electricity networks in Australia.
2. The electricity retailer who you buy power through.
Here’s how to find the best deal. A low usage rate is important but to find the best deal you also need to consider daily charges, controlled load rates and feed-in tariffs if you have solar. WATTever’s comprehensive electricity comparison makes it easy to get it right by including all this information for every retailer. You can also read our essential guide to comparing electricity properly.

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Ausgrid Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Region and Newcastle)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 RateAnytime Rate 2 Limit per dayAnytime 3 Rate
Energy Locals Member Promise 2020$0.21989
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.22253
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.22550
Energy Australia No Frills$0.2255010.96 kWh$0.32290
QEnergy Flexi Saver Home$0.22869
QEnergy Flexi Home$0.23100
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.23207
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.23249
AGL Savers Seniors$0.23525
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 27$0.23560
Energy Locals Simple Saver$0.23639
CovaU Freedom$0.23925
Dodo Market Offer$0.24017
Energy Locals Solar Promise 2020$0.24189
AGL Essentials$0.24200
Simply Energy NRMA Plus 21 Online$0.2430810.96 kWh$0.2395310.96 kWh$0.23629
Sumo Residential 27$0.24440
AGL Savers Online$0.24478
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.247906.58 kWh$0.2430015.34 kWh$0.24050
Powershop Mega Pack$0.24806
Simply Energy Plus 18 Online$0.2523110.96 kWh$0.2486210.96 kWh$0.24526
amaysim electricity 2$0.25278
CovaU Freedom Solar$0.25520
Powershop Power Saver$0.25681
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.25723
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.2581410.96 kWh$0.2505510.96 kWh$0.23562
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.25832
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.2593810.96 kWh$0.2564110.96 kWh$0.25443
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.2593810.96 kWh$0.2564110.96 kWh$0.25443
AGL Savers$0.26068
AGL Set and Forget$0.26068
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.261273.29 kWh$0.282247.89 kWh$0.31635
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.26351
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.26389
Energy Locals Save Me$0.26389
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.26478
Powershop Lite$0.26550
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.26665
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.2684710.96 kWh$0.2605710.96 kWh$0.24504
Origin Energy Saver$0.27292
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.27339
Click Energy Agate$0.27385
People Energy Standing Offer$0.273901000.00 kWh$0.290201,000.00 kWh$0.31330
Simply Energy Movies Plus 10 Online$0.2769310.96 kWh$0.2728810.96 kWh$0.26919
Simply Energy Save 10 Online$0.2769310.96 kWh$0.2728810.96 kWh$0.26919
Simply Energy AFL Plus 10 Online$0.2769310.96 kWh$0.2728810.96 kWh$0.26919
Mojo Power Connect$0.27885
Mojo Power EnergyPass$0.27885
Mojo Power Standing Offer$0.27885
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.28233
AGL Everyday$0.28293
Commander Market Offer$0.28547
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.2882010.96 kWh$0.2849010.96 kWh$0.28270
Powershop Standing Offer$0.29183
amaysim solar 2$0.30334
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.30429
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.30429
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.3075010.96 kWh$0.3007010.96 kWh$0.29960
Lumo Energy Options$0.3075010.96 kWh$0.3007010.96 kWh$0.29960
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.3077010.96 kWh$0.3032010.96 kWh$0.29910
Origin Energy Standing$0.31370
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.31370
Origin Energy Supply$0.31370
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.314106.58 kWh$0.3078015.34 kWh$0.30450
Pooled Energy Market Offer$0.31490
Sanctuary Energy Standing Offer$0.3150010.96 kWh$0.3337010.96 kWh$0.36030
AGL Solar Savers$0.31790
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.31790
AGL Residential Freedom$0.31790
AGL Standing Offer$0.31790
CovaU Standing Offer$0.31900
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.32274
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.32290
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.330606.58 kWh$0.3240015.34 kWh$0.32050
Click Energy Solar Light$0.34547
Click Energy Solar$0.37496
Dodo Standing Offer$0.37740
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.3898410.96 kWh$0.32989
Commander Standing Offer$0.39248
Sumo Standing Offer$0.40250
amaysim electricity standing$0.42130
Click Energy Green$0.42130
Click Energy Standing$0.42130
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.42757
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.4620010.96 kWh$0.53350
Ausgrid Network Residential Electricity Time Of Use Usage Rates (Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Region and Newcastle)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Energy Locals Member Promise 2020$0.385$0.176$0.132
amaysim electricity 2$0.387$0.207$0.183
Powershop Mega Pack$0.396$0.200$0.163
Energy Locals Simple Saver$0.401$0.203$0.159
Energy Locals Solar Promise 2020$0.407$0.209$0.165
Powershop Power Saver$0.410$0.207$0.169
QEnergy Flexi Saver Home$0.414$0.191$0.108
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.415$0.177$0.115
QEnergy Flexi Home$0.418$0.193$0.109
Click Energy Agate$0.420$0.224$0.199
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.422$0.192$0.117
Powershop Lite$0.424$0.214$0.175
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.427$0.223$0.136
Energy Locals Save Me$0.429$0.220$0.176
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.429$0.220$0.176
CovaU Freedom$0.433$0.198$0.149
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.433$0.184$0.120
Sumo Residential 27$0.435$0.181$0.111
AGL Savers Seniors$0.439$0.187$0.122
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 27$0.440$0.185$0.120
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.4436.58 kWh$0.435$0.195$0.123
AGL Essentials$0.451$0.191$0.125
AGL Savers Online$0.457$0.194$0.127
Simply Energy NRMA Plus 21 Online$0.462$0.175$0.119
CovaU Freedom Solar$0.462$0.211$0.158
amaysim solar 2$0.465$0.248$0.220
Powershop Standing Offer$0.466$0.236$0.192
Dodo Market Offer$0.469$0.199$0.122
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.470$0.218$0.129
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.470$0.218$0.129
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.474$0.248$0.151
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.478$0.215$0.130
Simply Energy Plus 18 Online$0.479$0.182$0.123
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.486$0.254$0.155
AGL Set and Forget$0.486$0.207$0.135
AGL Savers$0.486$0.207$0.135
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.490$0.220$0.133
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.49011.18 kWh$0.544$0.232$0.178
Mojo Power Connect$0.493$0.227$0.151
Mojo Power Standing Offer$0.493$0.227$0.151
Mojo Power EnergyPass$0.493$0.227$0.151
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.496$0.222$0.135
Origin Energy Saver$0.507$0.228$0.138
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.510$0.217$0.141
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.523$0.242$0.143
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.525$0.236$0.143
Simply Energy Save 10 Online$0.526$0.200$0.135
People Energy Standing Offer$0.526$0.219$0.132
Simply Energy AFL Plus 10 Online$0.526$0.200$0.135
Simply Energy Movies Plus 10 Online$0.526$0.200$0.135
AGL Everyday$0.528$0.225$0.146
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.528$0.204$0.123
Click Energy Solar Light$0.529$0.282$0.251
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.549$0.213$0.128
Commander Market Offer$0.558$0.236$0.146
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.5616.58 kWh$0.550$0.247$0.156
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.566$0.254$0.154
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.566$0.254$0.154
Click Energy Solar$0.575$0.306$0.272
CovaU Standing Offer$0.578$0.264$0.198
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.583$0.262$0.159
Origin Energy Standing$0.583$0.262$0.159
Origin Energy Supply$0.583$0.262$0.159
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.584$0.222$0.150
Pooled Energy Market Offer$0.590$0.275$0.171
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.5916.58 kWh$0.579$0.260$0.164
AGL Solar Savers$0.593$0.253$0.165
AGL Standing Offer$0.593$0.252$0.164
AGL Residential Freedom$0.593$0.253$0.165
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.593$0.310$0.189
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.593$0.253$0.165
Lumo Energy Options$0.600$0.272$0.181
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.600$0.272$0.181
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.603$0.253$0.165
Sanctuary Energy Standing Offer$0.604$0.251$0.151
Click Energy Green$0.646$0.344$0.306
amaysim electricity standing$0.646$0.344$0.306
Click Energy Standing$0.646$0.344$0.306
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.661$0.342$0.309
Sumo Standing Offer$0.691$0.332$0.218
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.733$0.332$0.220
Dodo Standing Offer$0.737$0.312$0.192
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.750$0.318$0.209
Commander Standing Offer$0.767$0.324$0.200


Endeavour Energy Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Western Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and Illawarra)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 RateAnytime Rate 2 Limit per dayAnytime 3 Rate
Energy Locals Member Promise 2020$0.20890
QEnergy Flexi Saver Home$0.22107
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.22253
QEnergy Flexi Home$0.22330
Sumo Residential 27$0.2248410.96 kWh$0.216818.22 kWh$0.21280
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 27$0.22516
Energy Locals Simple Saver$0.22540
CovaU Freedom$0.22853
Energy Australia No Frills$0.2288010.96 kWh$0.32760
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.22882
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.230106.58 kWh$0.22550
Energy Locals Solar Promise 2020$0.23089
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.23207
Powershop Mega Pack$0.23394
Dodo Market Offer$0.23471
AGL Savers Seniors$0.23525
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.23587
AGL Essentials$0.24200
Powershop Power Saver$0.24219
Simply Energy NRMA Plus 21 Online$0.2430010.96 kWh$0.235108.22 kWh$0.22033
CovaU Freedom Solar$0.24376
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.24436
AGL Savers Online$0.24478
amaysim electricity 2$0.24882
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.25032
Powershop Lite$0.25050
Simply Energy Plus 18 Online$0.2522310.96 kWh$0.244038.22 kWh$0.22870
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.2524510.96 kWh$0.250028.22 kWh$0.24750
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.2524510.96 kWh$0.250028.22 kWh$0.24750
Energy Locals Save Me$0.25289
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.25289
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.25330
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.254073.29 kWh$0.267127.89 kWh$0.28206
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.2553410.96 kWh$0.251548.22 kWh$0.24948
Origin Energy Saver$0.25926
AGL Set and Forget$0.26068
AGL Savers$0.26068
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.26208
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.2655510.96 kWh$0.261608.22 kWh$0.25946
Mojo Power Standing Offer$0.26664
Mojo Power EnergyPass$0.26664
Mojo Power Connect$0.26664
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.26820
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.26863
People Energy Standing Offer$0.271301750.00 kWh$0.30150
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.27339
Powershop Standing Offer$0.27522
Simply Energy Save 10 Online$0.2768410.96 kWh$0.267848.22 kWh$0.25101
Simply Energy AFL Plus 10 Online$0.2768410.96 kWh$0.267848.22 kWh$0.25101
Simply Energy Movies Plus 10 Online$0.2768410.96 kWh$0.267848.22 kWh$0.25101
Commander Market Offer$0.27896
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.2805010.96 kWh$0.277808.22 kWh$0.27500
AGL Everyday$0.28293
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.28906
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.28906
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.29800
Origin Energy Standing$0.29800
Origin Energy Supply$0.29800
amaysim solar 2$0.29858
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.301606.58 kWh$0.29560
CovaU Standing Offer$0.30470
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.3076010.96 kWh$0.297608.22 kWh$0.27890
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.30844
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.3086010.96 kWh$0.300708.22 kWh$0.29960
Lumo Energy Options$0.3086010.96 kWh$0.300708.22 kWh$0.29960
Sanctuary Energy Standing Offer$0.3119019.18 kWh$0.34670
Pooled Energy Market Offer$0.31450
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.317506.58 kWh$0.31110
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.31790
AGL Residential Freedom$0.31790
AGL Standing Offer$0.31790
AGL Solar Savers$0.31790
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.32760
Click Energy Solar Light$0.34005
Sumo Standing Offer$0.3575010.96 kWh$0.344708.22 kWh$0.33320
Dodo Standing Offer$0.36880
Click Energy Solar$0.36908
Commander Standing Offer$0.38357
Click Energy Agate$0.38567
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.38610
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.40490
amaysim electricity standing$0.41470
Click Energy Green$0.41470
Click Energy Standing$0.41470
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.4356010.96 kWh$0.43780
Endeavour Energy Network Residential Electricity Time Of Use Usage Rates (Western Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and Illawarra)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Energy Locals Member Promise 2020$0.220$0.209$0.187
Energy Locals Simple Saver$0.236$0.225$0.214
Energy Locals Solar Promise 2020$0.253$0.231$0.220
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.264$0.253$0.231
Energy Locals Save Me$0.264$0.253$0.231
Powershop Mega Pack$0.279$0.239$0.209
Powershop Power Saver$0.289$0.248$0.217
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.292$0.246$0.123
CovaU Freedom$0.297$0.239$0.202
Sumo Residential 27$0.298$0.243$0.122
Powershop Lite$0.299$0.256$0.224
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.304$0.256$0.128
amaysim electricity 2$0.307$0.265$0.211
AGL Savers Seniors$0.309$0.260$0.130
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 27$0.317$0.269$0.143
AGL Essentials$0.317$0.267$0.133
CovaU Freedom Solar$0.317$0.255$0.216
AGL Savers Online$0.321$0.271$0.135
QEnergy Flexi Saver Home$0.323$0.272$0.136
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.323$0.248$0.136
QEnergy Flexi Home$0.326$0.275$0.137
Powershop Standing Offer$0.328$0.282$0.246
Dodo Market Offer$0.329$0.240$0.144
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.333$0.256$0.141
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.3356.58 kWh$0.328$0.266$0.142
Simply Energy NRMA Plus 21 Online$0.338$0.247$0.159
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.339$0.278$0.135
AGL Savers$0.342$0.288$0.144
AGL Set and Forget$0.342$0.288$0.144
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.34611.18 kWh$0.375$0.277$0.177
Simply Energy Plus 18 Online$0.351$0.256$0.165
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.352$0.289$0.141
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.356$0.292$0.158
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.356$0.292$0.158
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.359$0.302$0.151
amaysim solar 2$0.368$0.318$0.253
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.370$0.302$0.161
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.370$0.284$0.156
AGL Everyday$0.371$0.313$0.156
Mojo Power Connect$0.375$0.281$0.183
Mojo Power Standing Offer$0.375$0.281$0.183
Mojo Power EnergyPass$0.375$0.281$0.183
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.379$0.309$0.165
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.379$0.291$0.160
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.383$0.313$0.167
Simply Energy Save 10 Online$0.385$0.281$0.181
Simply Energy AFL Plus 10 Online$0.385$0.281$0.181
Simply Energy Movies Plus 10 Online$0.385$0.281$0.181
Commander Market Offer$0.391$0.286$0.171
Origin Energy Saver$0.392$0.321$0.171
People Energy Standing Offer$0.394$0.303$0.153
CovaU Standing Offer$0.396$0.319$0.270
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.396$0.325$0.176
Lumo Energy Options$0.404$0.338$0.194
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.404$0.338$0.194
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.406$0.332$0.177
AGL Residential Freedom$0.417$0.351$0.176
AGL Solar Savers$0.417$0.351$0.176
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.417$0.351$0.176
AGL Standing Offer$0.417$0.351$0.176
Click Energy Solar Light$0.419$0.362$0.289
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.428$0.312$0.202
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.435$0.369$0.196
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.437$0.357$0.191
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.437$0.357$0.191
Pooled Energy Market Offer$0.439$0.355$0.187
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.4396.58 kWh$0.430$0.348$0.186
Sumo Standing Offer$0.450$0.391$0.214
Origin Energy Supply$0.451$0.368$0.197
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.451$0.368$0.197
Origin Energy Standing$0.451$0.368$0.197
Sanctuary Energy Standing Offer$0.453$0.348$0.176
Click Energy Solar$0.455$0.393$0.313
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.4626.58 kWh$0.452$0.367$0.196
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.463$0.355$0.195
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.472$0.408$0.355
Click Energy Agate$0.476$0.410$0.327
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.490$0.415$0.357
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.498$0.416$0.225
amaysim electricity standing$0.512$0.441$0.352
Click Energy Standing$0.512$0.441$0.352
Click Energy Green$0.512$0.441$0.352
Dodo Standing Offer$0.517$0.378$0.226
Commander Standing Offer$0.538$0.393$0.235


Essential Energy Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Regional NSW)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 RateAnytime Rate 2 Limit per dayAnytime 3 Rate
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.216806.58 kWh$0.25420
Sumo Residential 27$0.21988
Energy Locals Member Promise 2020$0.21990
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.22253
QEnergy Flexi Saver Home$0.22651
QEnergy Flexi Home$0.22880
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.23011
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.23207
AGL Savers Seniors$0.23525
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.23718
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 27$0.23737
Simply Energy NRMA Plus 21 Online$0.2387410.96 kWh$0.233928.22 kWh$0.22910
CovaU Freedom$0.23925
Powershop Mega Pack$0.24095
AGL Essentials$0.24200
Energy Australia No Frills$0.24310
AGL Savers Online$0.24478
Energy Locals Simple Saver$0.24740
Simply Energy Plus 18 Online$0.2478010.96 kWh$0.242808.22 kWh$0.23780
Powershop Power Saver$0.24945
Energy Locals Solar Promise 2020$0.25289
Dodo Market Offer$0.25424
CovaU Freedom Solar$0.25520
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.25682
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.257133.29 kWh$0.276847.89 kWh$0.30582
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.2574010.96 kWh$0.254978.22 kWh$0.25245
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.2574010.96 kWh$0.254978.22 kWh$0.25245
Powershop Lite$0.25800
AGL Set and Forget$0.26068
AGL Savers$0.26068
amaysim electricity 2$0.26202
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.26309
Energy Locals Save Me$0.26389
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.26389
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.26622
Simply Energy AFL Plus 10 Online$0.2719810.96 kWh$0.266498.22 kWh$0.26100
Simply Energy Movies Plus 10 Online$0.2719810.96 kWh$0.266498.22 kWh$0.26100
Simply Energy Save 10 Online$0.2719810.96 kWh$0.266498.22 kWh$0.26100
Origin Energy Saver$0.27248
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.27339
Enova Energy Community Plus$0.27753
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.27904
Mojo Power Connect$0.27951
Mojo Power Standing Offer$0.27951
Mojo Power EnergyPass$0.27951
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.2795110.96 kWh$0.275308.22 kWh$0.27118
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.28188
AGL Everyday$0.28293
Powershop Standing Offer$0.28347
Click Energy Agate$0.28386
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.2860010.96 kWh$0.283308.22 kWh$0.28050
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.28602
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.2906910.96 kWh$0.286318.22 kWh$0.28202
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.301606.58 kWh$0.35350
Commander Market Offer$0.30219
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.3022010.96 kWh$0.296108.22 kWh$0.29000
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.30380
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.30380
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.31320
Origin Energy Standing$0.31320
Origin Energy Supply$0.31320
amaysim solar 2$0.31442
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.317506.58 kWh$0.37210
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.31790
AGL Standing Offer$0.31790
AGL Residential Freedom$0.31790
AGL Solar Savers$0.31790
Enova Energy Standing Offer$0.31900
CovaU Standing Offer$0.31900
Enova Energy Solar 16 Plus$0.31900
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.32516
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.3254010.96 kWh$0.319808.22 kWh$0.31870
Lumo Energy Options$0.3254010.96 kWh$0.319808.22 kWh$0.31870
People Energy Standing Offer$0.34210
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.34880
Click Energy Solar Light$0.35809
Sumo Standing Offer$0.37540
Click Energy Solar$0.38866
Sanctuary Energy Standing Offer$0.39340
Dodo Standing Offer$0.39950
Commander Standing Offer$0.41547
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.41844
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.42394
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.4295510.96 kWh$0.43450
Click Energy Green$0.43670
amaysim electricity standing$0.43670
Click Energy Standing$0.43670
Essential Energy Network Residential Electricity Time Of Use Usage Rates (Regional NSW)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Energy Locals Member Promise 2020$0.253$0.242$0.154
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.262$0.245$0.135
Sumo Residential 27$0.262$0.262$0.147
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.2696.58 kWh$0.314$0.262$0.145
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.270$0.253$0.139
QEnergy Flexi Saver Home$0.272$0.256$0.142
QEnergy Flexi Home$0.275$0.259$0.143
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.277$0.269$0.146
Energy Locals Simple Saver$0.280$0.258$0.181
Powershop Mega Pack$0.283$0.254$0.189
amaysim electricity 2$0.284$0.274$0.198
Energy Locals Solar Promise 2020$0.286$0.264$0.187
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.288$0.280$0.152
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 27$0.289$0.273$0.160
CovaU Freedom$0.289$0.272$0.165
AGL Savers Seniors$0.292$0.284$0.154
Simply Energy NRMA Plus 21 Online$0.293$0.275$0.157
Powershop Power Saver$0.293$0.263$0.196
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.297$0.286$0.198
Energy Locals Save Me$0.297$0.286$0.198
AGL Essentials$0.300$0.291$0.158
Powershop Lite$0.303$0.272$0.203
Simply Energy Plus 18 Online$0.304$0.286$0.163
AGL Savers Online$0.304$0.296$0.161
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.307$0.302$0.168
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.307$0.302$0.168
CovaU Freedom Solar$0.308$0.290$0.176
Click Energy Agate$0.308$0.297$0.215
Dodo Market Offer$0.309$0.296$0.161
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.316$0.305$0.175
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.317$0.298$0.164
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.31911.18 kWh$0.346$0.314$0.192
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.324$0.312$0.179
AGL Savers$0.324$0.315$0.171
AGL Set and Forget$0.324$0.315$0.171
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.325$0.305$0.168
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.326$0.326$0.174
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.328$0.316$0.181
Powershop Standing Offer$0.332$0.299$0.223
Simply Energy Save 10 Online$0.334$0.313$0.179
Simply Energy AFL Plus 10 Online$0.334$0.313$0.179
Simply Energy Movies Plus 10 Online$0.334$0.313$0.179
Origin Energy Saver$0.336$0.323$0.186
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.339$0.339$0.181
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.340$0.330$0.179
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.341$0.335$0.187
amaysim solar 2$0.341$0.329$0.238
Enova Energy Community Plus$0.345$0.335$0.182
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.347$0.334$0.192
Mojo Power Connect$0.351$0.322$0.186
Mojo Power EnergyPass$0.351$0.322$0.186
Mojo Power Standing Offer$0.351$0.322$0.186
AGL Everyday$0.352$0.342$0.186
Commander Market Offer$0.367$0.352$0.191
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.371$0.348$0.198
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.3746.58 kWh$0.437$0.364$0.202
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.374$0.360$0.207
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.374$0.360$0.207
Lumo Energy Options$0.379$0.359$0.212
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.379$0.359$0.212
People Energy Standing Offer$0.382$0.382$0.190
CovaU Standing Offer$0.385$0.363$0.220
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.386$0.372$0.213
Origin Energy Supply$0.386$0.372$0.213
Origin Energy Standing$0.386$0.372$0.213
Click Energy Solar Light$0.389$0.374$0.271
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.3946.58 kWh$0.460$0.383$0.212
AGL Solar Savers$0.395$0.384$0.209
AGL Standing Offer$0.395$0.384$0.209
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.395$0.384$0.209
AGL Residential Freedom$0.395$0.384$0.209
Enova Energy Solar 16 Plus$0.396$0.385$0.209
Enova Energy Standing Offer$0.396$0.385$0.209
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.396$0.374$0.220
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.397$0.372$0.205
Click Energy Shine Extra$0.411$0.396$0.286
Click Energy Solar$0.422$0.406$0.294
Sumo Standing Offer$0.425$0.425$0.266
Sanctuary Energy Standing Offer$0.439$0.439$0.219
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.450$0.455$0.257
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.465$0.447$0.336
amaysim electricity standing$0.474$0.457$0.330
Click Energy Standing$0.474$0.457$0.330
Click Energy Green$0.474$0.457$0.330
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.481$0.481$0.278
Dodo Standing Offer$0.485$0.466$0.253
Commander Standing Offer$0.505$0.484$0.263
Australian Capital Territory Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 Rate
Origin Energy Maximiser Rate 3$0.16701
Origin Energy Solar Boost Rate 3$0.17478
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus Rate 3$0.17478
Origin Energy Saver Rate 3$0.17478
ActewAGL ACT Energy Rewards 20 Home Saver Plus$0.17632
Origin Energy Maximiser Rate 2$0.18026
Origin Energy BillSaver Rate 3$0.18449
Energy Locals Member Promise 2020$0.18590
Origin Energy Solar Boost Rate 2$0.18864
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus Rate 2$0.18864
Origin Energy Saver Rate 2$0.18864
ActewAGL ACT Energy Rewards 20 Home Saver$0.18968
ActewAGL ACT Energy Rewards 12 Home Saver Plus$0.19395
Origin Energy Supply Online Move Rate 3$0.19420
Origin Energy Standing Rate 3$0.19420
Origin Energy Supply Rate 3$0.19420
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.19857
Origin Energy BillSaver Rate 2$0.19912
ActewAGL ACT Energy Rewards 20 Home$0.20032
Energy Australia No Frills$0.20240
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.20296
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.20768
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.20781
Origin Energy Saver$0.20781
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.20781
ActewAGL ACT Energy Rewards 12 Home Saver$0.20865
Energy Locals Simple Saver$0.20890
Origin Energy Standing Rate 2$0.20960
Origin Energy Supply Rate 2$0.20960
Origin Energy Supply Online Move Rate 2$0.20960
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.21004
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.21004
Energy Locals Solar Promise 2020$0.21890
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.21936
Energy Locals Save Me$0.22000
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.22000
ActewAGL ACT Energy Rewards 12 Home$0.22035
ActewAGL Standing Offer Home Saver Plus$0.22040
Origin Energy Standing$0.23090
Origin Energy Supply$0.23090
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.23090
ActewAGL Standing Offer Home Saver$0.23710
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.25010
ActewAGL Standing Offer Home$0.25040
Australian Capital Territory Residential Electricity Time Of Use Usage Rates
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Energy Locals Member Promise 2020$0.252$0.175$0.142
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.254$0.182$0.143
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.259$0.179$0.136
ActewAGL ACT Energy Rewards 20 Home$0.260$0.187$0.149
ActewAGL ACT Energy Rewards 20 Smart Meter Home$0.260$0.187$0.149
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.265$0.184$0.140
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.266$0.190$0.150
Origin Energy Saver$0.266$0.190$0.150
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.266$0.190$0.150
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.268$0.186$0.141
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.268$0.186$0.141
Energy Locals Solar Promise 2020$0.274$0.197$0.164
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.275$0.209$0.176
Energy Locals Simple Saver$0.275$0.198$0.165
Energy Locals Save Me$0.275$0.209$0.176
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.281$0.201$0.158
ActewAGL ACT Smart Meter Home 12$0.286$0.206$0.164
ActewAGL ACT Energy Rewards 12 Home$0.286$0.206$0.164
Origin Energy Standing$0.296$0.211$0.166
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.296$0.211$0.166
Origin Energy Supply$0.296$0.211$0.166
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.302$0.209$0.159
ActewAGL Standing Offer Home$0.325$0.234$0.186
ActewAGL Standing Offer Smart Meter Home$0.325$0.234$0.186
Australian Capital Territory Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 Rate
ActewAGL ACT Energy Rewards 20 Smart Meter Home$0.15568
ActewAGL ACT Smart Meter Home 12$0.17125
ActewAGL Standing Offer Smart Meter Home$0.19460
Northern Territory Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 Rate
Jacana Energy Everyday Home$0.25950
Jacana Energy Multipurpose tariff$0.25950
Jacana Energy Prepayment tariff$0.28530
Energex Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (South East Queensland)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 Rate
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.19404
Energy Locals Member Promise 2020$0.19789
Energy Australia No Frills$0.19910
QEnergy Flexi Saver Home$0.19929
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.19958
QEnergy Flexi Home$0.20130
Alinta Energy Home SaverPlus$0.20180
Alinta Energy Home SaverPlus Solar$0.20180
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.20196
AGL Savers Seniors$0.20477
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.20757
AGL Essentials$0.21010
Powershop Mega Pack$0.21243
AGL Savers Online$0.21318
AGL Set and Forget$0.21599
AGL Savers$0.21599
Dodo Market Offer$0.21660
Click Energy Pearl$0.21681
Energy Locals Simple Saver$0.21990
Energy Locals Solar Promise 2020$0.21990
Powershop Power Saver$0.21993
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.22131
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.22176
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.22253
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.22361
Powershop Lite$0.22550
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.22730
Simply Energy RACQ Plus 21 Online$0.22760
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.22889
Origin Energy Saver$0.22893
Simply Energy Extra 20 Online$0.23048
Red Energy Easy Saver$0.23067
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.23067
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.23426
Simply Energy Plus 18 Online$0.23624
amaysim electricity 2$0.23760
AGL Everyday$0.24123
People Energy Standing Offer$0.24460
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.24684
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.24757
Mojo Power Connect$0.24849
Mojo Power EnergyPass$0.24849
Mojo Power Standing Offer$0.24849
Mojo Power Standing Offer Solar$0.24849
Powershop Standing Offer$0.24992
amaysim solar 2$0.25245
Click Energy Agate$0.25245
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.25289
Energy Locals Save Me$0.25300
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.25630
Simply Energy AFL Plus 10 Online$0.25929
Simply Energy Save 10 Online$0.25929
Simply Energy Movies Plus 10 Online$0.25929
Origin Energy Standing$0.26620
Origin Energy Supply$0.26620
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.26620
Click Energy Solar Light$0.26730
Sanctuary Energy Standing Offer$0.26910
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.27500
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.27560
Lumo Energy Options$0.27560
Click Energy Solar$0.27621
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.27720
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.27812
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.28028
Alinta Energy Standing Offer Solar$0.28028
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.28050
AGL Solar Savers$0.28050
AGL Residential Freedom$0.28050
AGL Standing Offer$0.28050
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.28810
Click Energy Green$0.29700
Click Energy Solar Bright$0.29700
Click Energy Standing$0.29700
amaysim electricity standing$0.29700
Dodo Standing Offer$0.30320
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.31867
Click Energy Shine Extra$0.32593
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.37018
Energex Network Residential Electricity Time Of Use Usage Rates (South East Queensland)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.268$0.179$0.149
QEnergy Flexi Saver Home$0.270$0.199$0.168
Alinta Energy Home SaverPlus$0.272$0.202$0.171
Alinta Energy Home SaverPlus Solar$0.272$0.202$0.171
QEnergy Flexi Home$0.273$0.201$0.170
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.273$0.202$0.170
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.276$0.185$0.153
AGL Savers Seniors$0.277$0.205$0.173
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.281$0.229$0.197
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.281$0.208$0.175
Powershop Mega Pack$0.281$0.208$0.180
AGL Essentials$0.285$0.210$0.177
Click Energy Pearl$0.286$0.211$0.195
AGL Savers Online$0.288$0.213$0.180
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.289$0.209$0.179
Powershop Power Saver$0.291$0.215$0.186
AGL Set and Forget$0.292$0.216$0.182
AGL Savers$0.292$0.216$0.182
Dodo Market Offer$0.293$0.206$0.168
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.295$0.213$0.173
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.297$0.215$0.185
Powershop Lite$0.299$0.221$0.191
Origin Energy Saver$0.302$0.218$0.177
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.306$0.205$0.170
Energy Locals Simple Saver$0.308$0.220$0.198
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.309$0.223$0.181
amaysim electricity 2$0.313$0.231$0.214
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.314$0.210$0.174
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.314$0.210$0.185
Red Energy Easy Saver$0.314$0.210$0.185
Energy Locals Member Promise 2020$0.319$0.209$0.198
Energy Locals Solar Promise 2020$0.319$0.209$0.198
AGL Everyday$0.326$0.241$0.203
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.327$0.236$0.191
People Energy Standing Offer$0.328$0.232$0.179
Energy Locals Save Me$0.330$0.253$0.220
Powershop Standing Offer$0.331$0.245$0.212
amaysim solar 2$0.333$0.246$0.227
Click Energy Agate$0.333$0.246$0.227
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.334$0.247$0.208
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.334$0.241$0.195
Simply Energy RACQ Plus 21 Online$0.341$0.217$0.178
Simply Energy Extra 20 Online$0.346$0.220$0.181
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.349$0.233$0.206
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.351$0.234$0.206
Lumo Energy Options$0.351$0.234$0.206
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.352$0.253$0.206
Origin Energy Standing$0.352$0.253$0.206
Click Energy Solar Light$0.352$0.260$0.241
Origin Energy Supply$0.352$0.253$0.206
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.352$0.264$0.220
Simply Energy Plus 18 Online$0.354$0.225$0.185
Sanctuary Energy Standing Offer$0.361$0.256$0.197
Click Energy Solar$0.364$0.269$0.249
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.377$0.280$0.237
Alinta Energy Standing Offer Solar$0.377$0.280$0.237
AGL Standing Offer$0.380$0.281$0.237
AGL Residential Freedom$0.380$0.281$0.237
AGL Solar Savers$0.380$0.281$0.237
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.380$0.281$0.237
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.383$0.256$0.212
Mojo Power Standing Offer$0.384$0.258$0.173
Mojo Power Standing Offer Solar$0.384$0.258$0.173
Mojo Power Connect$0.384$0.258$0.173
Mojo Power EnergyPass$0.384$0.258$0.173
Simply Energy AFL Plus 10 Online$0.389$0.247$0.203
Simply Energy Save 10 Online$0.389$0.247$0.203
Simply Energy Movies Plus 10 Online$0.389$0.247$0.203
Click Energy Solar Bright$0.392$0.289$0.267
amaysim electricity standing$0.392$0.289$0.267
Click Energy Standing$0.392$0.289$0.267
Click Energy Green$0.392$0.289$0.267
Dodo Standing Offer$0.411$0.288$0.236
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.413$0.299$0.257
Click Energy Shine Extra$0.430$0.317$0.293
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.432$0.275$0.226
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.474$0.356$0.316
Energex Network Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 Rate
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.13680
AGL Savers Seniors$0.13870
AGL Savers Online$0.14440
AGL Savers$0.14630
AGL Set and Forget$0.14630
AGL Essentials$0.14740
AGL Everyday$0.16340
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.16717
AGL Residential Freedom$0.18997
AGL Solar Savers$0.18997
AGL Standing Offer$0.18997
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.18999


Ergon Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Regional Queensland)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 Rate
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.27820
Ergon Energy Standard Contract$0.27828
Sanctuary Energy Standing Offer$0.28480
Ergon Network Residential Electricity Two Rate TOU Usage Rates (Regional Queensland)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Off-Peak TOU Rate
Sanctuary Energy Standing Offer$0.673$0.232
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.689$0.236
Ergon Energy Standard Contract$0.689$0.236
South Australia Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 RateAnytime Rate 2 Limit per dayAnytime 3 RateAnytime Rate 3 Limit per dayAnytime Block #4 Rate
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 25$0.321753.29 kWh$0.35850
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.329313.29 kWh$0.355327.66 kWh$0.3856516.44 kWh$0.39474
Energy Locals Solar Promise 2019$0.32990
Energy Locals Member Promise 2019$0.32990
Energy Locals Simple Saver$0.3299011.00 kWh$0.34090
Simply Energy RAA Plus 21 Online$0.3301410.96 kWh$0.37027
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.33180
Simply Energy Extra 20 Online$0.3343210.96 kWh$0.37496
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.33680
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.34090
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.34096
Simply Energy Plus 18 15 Online$0.3426810.96 kWh$0.38433
QEnergy Flexi Saver Home$0.34848
Dodo Market Offer$0.3519010.95 kWh$0.38160
QEnergy Flexi Home$0.35200
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.3521810.96 kWh$0.37594
amaysim solar 2$0.3522910.96 kWh$0.36850
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.3560710.96 kWh$0.36064
AGL Essentials$0.35750
amaysim electricity 3$0.3575410.96 kWh$0.37400
Commander Market Offer$0.3599210.95 kWh$0.39072
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.3601810.96 kWh$0.38448
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.3601810.96 kWh$0.38448
Origin Energy Saver$0.3601810.96 kWh$0.38448
Lumo Energy Basic$0.3608010.96 kWh$0.39050
AGL Savers Online$0.36175
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.3627010.96 kWh$0.38977
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.3646510.96 kWh$0.36933
amaysim electricity 2$0.3680610.96 kWh$0.38500
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.3681810.96 kWh$0.39302
Sanctuary Energy Standing Offer$0.368503.29 kWh$0.375507.67 kWh$0.4297016.44 kWh$0.46620
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.3720010.96 kWh$0.39976
Red Energy Easy Saver No Exit Fee$0.3727810.96 kWh$0.39555
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.3727810.96 kWh$0.39555
AGL Set and Forget$0.37422
AGL Savers$0.37422
Energy Australia No Frills$0.3751010.96 kWh$0.51470
Simply Energy Movies Plus 10 Online$0.3761110.96 kWh$0.42183
Simply Energy AFL Plus 10 Online$0.3761110.96 kWh$0.42183
Simply Energy Save 10 Online$0.3761110.96 kWh$0.42183
AGL Everyday$0.38669
Click Energy Agate$0.3943510.96 kWh$0.41250
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.39900
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.39917
Click Energy Solar Light$0.3996110.96 kWh$0.41800
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.4002010.96 kWh$0.42720
Origin Energy Standing$0.4002010.96 kWh$0.42720
Origin Energy Supply$0.4002010.96 kWh$0.42720
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.4092010.96 kWh$0.43974
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.4092010.96 kWh$0.43974
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.4142010.96 kWh$0.43950
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.41580
AGL Residential Freedom$0.41580
AGL Solar Savers$0.41580
AGL Standing Offer$0.41580
Lumo Energy Movers$0.4161310.96 kWh$0.42147
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.4179010.96 kWh$0.46870
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.42000
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.429003.29 kWh$0.47800
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.44000
Click Energy Solar$0.4416710.96 kWh$0.46200
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.4441010.96 kWh$0.47930
Lumo Energy Options$0.4441010.96 kWh$0.47930
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.4640210.96 kWh$0.50069
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.4789010.96 kWh$0.51470
Commander Standing Offer$0.4948910.95 kWh$0.53724
Dodo Standing Offer$0.5161010.95 kWh$0.55970
amaysim electricity standing$0.5258010.96 kWh$0.55000
Click Energy Green$0.5258010.96 kWh$0.55000
Click Energy Standing$0.5258010.96 kWh$0.55000
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.5500010.96 kWh$0.57750
South Australia Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 Rate
Energy Locals Member Promise 2019$0.24190
Energy Locals Solar Promise 2019$0.24190
Energy Locals Simple Saver$0.24190
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.25290
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.27170
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 25$0.27488
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.27782
AGL Savers Online$0.29476
AGL Savers$0.30492
AGL Set and Forget$0.30492
AGL Everyday$0.31508
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.32525
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.32680
AGL Standing Offer$0.33880
AGL Solar Savers$0.33880
AGL Residential Freedom$0.33880
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.34400
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.36650
Tasmania Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 Rate
Aurora Energy Regulated Offer$0.26430
Tasmania Residential Electricity Two Rate Time Of Use Usage Rates
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Off-Peak TOU Rate
Aurora Energy Regulated Offer$0.320$0.149
AusNet Services Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Eastern Victoria)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 Rate
Sumo Residential 42$0.1944011.31 kWh$0.19914
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.1977111.18 kWh$0.21707
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.2049011.18 kWh$0.22497
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.2080111.21 kWh$0.22814
Sumo Residential 37$0.2111611.31 kWh$0.21630
Tango Energy Home Select$0.2120811.18 kWh$0.22979
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.2120811.18 kWh$0.22979
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.2130711.18 kWh$0.27742
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.21519
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.2152711.18 kWh$0.23973
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.2156911.18 kWh$0.23681
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.2163711.18 kWh$0.28171
amaysim electricity 3$0.2169111.18 kWh$0.24532
amaysim electricity 2$0.2238011.18 kWh$0.25311
AGL Essentials$0.2255011.21 kWh$0.24640
Sumo Residential 32$0.2279211.31 kWh$0.23347
AGL Savers Online$0.2284711.21 kWh$0.25058
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.2301511.18 kWh$0.25355
Energy Australia No Frills$0.23100
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.231446.58 kWh$0.24717
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.2323211.18 kWh$0.25414
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.2336611.18 kWh$0.25654
Dodo Market Offer$0.23489
amaysim electricity 1$0.2375711.18 kWh$0.26869
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.2417411.00 kWh$0.26164
Lumo Energy Basic$0.2420011.00 kWh$0.26950
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.2453911.18 kWh$0.26770
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.24539
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.2481611.18 kWh$0.27456
AGL Set and Forget$0.2489311.21 kWh$0.27302
AGL Savers$0.2489311.21 kWh$0.27302
Click Energy Agate$0.2513411.18 kWh$0.28426
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.2516411.18 kWh$0.27628
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.2516411.18 kWh$0.27628
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.2516411.18 kWh$0.27628
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.2516411.18 kWh$0.27628
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.2524511.18 kWh$0.27126
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.2524511.18 kWh$0.27126
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.2525611.00 kWh$0.27335
Powershop Mega Pack$0.25405
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.2541011.18 kWh$0.27797
CovaU Smart Saver$0.2555511.18 kWh$0.28169
AGL Prepaid$0.2557511.18 kWh$0.28050
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.2625711.21 kWh$0.28798
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.2633811.00 kWh$0.28507
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.2639111.18 kWh$0.28791
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.2654911.18 kWh$0.29255
Powershop Power Saver$0.26629
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.2664911.18 kWh$0.31491
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.2690211.18 kWh$0.29645
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.2722511.18 kWh$0.29783
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.2761011.18 kWh$0.30425
Powershop Lite$0.27830
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.2796411.18 kWh$0.30815
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.2805011.18 kWh$0.30140
amaysim solar 2$0.2823311.18 kWh$0.31931
Origin Energy Saver$0.2831811.18 kWh$0.31205
AGL Everyday$0.2898511.21 kWh$0.31790
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.2942711.18 kWh$0.32437
amaysim solar 1$0.2961011.18 kWh$0.33488
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.2970011.18 kWh$0.33330
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.2973411.18 kWh$0.32765
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.298766.58 kWh$0.31911
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.3000811.18 kWh$0.32428
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.3008811.18 kWh$0.33155
Click Energy Solar Light$0.3029811.18 kWh$0.34267
Commander Market Offer$0.30703
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.3091611.18 kWh$0.34058
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.314606.58 kWh$0.33594
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.3185811.18 kWh$0.35105
Click Energy Move$0.3202011.18 kWh$0.36214
Lumo Energy Movers$0.3247211.00 kWh$0.35145
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.3263011.18 kWh$0.36997
amaysim solar 4$0.3270911.18 kWh$0.36993
amaysim electricity 4$0.3270911.18 kWh$0.36993
Click Energy Solar$0.3270911.18 kWh$0.36993
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.3283011.18 kWh$0.39150
Powershop Standing Offer$0.33080
CovaU Standing Offer$0.3311011.18 kWh$0.37400
People Energy Total Saver$0.3346611.18 kWh$0.37946
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.3410011.21 kWh$0.37400
AGL Solar Savers$0.3410011.18 kWh$0.37400
AGL Standing Offer$0.3410011.18 kWh$0.37400
AGL Residential Freedom$0.3410011.18 kWh$0.37400
amaysim electricity standing$0.3443011.18 kWh$0.38940
Click Energy Standing$0.3443011.18 kWh$0.38940
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.3539811.18 kWh$0.39006
Origin Energy Standing$0.3539811.18 kWh$0.39006
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.35530
Commander Standing Offer$0.36696
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.3702611.18 kWh$0.40502
Dodo Standing Offer$0.37455
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.37752
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.3934711.18 kWh$0.43153
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.4008411.18 kWh$0.43450
Lumo Energy Options$0.4068911.18 kWh$0.45606
Click Energy Natural$0.4785811.18 kWh$0.45127
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.496101.10 kWh$0.55110
Sumo Standing Offer$0.7053211.31 kWh$0.73970
AusNet Services Network Residential Electricity Two Rate TOU Usage Rates (Eastern Victoria)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Off-Peak TOU Rate
Sumo Residential 42$0.249$0.168
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.267$0.151
Sumo Residential 37$0.270$0.182
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.275$0.154
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.276$0.157
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.283$0.152
Dodo Market Offer$0.287$0.159
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.291$0.165
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.292$0.178
Sumo Residential 32$0.292$0.197
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.295$0.144
Tango Energy Home Select$0.295$0.144
AGL Essentials$0.298$0.167
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.299$0.139
AGL Savers Online$0.302$0.170
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.307$0.165
amaysim electricity 3$0.310$0.155
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.315$0.179
amaysim electricity 2$0.320$0.159
Powershop Mega Pack$0.325$0.190
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.328$0.191
AGL Savers$0.329$0.185
AGL Set and Forget$0.329$0.185
Lumo Energy Basic$0.330$0.165
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.332$0.147
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.333$0.194
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.336$0.206
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.336$0.180
AGL Prepaid$0.338$0.190
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.339$0.192
amaysim electricity 1$0.339$0.169
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.339$0.192
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.339$0.192
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.339$0.192
CovaU Smart Saver$0.340$0.189
Powershop Power Saver$0.341$0.199
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.341$0.209
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.341$0.159
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.3476.58 kWh$0.337$0.145
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.347$0.195
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.347$0.154
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.350$0.200
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.350$0.214
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.35011.18 kWh$0.386$0.192
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.352$0.206
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.354$0.217
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.356$0.203
Powershop Lite$0.356$0.208
Click Energy Agate$0.359$0.179
Origin Energy Saver$0.359$0.220
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.360$0.193
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.361$0.161
Commander Market Offer$0.375$0.208
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.377$0.231
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.379$0.232
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.381$0.233
AGL Everyday$0.383$0.215
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.386$0.149
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.386$0.149
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.386$0.227
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.391$0.218
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.392$0.240
People Energy Total Saver$0.395$0.233
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.399$0.218
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.40227.40 kWh$0.392$0.218
amaysim solar 2$0.403$0.201
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.404$0.247
amaysim solar 1$0.423$0.211
Powershop Standing Offer$0.424$0.247
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.429$0.165
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.43011.18 kWh$0.480$0.221
Click Energy Solar Light$0.433$0.216
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.440$0.219
Lumo Energy Movers$0.446$0.198
Origin Energy Standing$0.448$0.274
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.448$0.274
CovaU Standing Offer$0.449$0.242
Commander Standing Offer$0.449$0.248
AGL Residential Freedom$0.451$0.253
AGL Solar Savers$0.451$0.253
AGL Standing Offer$0.451$0.253
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.451$0.253
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.4516.58 kWh$0.438$0.188
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.452$0.270
Click Energy Move$0.457$0.228
Dodo Standing Offer$0.458$0.254
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.463$0.290
Click Energy Solar$0.467$0.233
amaysim electricity 4$0.467$0.233
amaysim solar 4$0.467$0.233
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.4756.58 kWh$0.461$0.198
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.489$0.263
amaysim electricity standing$0.492$0.245
Click Energy Standing$0.492$0.245
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.524$0.245
Lumo Energy Options$0.549$0.260
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.5961.10 kWh$0.662$0.363
Click Energy Natural$0.683$0.341
Sumo Standing Offer$0.851$0.550
AusNet Services Network Residential Electricity Flexible Usage Rates (Eastern Victoria)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.235$0.208$0.148
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.242$0.205$0.143
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.251$0.212$0.148
AGL Essentials$0.254$0.226$0.160
AGL Savers Online$0.258$0.228$0.162
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.264$0.224$0.156
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.266$0.232$0.154
Tango Energy Home Select$0.266$0.232$0.154
Sumo Residential 42$0.270$0.206$0.116
Dodo Market Offer$0.278$0.242$0.144
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.280$0.219$0.148
AGL Set and Forget$0.281$0.249$0.177
AGL Savers$0.281$0.249$0.177
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.285$0.256$0.186
amaysim electricity 3$0.285$0.243$0.146
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.286$0.242$0.169
CovaU Smart Saver$0.289$0.259$0.182
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.289$0.259$0.188
AGL Prepaid$0.289$0.256$0.182
Sumo Residential 37$0.293$0.224$0.126
amaysim electricity 2$0.294$0.250$0.151
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.296$0.263$0.186
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.297$0.248$0.188
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.297$0.248$0.188
Lumo Energy Basic$0.297$0.231$0.176
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.3066.58 kWh$0.296$0.272$0.141
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.307$0.275$0.200
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.307$0.240$0.157
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.308$0.261$0.182
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.308$0.261$0.182
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.308$0.261$0.182
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.308$0.261$0.182
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.310$0.273$0.170
amaysim electricity 1$0.312$0.266$0.160
Sumo Residential 32$0.316$0.242$0.136
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.320$0.250$0.169
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.323$0.285$0.177
Powershop Mega Pack$0.323$0.286$0.182
AGL Everyday$0.327$0.290$0.206
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.330$0.275$0.209
Click Energy Agate$0.330$0.281$0.169
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.333$0.298$0.209
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.337$0.297$0.185
Powershop Power Saver$0.339$0.300$0.191
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.353$0.296$0.198
Powershop Lite$0.354$0.313$0.199
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.354$0.277$0.181
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.359$0.280$0.183
Commander Market Offer$0.364$0.317$0.189
Energy Australia Regular Saver$0.368$0.276$0.172
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.368$0.288$0.188
amaysim solar 2$0.371$0.316$0.190
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.372$0.211$0.211
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.373$0.291$0.190
Origin Energy Saver$0.378$0.295$0.193
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.378$0.214$0.214
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.385$0.341$0.242
AGL Solar Savers$0.385$0.341$0.242
CovaU Standing Offer$0.385$0.341$0.237
AGL Standing Offer$0.385$0.341$0.242
AGL Residential Freedom$0.385$0.341$0.242
amaysim solar 1$0.389$0.331$0.200
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.397$0.310$0.203
Click Energy Solar Light$0.398$0.339$0.204
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.3986.58 kWh$0.385$0.354$0.183
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.399$0.304$0.212
Energy Australia Night Saver$0.400$0.285$0.128
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.401$0.314$0.205
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.403$0.340$0.225
Energy Australia Weekend Saver$0.410$0.240$0.210
Lumo Energy Movers$0.416$0.366$0.228
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.416$0.295$0.159
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.4196.58 kWh$0.405$0.373$0.193
Click Energy Move$0.420$0.358$0.216
Powershop Standing Offer$0.421$0.372$0.237
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.425$0.332$0.217
People Energy Total Saver$0.426$0.303$0.163
amaysim electricity 4$0.429$0.366$0.220
amaysim solar 4$0.429$0.366$0.220
Click Energy Solar$0.429$0.366$0.220
Commander Standing Offer$0.435$0.379$0.226
Dodo Standing Offer$0.444$0.387$0.231
Click Energy Standing$0.452$0.385$0.232
amaysim electricity standing$0.452$0.385$0.232
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.472$0.369$0.241
Origin Energy Standing$0.472$0.369$0.241
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.492$0.385$0.260
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.495$0.418$0.290
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.543$0.322$0.222
GloBird Energy GloSave Solar$0.608$0.200$0.200
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.610$0.497$0.305
GloBird Energy EasySave Solar$0.617$0.203$0.203
Click Energy Natural$0.628$0.535$0.323
Sumo Standing Offer$1.007$0.775$0.407
AusNet Services Network Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates (Eastern Victoria)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 Rate
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.18609
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.18788
AGL Essentials$0.20350
AGL Savers Online$0.20636
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.21221
Powershop Mega Pack$0.22464
AGL Savers$0.22484
AGL Set and Forget$0.22484
AGL Prepaid$0.23100
Powershop Power Saver$0.23546
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.23716
Powershop Lite$0.24620
AGL Everyday$0.26180
Powershop Standing Offer$0.29250
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.30800
AGL Solar Savers$0.30800
AGL Residential Freedom$0.30800
AGL Standing Offer$0.30800
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.32648


CitiPower Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 Rate
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.15644
Tango Energy Home Select$0.16357
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.16357
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.16383
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.1680330.00 kWh$0.23595
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.16979
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.1706130.00 kWh$0.23958
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.172376.58 kWh$0.16379
amaysim electricity 3$0.17672
Dodo Market Offer$0.1781311.20 kWh$0.17879
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.17839
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.17873
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.18079
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.18117
amaysim electricity 2$0.18233
Commander Market Offer$0.1864911.20 kWh$0.18684
Sumo Residential 42$0.1882711.31 kWh$0.19619
Energy Australia No Frills$0.19140
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.19272
amaysim electricity 1$0.19355
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.19362
AGL Essentials$0.19580
AGL Savers Online$0.19899
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.20134
Sumo Residential 37$0.2045011.31 kWh$0.21310
Click Energy Agate$0.20477
Lumo Energy Basic$0.20570
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.20636
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.20852
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.20852
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.20852
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.20852
Powershop Mega Pack$0.21151
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.21560
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.21566
AGL Set and Forget$0.21681
AGL Savers$0.21681
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.21824
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.22022
Sumo Residential 32$0.2207311.31 kWh$0.23001
Powershop Power Saver$0.22170
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.22234
AGL Prepaid$0.22275
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.2237416.44 kWh$0.21285
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.2237416.44 kWh$0.21285
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.22484
CovaU Smart Saver$0.22506
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.22530
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.2266211.18 kWh$0.25515
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.22869
amaysim solar 2$0.23001
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.23123
Powershop Lite$0.23180
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.23193
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.23420
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.23595
Origin Energy Saver$0.23716
amaysim solar 1$0.24123
Click Energy Solar Light$0.24684
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.2486016.44 kWh$0.23650
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.24902
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.24970
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.25198
AGL Everyday$0.25245
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.2538330.00 kWh$0.27170
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.2542311.18 kWh$0.28640
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.2565213.70 kWh$0.24684
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.25916
People Energy Total Saver$0.2607411.18 kWh$0.29374
Click Energy Move$0.26087
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.2630011.18 kWh$0.29300
amaysim electricity 4$0.26648
Click Energy Solar$0.26648
amaysim solar 4$0.26648
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.26681
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.267306.58 kWh$0.25399
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.27445
Powershop Standing Offer$0.27540
Lumo Energy Movers$0.27720
Commander Standing Offer$0.2786311.20 kWh$0.27929
amaysim electricity standing$0.28050
Click Energy Standing$0.28050
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.281386.58 kWh$0.26741
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.28295
Dodo Standing Offer$0.2843511.20 kWh$0.28501
CovaU Standing Offer$0.28600
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.29645
Origin Energy Standing$0.29645
AGL Residential Freedom$0.29700
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.29700
AGL Standing Offer$0.29700
AGL Solar Savers$0.29700
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.30250
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.32087
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.34518
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.34958
Lumo Energy Options$0.36366
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.366201.10 kWh$0.40690
Click Energy Natural$0.38990
Sumo Standing Offer$0.5683111.31 kWh$0.58848
CitiPower Network Residential Electricity Two Rate TOU Usage Rates (Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Off-Peak TOU Rate
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.211$0.119
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.212$0.124
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.218$0.127
Tango Energy Home Select$0.218$0.127
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.219$0.128
Dodo Market Offer$0.228$0.123
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.228$0.148
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.231$0.135
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.233$0.124
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.237$0.135
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.240$0.136
Sumo Residential 42$0.244$0.144
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.2446.58 kWh$0.235$0.112
AGL Essentials$0.246$0.160
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.250$0.146
AGL Savers Online$0.251$0.162
Lumo Energy Basic$0.253$0.160
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.257$0.143
amaysim electricity 3$0.261$0.137
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.262$0.181
Powershop Mega Pack$0.265$0.171
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.265$0.187
Sumo Residential 37$0.265$0.156
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.268$0.147
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.269$0.158
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.269$0.158
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.269$0.158
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.269$0.158
amaysim electricity 2$0.270$0.142
AGL Set and Forget$0.273$0.177
AGL Savers$0.273$0.177
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.273$0.156
CovaU Smart Saver$0.276$0.182
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.277$0.158
Powershop Power Saver$0.278$0.180
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.280$0.154
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.281$0.156
AGL Prepaid$0.281$0.182
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.281$0.194
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.284$0.162
amaysim electricity 1$0.286$0.150
Sumo Residential 32$0.286$0.168
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.287$0.164
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.288$0.186
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.290$0.139
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.290$0.139
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.291$0.161
Origin Energy Saver$0.291$0.166
Powershop Lite$0.291$0.188
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.293$0.186
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.29711.18 kWh$0.340$0.170
Commander Market Offer$0.298$0.160
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.298$0.189
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.301$0.167
Click Energy Agate$0.303$0.159
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.306$0.174
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.309$0.176
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.315$0.211
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.318$0.209
AGL Everyday$0.318$0.206
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.321$0.193
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.322$0.154
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.327$0.187
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.32913.70 kWh$0.319$0.203
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.334$0.142
amaysim solar 2$0.340$0.179
People Energy Total Saver$0.343$0.146
Powershop Standing Offer$0.346$0.223
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.347$0.198
Commander Standing Offer$0.356$0.192
amaysim solar 1$0.357$0.187
Lumo Energy Movers$0.359$0.198
Origin Energy Standing$0.364$0.207
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.36411.18 kWh$0.378$0.189
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.364$0.207
Dodo Standing Offer$0.364$0.195
CovaU Standing Offer$0.365$0.229
Click Energy Solar Light$0.365$0.192
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.370$0.209
AGL Residential Freedom$0.374$0.242
AGL Solar Savers$0.374$0.242
AGL Standing Offer$0.374$0.242
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.374$0.242
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.3766.58 kWh$0.362$0.173
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.384$0.215
Click Energy Move$0.386$0.203
amaysim solar 4$0.394$0.207
Click Energy Solar$0.394$0.207
amaysim electricity 4$0.394$0.207
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.3966.58 kWh$0.382$0.182
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.406$0.203
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.410$0.228
amaysim electricity standing$0.415$0.218
Click Energy Standing$0.415$0.218
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.443$0.259
Lumo Energy Options$0.480$0.255
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.5201.10 kWh$0.578$0.275
Click Energy Natural$0.576$0.303
Sumo Standing Offer$0.768$0.330
CitiPower Network Residential Electricity Flexible Usage Rates (Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.236$0.177$0.122
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.239$0.195$0.140
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.242$0.201$0.154
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.244$0.183$0.127
Sumo Residential 42$0.247$0.212$0.150
Dodo Market Offer$0.252$0.194$0.128
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.257$0.193$0.133
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.2586.58 kWh$0.249$0.215$0.121
AGL Essentials$0.262$0.218$0.167
AGL Savers Online$0.265$0.221$0.170
Sumo Residential 37$0.268$0.231$0.162
Tango Energy Home Select$0.271$0.227$0.171
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.271$0.260$0.147
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.271$0.227$0.171
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.272$0.222$0.160
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.279$0.209$0.144
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.283$0.215$0.146
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.283$0.272$0.154
Powershop Mega Pack$0.284$0.234$0.181
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.285$0.243$0.190
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.287$0.248$0.183
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.287$0.248$0.183
amaysim electricity 3$0.288$0.219$0.143
Sumo Residential 32$0.289$0.249$0.175
AGL Savers$0.289$0.241$0.185
AGL Set and Forget$0.289$0.241$0.185
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.289$0.246$0.192
CovaU Smart Saver$0.294$0.243$0.189
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.296$0.283$0.161
AGL Prepaid$0.297$0.248$0.190
amaysim electricity 2$0.297$0.226$0.148
Lumo Energy Basic$0.297$0.215$0.176
Powershop Power Saver$0.298$0.246$0.189
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.300$0.225$0.155
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.300$0.225$0.155
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.300$0.225$0.155
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.300$0.225$0.155
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.305$0.254$0.195
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.306$0.261$0.205
Powershop Lite$0.312$0.257$0.198
amaysim electricity 1$0.315$0.240$0.157
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.319$0.275$0.204
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.322$0.279$0.222
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.327$0.248$0.169
Commander Market Offer$0.330$0.253$0.167
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.331$0.251$0.171
Click Energy Agate$0.333$0.254$0.166
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.337$0.237$0.126
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.337$0.212$0.167
AGL Everyday$0.337$0.281$0.215
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.337$0.276$0.167
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.339$0.280$0.217
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.340$0.257$0.175
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.344$0.261$0.178
People Energy Total Saver$0.346$0.243$0.130
Origin Energy Saver$0.349$0.264$0.180
Energy Australia Regular Saver$0.350$0.241$0.166
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.350$0.204$0.204
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.356$0.207$0.207
Lumo Energy Movers$0.364$0.349$0.198
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.366$0.277$0.189
Powershop Standing Offer$0.370$0.305$0.235
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.371$0.281$0.191
amaysim solar 2$0.374$0.285$0.187
Energy Australia Night Saver$0.375$0.244$0.136
Energy Australia Weekend Saver$0.376$0.225$0.205
CovaU Standing Offer$0.385$0.319$0.242
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.392$0.297$0.202
amaysim solar 1$0.393$0.299$0.196
Commander Standing Offer$0.394$0.302$0.200
AGL Residential Freedom$0.396$0.330$0.253
AGL Solar Savers$0.396$0.330$0.253
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.396$0.330$0.253
AGL Standing Offer$0.396$0.330$0.253
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.398$0.322$0.192
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.3986.58 kWh$0.384$0.332$0.187
Click Energy Solar Light$0.402$0.306$0.200
Dodo Standing Offer$0.402$0.309$0.204
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.419$0.342$0.246
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.4196.58 kWh$0.404$0.350$0.196
Click Energy Move$0.425$0.323$0.212
Click Energy Solar$0.434$0.330$0.216
amaysim solar 4$0.434$0.330$0.216
amaysim electricity 4$0.434$0.330$0.216
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.436$0.330$0.225
Origin Energy Standing$0.436$0.330$0.225
amaysim electricity standing$0.457$0.348$0.228
Click Energy Standing$0.457$0.348$0.228
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.520$0.389$0.264
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.549$0.459$0.333
Click Energy Natural$0.635$0.483$0.317
Sumo Standing Offer$0.732$0.625$0.440
CitiPower Network Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates (Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 Rate
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.14684
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.150816.58 kWh$0.14212
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.15433
AGL Essentials$0.16720
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.16745
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.16940
AGL Savers Online$0.16951
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.1819811.18 kWh$0.20466
AGL Savers$0.18469
AGL Set and Forget$0.18469
Powershop Mega Pack$0.18486
AGL Prepaid$0.18975
CovaU Smart Saver$0.19021
Powershop Power Saver$0.19376
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.19481
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.19529
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.19790
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.2021011.18 kWh$0.22730
Powershop Lite$0.20260
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.20310
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.20571
Origin Energy Saver$0.20831
AGL Everyday$0.21505
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.21873
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.21903
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.22133
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.2274813.70 kWh$0.21780
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.232546.58 kWh$0.21923
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.23435
Powershop Standing Offer$0.24070
CovaU Standing Offer$0.24200
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.244866.58 kWh$0.23078
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.24872
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.25300
AGL Standing Offer$0.25300
AGL Solar Savers$0.25300
AGL Residential Freedom$0.25300
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.25762
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.26039
Origin Energy Standing$0.26039


Jemena Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (North West Melbourne)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 Rate
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.19166
Tango Energy Home Select$0.19283
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.19283
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.19525
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.19863
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.2002030.00 kWh$0.25740
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.20130
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.2032830.00 kWh$0.26136
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.20909
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.20981
Dodo Market Offer$0.21113
amaysim electricity 3$0.21483
AGL Essentials$0.21780
Sumo Residential 42$0.22005
AGL Savers Online$0.22110
amaysim electricity 2$0.22165
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.221876.58 kWh$0.21208
Energy Australia No Frills$0.22220
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.22265
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.22297
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.22651
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.22739
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.22847
Lumo Energy Basic$0.23210
Powershop Mega Pack$0.23263
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.2346316.44 kWh$0.22770
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.2346316.44 kWh$0.22770
amaysim electricity 1$0.23529
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.23622
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.23870
Sumo Residential 37$0.23902
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.23936
AGL Set and Forget$0.24090
AGL Savers$0.24090
Powershop Power Saver$0.24383
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.24394
CovaU Smart Saver$0.24394
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.24394
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.24394
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.24394
AGL Prepaid$0.24750
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.24871
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.24893
Click Energy Agate$0.24893
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.25405
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.25410
Powershop Lite$0.25490
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.2571311.18 kWh$0.28674
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.25715
Sumo Residential 32$0.25799
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.26058
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.2607016.44 kWh$0.25300
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.26648
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.26744
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.27087
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.27280
Origin Energy Saver$0.27430
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.27478
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.2752830.00 kWh$0.29673
Commander Market Offer$0.27606
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.277206.58 kWh$0.26499
amaysim solar 2$0.27962
AGL Everyday$0.28050
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.2807213.70 kWh$0.27104
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.28090
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.28801
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.29144
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.291836.58 kWh$0.27896
amaysim solar 1$0.29326
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.2978011.18 kWh$0.32740
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.30004
Click Energy Solar Light$0.30008
Powershop Standing Offer$0.30290
Lumo Energy Movers$0.30690
People Energy Total Saver$0.30774
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.30858
CovaU Standing Offer$0.31080
Click Energy Move$0.31713
amaysim electricity 4$0.32395
amaysim solar 4$0.32395
Click Energy Solar$0.32395
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.32560
AGL Residential Freedom$0.33000
AGL Solar Savers$0.33000
AGL Standing Offer$0.33000
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.33000
Commander Standing Offer$0.33011
Dodo Standing Offer$0.33682
amaysim electricity standing$0.34100
Click Energy Standing$0.34100
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.34254
Origin Energy Standing$0.34287
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.34287
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.36245
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.37950
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.38500
Lumo Energy Options$0.40359
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.437901.10 kWh$0.48650
Click Energy Natural$0.47399
Sumo Standing Offer$0.63229
Jemena Network Residential Electricity Two Rate TOU Usage Rates (North West Melbourne)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Off-Peak TOU Rate
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.221$0.148
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.237$0.128
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.237$0.127
Tango Energy Home Select$0.237$0.127
AGL Essentials$0.240$0.160
AGL Savers Online$0.243$0.162
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.249$0.134
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.258$0.139
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.261$0.183
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.264$0.185
Sumo Residential 42$0.264$0.154
AGL Set and Forget$0.265$0.177
AGL Savers$0.265$0.177
CovaU Smart Saver$0.269$0.178
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.269$0.136
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.270$0.146
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.271$0.146
Dodo Market Offer$0.271$0.125
AGL Prepaid$0.272$0.182
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.275$0.189
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.280$0.186
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.280$0.192
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.280$0.197
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.282$0.147
Powershop Mega Pack$0.283$0.172
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.286$0.152
Sumo Residential 37$0.287$0.167
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.294$0.159
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.295$0.154
Powershop Power Saver$0.296$0.180
amaysim electricity 3$0.296$0.150
Lumo Energy Basic$0.297$0.160
amaysim electricity 2$0.305$0.155
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.306$0.200
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.307$0.149
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.307$0.149
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.307$0.222
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.308$0.161
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.308$0.135
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.309$0.205
AGL Everyday$0.309$0.206
Sumo Residential 32$0.310$0.180
Powershop Lite$0.310$0.188
Click Energy Agate$0.310$0.178
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.313$0.166
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.316$0.171
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.316$0.171
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.316$0.171
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.316$0.171
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.3176.58 kWh$0.307$0.139
amaysim electricity 1$0.324$0.165
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.33211.18 kWh$0.343$0.171
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.335$0.178
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.341$0.165
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.34413.70 kWh$0.329$0.194
CovaU Standing Offer$0.347$0.231
Commander Market Offer$0.354$0.164
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.355$0.156
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.360$0.158
AGL Standing Offer$0.363$0.242
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.363$0.242
AGL Solar Savers$0.363$0.242
AGL Residential Freedom$0.363$0.242
Powershop Standing Offer$0.368$0.224
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.370$0.162
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.374$0.164
Origin Energy Saver$0.379$0.166
Lumo Energy Movers$0.379$0.198
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.380$0.167
amaysim solar 2$0.385$0.196
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.390$0.205
Click Energy Move$0.395$0.227
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.3956.58 kWh$0.382$0.173
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.398$0.175
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.399$0.254
People Energy Total Saver$0.400$0.210
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.40311.18 kWh$0.403$0.190
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.403$0.177
amaysim solar 1$0.404$0.205
Click Energy Solar Light$0.413$0.210
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.4166.58 kWh$0.402$0.182
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.416$0.225
Commander Standing Offer$0.423$0.196
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.426$0.187
Dodo Standing Offer$0.432$0.200
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.437$0.223
amaysim electricity 4$0.446$0.227
amaysim solar 4$0.446$0.227
Click Energy Solar$0.446$0.227
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.456$0.242
amaysim electricity standing$0.470$0.239
Click Energy Standing$0.470$0.239
Lumo Energy Options$0.474$0.276
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.474$0.208
Origin Energy Standing$0.474$0.208
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.495$0.267
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.5961.10 kWh$0.662$0.305
Click Energy Natural$0.653$0.332
Sumo Standing Offer$0.867$0.393
Jemena Network Residential Electricity Flexible Usage Rates (North West Melbourne)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.242$0.201$0.161
AGL Essentials$0.262$0.218$0.174
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.263$0.183$0.121
AGL Savers Online$0.265$0.221$0.177
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.273$0.216$0.175
Tango Energy Home Select$0.273$0.216$0.175
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.275$0.201$0.150
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.280$0.243$0.147
Sumo Residential 42$0.283$0.222$0.163
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.285$0.236$0.194
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.285$0.208$0.155
Powershop Mega Pack$0.287$0.238$0.185
AGL Savers$0.289$0.241$0.193
AGL Set and Forget$0.289$0.241$0.193
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.289$0.239$0.199
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.293$0.254$0.154
Dodo Market Offer$0.293$0.213$0.155
amaysim electricity 3$0.293$0.227$0.168
CovaU Smart Saver$0.293$0.247$0.189
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.297$0.248$0.198
Lumo Energy Basic$0.297$0.242$0.198
AGL Prepaid$0.297$0.248$0.198
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.297$0.248$0.198
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.300$0.208$0.138
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.300$0.219$0.164
Powershop Power Saver$0.301$0.250$0.194
amaysim electricity 2$0.302$0.234$0.173
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.305$0.254$0.203
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.305$0.265$0.161
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.306$0.254$0.208
Sumo Residential 37$0.308$0.241$0.177
Powershop Lite$0.315$0.261$0.203
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.3176.58 kWh$0.306$0.260$0.154
amaysim electricity 1$0.321$0.248$0.184
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.325$0.237$0.177
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.329$0.275$0.229
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.330$0.275$0.220
Sumo Residential 32$0.332$0.260$0.191
AGL Everyday$0.337$0.281$0.224
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.338$0.274$0.216
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.338$0.284$0.217
Click Energy Agate$0.340$0.263$0.194
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.34413.70 kWh$0.329$0.271$0.213
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.350$0.255$0.191
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.350$0.255$0.191
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.350$0.255$0.191
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.350$0.255$0.191
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.356$0.200$0.200
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.362$0.203$0.203
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.363$0.230$0.169
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.371$0.247$0.171
Energy Australia Regular Saver$0.373$0.228$0.166
Powershop Standing Offer$0.374$0.310$0.241
Lumo Energy Movers$0.376$0.327$0.198
amaysim solar 2$0.382$0.295$0.218
Commander Market Offer$0.383$0.278$0.202
CovaU Standing Offer$0.385$0.311$0.248
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.3956.58 kWh$0.381$0.324$0.192
AGL Solar Savers$0.396$0.330$0.264
AGL Standing Offer$0.396$0.330$0.264
AGL Residential Freedom$0.396$0.330$0.264
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.396$0.330$0.264
Energy Australia Night Saver$0.397$0.240$0.128
amaysim solar 1$0.400$0.309$0.229
Click Energy Solar Light$0.409$0.317$0.234
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.412$0.315$0.190
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.4156.58 kWh$0.402$0.341$0.202
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.419$0.265$0.195
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.424$0.269$0.197
Energy Australia Weekend Saver$0.424$0.204$0.167
Click Energy Move$0.433$0.335$0.248
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.436$0.276$0.202
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.441$0.279$0.205
Click Energy Solar$0.442$0.342$0.253
amaysim solar 4$0.442$0.342$0.253
amaysim electricity 4$0.442$0.342$0.253
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.446$0.273$0.171
Origin Energy Saver$0.447$0.283$0.208
People Energy Total Saver$0.457$0.280$0.176
Commander Standing Offer$0.458$0.333$0.241
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.461$0.321$0.212
amaysim electricity standing$0.465$0.360$0.266
Click Energy Standing$0.465$0.360$0.266
Dodo Standing Offer$0.467$0.339$0.246
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.469$0.297$0.218
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.475$0.300$0.220
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.503$0.318$0.233
Origin Energy Standing$0.558$0.353$0.259
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.558$0.353$0.259
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.572$0.417$0.308
Click Energy Natural$0.647$0.500$0.370
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.709$0.469$0.293
Sumo Standing Offer$0.845$0.671$0.506
Jemena Network Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates (North West Melbourne)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 Rate
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.16590
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.16775
AGL Essentials$0.18150
AGL Savers Online$0.18425
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.18447
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.18919
Powershop Mega Pack$0.19100
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.191736.58 kWh$0.18128
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.1975511.18 kWh$0.22707
Powershop Power Saver$0.20020
AGL Set and Forget$0.20075
AGL Savers$0.20075
CovaU Smart Saver$0.20473
AGL Prepaid$0.20625
Powershop Lite$0.20920
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.21175
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.21277
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.21560
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.22128
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.2214011.18 kWh$0.25140
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.22412
Origin Energy Saver$0.22695
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.22739
AGL Everyday$0.23375
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.23575
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.23830
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.238706.58 kWh$0.22572
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.24114
CovaU Standing Offer$0.24750
Powershop Standing Offer$0.24870
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.251246.58 kWh$0.23760
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.25532
AGL Standing Offer$0.27500
AGL Residential Freedom$0.27500
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.27500
AGL Solar Savers$0.27500
Origin Energy Standing$0.28369
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.28369
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.29106


Powercor Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Western Victoria)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 Rate
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.17472
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.18108
Tango Energy Home Select$0.18634
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.18634
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.18779
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.19061
amaysim electricity 3$0.19265
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.193716.58 kWh$0.17281
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.19459
amaysim electricity 2$0.19877
Sumo Residential 42$0.2021811.31 kWh$0.21105
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.20649
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.20750
AGL Essentials$0.21010
amaysim electricity 1$0.21100
Dodo Market Offer$0.21179
AGL Savers Online$0.21373
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.21414
Lumo Energy Basic$0.21560
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.21742
Sumo Residential 37$0.2196111.31 kWh$0.22924
Energy Australia No Frills$0.22000
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.2216530.00 kWh$0.25025
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.22165
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.22238
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.22238
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.22238
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.22238
Click Energy Agate$0.22323
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.2250630.00 kWh$0.25410
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.22528
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.22610
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.22715
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.22880
Powershop Mega Pack$0.23148
AGL Set and Forget$0.23287
AGL Savers$0.23287
CovaU Smart Saver$0.23595
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.23689
Sumo Residential 32$0.2370411.31 kWh$0.24744
AGL Prepaid$0.23925
Powershop Power Saver$0.24263
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.24316
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.2455216.44 kWh$0.23265
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.2455216.44 kWh$0.23265
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.24563
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.24640
amaysim solar 2$0.25076
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.2530811.18 kWh$0.26595
Powershop Lite$0.25360
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.25575
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.25916
amaysim solar 1$0.26299
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.26400
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.26598
Click Energy Solar Light$0.26910
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.26939
AGL Everyday$0.27115
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.2717030.00 kWh$0.29315
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.27170
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.2728016.44 kWh$0.25850
Origin Energy Saver$0.27280
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.27500
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.2758813.70 kWh$0.26620
Commander Market Offer$0.27667
Click Energy Move$0.28439
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.28644
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.28862
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.28985
amaysim electricity 4$0.29051
Click Energy Solar$0.29051
amaysim solar 4$0.29051
Lumo Energy Movers$0.29205
CovaU Standing Offer$0.29700
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.300086.58 kWh$0.26774
Powershop Standing Offer$0.30140
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.3033011.18 kWh$0.32730
amaysim electricity standing$0.30580
Click Energy Standing$0.30580
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.30690
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.3120310.96 kWh$0.34835
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.315926.58 kWh$0.28182
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.31900
AGL Residential Freedom$0.31900
AGL Solar Savers$0.31900
AGL Standing Offer$0.31900
People Energy Total Saver$0.3200610.96 kWh$0.35728
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.32780
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.32945
Commander Standing Offer$0.33088
Dodo Standing Offer$0.33759
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.34100
Origin Energy Standing$0.34100
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.35904
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.37125
Lumo Energy Options$0.37169
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.37191
Click Energy Natural$0.42506
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.456701.10 kWh$0.50750
Sumo Standing Offer$0.6231111.31 kWh$0.66939
Powercor Network Residential Electricity Two Rate TOU Usage Rates (Western Victoria)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Off-Peak TOU Rate
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.230$0.131
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.237$0.119
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.238$0.136
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.242$0.148
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.249$0.118
Tango Energy Home Select$0.249$0.118
Dodo Market Offer$0.25011.20 kWh$0.250$0.126
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.251$0.143
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.2586.58 kWh$0.249$0.118
amaysim electricity 3$0.258$0.139
AGL Essentials$0.262$0.160
AGL Savers Online$0.265$0.162
amaysim electricity 2$0.266$0.143
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.267$0.128
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.271$0.136
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.272$0.186
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.272$0.155
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.273$0.145
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.273$0.155
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.276$0.189
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.277$0.181
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.280$0.189
Sumo Residential 42$0.28011.31 kWh$0.260$0.148
Lumo Energy Basic$0.281$0.154
amaysim electricity 1$0.282$0.152
Powershop Mega Pack$0.283$0.186
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.284$0.145
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.285$0.162
AGL Set and Forget$0.289$0.177
AGL Savers$0.289$0.177
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.292$0.167
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.292$0.167
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.292$0.167
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.292$0.167
CovaU Smart Saver$0.294$0.182
AGL Prepaid$0.297$0.182
Powershop Power Saver$0.297$0.195
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.297$0.169
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.298$0.195
Click Energy Agate$0.299$0.161
Sumo Residential 37$0.30411.31 kWh$0.282$0.161
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.305$0.186
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.30710.96 kWh$0.297$0.149
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.30710.96 kWh$0.297$0.149
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.307$0.222
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.310$0.159
Powershop Lite$0.311$0.204
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.315$0.167
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.31611.18 kWh$0.346$0.173
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.319$0.169
Commander Market Offer$0.32611.20 kWh$0.327$0.165
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.327$0.173
Sumo Residential 32$0.32811.31 kWh$0.304$0.174
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.331$0.176
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.332$0.170
Origin Energy Saver$0.336$0.178
amaysim solar 2$0.336$0.180
AGL Everyday$0.337$0.206
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.339$0.209
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.33913.70 kWh$0.329$0.203
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.341$0.209
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.34110.96 kWh$0.330$0.165
amaysim solar 1$0.352$0.189
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.352$0.187
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.355$0.188
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.357$0.189
Click Energy Solar Light$0.360$0.194
Lumo Energy Movers$0.366$0.208
Powershop Standing Offer$0.369$0.242
CovaU Standing Offer$0.371$0.228
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.377$0.200
Click Energy Move$0.381$0.205
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.38710.96 kWh$0.419$0.157
Click Energy Solar$0.389$0.209
amaysim solar 4$0.389$0.209
amaysim electricity 4$0.389$0.209
Commander Standing Offer$0.39011.20 kWh$0.391$0.197
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.39211.18 kWh$0.429$0.201
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.396$0.242
AGL Standing Offer$0.396$0.242
AGL Solar Savers$0.396$0.242
AGL Residential Freedom$0.396$0.242
People Energy Total Saver$0.39710.96 kWh$0.429$0.161
Dodo Standing Offer$0.39811.20 kWh$0.399$0.202
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.4006.58 kWh$0.386$0.183
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.404$0.230
amaysim electricity standing$0.409$0.220
Click Energy Standing$0.409$0.220
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.413$0.206
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.416$0.209
Origin Energy Standing$0.419$0.222
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.419$0.222
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.4216.58 kWh$0.406$0.193
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.452$0.231
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.478$0.272
Lumo Energy Options$0.484$0.253
Click Energy Natural$0.569$0.306
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.5791.10 kWh$0.643$0.278
Sumo Standing Offer$0.79911.31 kWh$0.804$0.388
Powercor Network Residential Electricity Flexible Usage Rates (Western Victoria)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.248$0.195$0.154
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.251$0.190$0.119
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.252$0.174$0.127
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.2616.58 kWh$0.252$0.211$0.123
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.261$0.180$0.132
AGL Essentials$0.268$0.210$0.167
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.273$0.251$0.155
AGL Savers Online$0.273$0.214$0.170
Sumo Residential 42$0.273$0.207$0.147
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.274$0.190$0.138
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.277$0.222$0.177
Tango Energy Home Select$0.277$0.222$0.177
Dodo Market Offer$0.280$0.213$0.126
Lumo Energy Basic$0.281$0.220$0.187
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.282$0.229$0.186
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.285$0.262$0.162
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.286$0.216$0.136
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.286$0.231$0.199
Powershop Mega Pack$0.293$0.234$0.187
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.297$0.206$0.150
AGL Set and Forget$0.297$0.233$0.185
AGL Savers$0.297$0.233$0.185
Sumo Residential 37$0.297$0.225$0.160
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.297$0.273$0.169
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.304$0.246$0.200
CovaU Smart Saver$0.305$0.236$0.189
AGL Prepaid$0.305$0.239$0.190
amaysim electricity 3$0.308$0.219$0.157
Powershop Power Saver$0.308$0.245$0.196
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.313$0.246$0.195
Energy Australia Regular Saver$0.316$0.274$0.188
amaysim electricity 2$0.317$0.226$0.162
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.320$0.222$0.162
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.320$0.222$0.162
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.320$0.222$0.162
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.320$0.222$0.162
Sumo Residential 32$0.321$0.243$0.172
Powershop Lite$0.321$0.256$0.205
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.326$0.222$0.162
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.327$0.238$0.188
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.327$0.238$0.188
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.332$0.272$0.229
amaysim electricity 1$0.337$0.240$0.172
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.341$0.253$0.174
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.341$0.275$0.209
AGL Everyday$0.346$0.271$0.215
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.349$0.200$0.200
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.351$0.272$0.217
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.35313.70 kWh$0.344$0.271$0.213
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.354$0.203$0.203
Click Energy Agate$0.357$0.254$0.182
Energy Australia Night Saver$0.362$0.274$0.137
Energy Australia Weekend Saver$0.363$0.233$0.222
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.363$0.264$0.209
Lumo Energy Movers$0.366$0.337$0.208
Commander Market Offer$0.366$0.279$0.165
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.376$0.256$0.187
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.381$0.259$0.189
CovaU Standing Offer$0.381$0.299$0.237
Powershop Standing Offer$0.382$0.304$0.244
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.391$0.266$0.194
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.396$0.269$0.197
amaysim solar 2$0.400$0.285$0.205
Origin Energy Saver$0.401$0.273$0.199
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.4046.58 kWh$0.390$0.327$0.190
AGL Standing Offer$0.407$0.319$0.253
AGL Solar Savers$0.407$0.319$0.253
AGL Residential Freedom$0.407$0.319$0.253
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.407$0.319$0.253
amaysim solar 1$0.420$0.299$0.215
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.421$0.287$0.209
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.4256.58 kWh$0.411$0.344$0.200
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.426$0.290$0.212
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.429$0.309$0.201
Click Energy Solar Light$0.430$0.306$0.220
Commander Standing Offer$0.438$0.333$0.197
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.440$0.333$0.209
Dodo Standing Offer$0.447$0.340$0.202
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.451$0.307$0.224
Click Energy Move$0.454$0.323$0.232
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.458$0.258$0.154
amaysim electricity 4$0.464$0.330$0.237
amaysim solar 4$0.464$0.330$0.237
Click Energy Solar$0.464$0.330$0.237
People Energy Total Saver$0.470$0.265$0.158
amaysim electricity standing$0.488$0.348$0.250
Click Energy Standing$0.488$0.348$0.250
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.501$0.341$0.249
Origin Energy Standing$0.501$0.341$0.249
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.546$0.377$0.272
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.662$0.452$0.293
Click Energy Natural$0.679$0.483$0.347
Sumo Standing Offer$0.792$0.601$0.457
Powercor Network Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates (Western Victoria)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 Rate
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.15433
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.155656.58 kWh$0.14707
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.15788
AGL Essentials$0.16720
AGL Savers Online$0.16951
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.18004
AGL Savers$0.18469
AGL Set and Forget$0.18469
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.18854
CovaU Smart Saver$0.18876
AGL Prepaid$0.18975
Powershop Mega Pack$0.19461
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.19481
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.2028611.18 kWh$0.22041
Powershop Power Saver$0.20399
Powershop Lite$0.21320
AGL Everyday$0.21505
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.21736
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.21747
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.22037
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.22617
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.22907
Origin Energy Saver$0.23197
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.2388011.18 kWh$0.25270
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.241126.58 kWh$0.22792
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.24357
CovaU Standing Offer$0.24530
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.24538
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.24647
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.25300
AGL Residential Freedom$0.25300
AGL Standing Offer$0.25300
AGL Solar Savers$0.25300
Powershop Standing Offer$0.25340
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.253886.58 kWh$0.23991
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.26096
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.27698
Origin Energy Standing$0.28996
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.28996


United Energy Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 Rate
Sumo Residential 42$0.17239
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.17832
Tango Energy Home Select$0.17853
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.17853
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.18198
Sumo Residential 37$0.18725
Energy Australia No Frills$0.18810
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.18860
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.1937730.00 kWh$0.25025
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.19459
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.1967930.00 kWh$0.25410
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.19687
Dodo Market Offer$0.19694
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.19853
amaysim electricity 3$0.20166
Sumo Residential 32$0.20211
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.20335
amaysim electricity 2$0.20807
AGL Essentials$0.21010
AGL Savers Online$0.21373
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.21507
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.21824
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.219566.58 kWh$0.20955
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.22044
amaysim electricity 1$0.22087
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.22636
Lumo Energy Basic$0.22880
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.22880
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.23162
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.23162
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.23162
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.23162
AGL Set and Forget$0.23287
AGL Savers$0.23287
Powershop Mega Pack$0.23340
Click Energy Agate$0.23367
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.23870
AGL Prepaid$0.23925
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.23953
CovaU Smart Saver$0.23958
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.24057
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.24057
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.24345
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.2446211.18 kWh$0.26433
Powershop Power Saver$0.24464
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.24563
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.25025
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.25427
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.25575
Powershop Lite$0.25580
Commander Market Offer$0.25731
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.25766
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.26098
amaysim solar 2$0.26248
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.26444
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.26730
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.26783
AGL Everyday$0.27115
Origin Energy Saver$0.27122
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.2717030.00 kWh$0.29315
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.2718011.18 kWh$0.31370
amaysim solar 1$0.27529
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.27588
Click Energy Solar Light$0.28169
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.28380
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.28478
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.2855613.70 kWh$0.27104
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.28817
People Energy Total Saver$0.29108
Click Energy Move$0.29769
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.298986.58 kWh$0.28534
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.30250
Powershop Standing Offer$0.30390
amaysim solar 4$0.30410
Click Energy Solar$0.30410
amaysim electricity 4$0.30410
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.30512
Commander Standing Offer$0.30767
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.30829
Dodo Standing Offer$0.31405
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.314826.58 kWh$0.30041
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.31900
AGL Residential Freedom$0.31900
AGL Solar Savers$0.31900
AGL Standing Offer$0.31900
amaysim electricity standing$0.32010
Click Energy Standing$0.32010
Lumo Energy Movers$0.32175
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.32285
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.32725
Origin Energy Standing$0.33902
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.33902
CovaU Standing Offer$0.34100
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.34782
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.35475
Lumo Energy Options$0.39710
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.415001.10 kWh$0.46100
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.42097
Click Energy Natural$0.44494
Sumo Standing Offer$0.59132
United Energy Network Residential Electricity Two Rate TOU Usage Rates (South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Off-Peak TOU Rate
Sumo Residential 42$0.214$0.121
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.220$0.121
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.221$0.141
Tango Energy Home Select$0.225$0.120
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.225$0.120
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.226$0.114
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.228$0.126
Sumo Residential 37$0.232$0.132
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.240$0.133
AGL Essentials$0.240$0.153
AGL Savers Online$0.243$0.155
Dodo Market Offer$0.245$0.125
Sumo Residential 32$0.251$0.142
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.258$0.130
Lumo Energy Basic$0.259$0.160
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.260$0.144
amaysim electricity 3$0.261$0.125
Energy Australia Secure Saver$0.261$0.113
AGL Savers$0.265$0.169
AGL Set and Forget$0.265$0.169
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.266$0.173
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.269$0.179
CovaU Smart Saver$0.269$0.167
amaysim electricity 2$0.270$0.129
AGL Prepaid$0.272$0.173
Powershop Mega Pack$0.273$0.167
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.2796.58 kWh$0.268$0.120
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.280$0.155
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.280$0.155
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.280$0.155
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.280$0.155
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.280$0.178
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.281$0.132
Energy Australia Anytime Saver$0.284$0.132
amaysim electricity 1$0.286$0.137
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.286$0.179
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.286$0.186
Powershop Power Saver$0.286$0.175
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.287$0.147
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.290$0.182
Powershop Lite$0.299$0.183
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.300$0.154
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.30211.18 kWh$0.337$0.171
Click Energy Agate$0.303$0.145
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.307$0.149
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.307$0.149
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.309$0.192
AGL Everyday$0.309$0.196
Energy Australia Velocity Anytime Saver$0.311$0.145
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.313$0.161
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.315$0.215
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.31913.70 kWh$0.310$0.194
Commander Market Offer$0.320$0.163
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.324$0.153
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.328$0.155
Energy Australia Flexi Saver$0.333$0.155
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.337$0.159
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.339$0.195
amaysim solar 2$0.340$0.162
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.341$0.161
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.341$0.165
Origin Energy Saver$0.345$0.163
Powershop Standing Offer$0.356$0.217
amaysim solar 1$0.357$0.170
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.363$0.231
AGL Solar Savers$0.363$0.231
AGL Residential Freedom$0.363$0.231
AGL Standing Offer$0.363$0.231
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.363$0.171
Click Energy Solar Light$0.365$0.174
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.367$0.173
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.36911.18 kWh$0.411$0.190
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.370$0.238
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.3776.58 kWh$0.363$0.162
Commander Standing Offer$0.382$0.195
CovaU Standing Offer$0.383$0.215
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.383$0.169
Lumo Energy Movers$0.386$0.198
Click Energy Move$0.386$0.184
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.389$0.183
Dodo Standing Offer$0.390$0.199
People Energy Total Saver$0.393$0.173
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.393$0.185
Click Energy Solar$0.394$0.188
amaysim electricity 4$0.394$0.188
amaysim solar 4$0.394$0.188
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.3966.58 kWh$0.382$0.171
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.409$0.218
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.414$0.209
amaysim electricity standing$0.415$0.198
Click Energy Standing$0.415$0.198
Origin Energy Standing$0.432$0.204
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.432$0.204
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.453$0.211
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.458$0.252
Lumo Energy Options$0.467$0.245
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.5651.10 kWh$0.628$0.263
Click Energy Natural$0.576$0.275
Sumo Standing Offer$0.731$0.326
United Energy Network Residential Electricity Flexible Usage Rates (South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Sumo Residential 42$0.242$0.181$0.127
Sumo Residential 37$0.263$0.197$0.138
Sumo Residential 32$0.283$0.212$0.149
amaysim electricity 3$0.283$0.191$0.154
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.288$0.173$0.119
amaysim electricity 2$0.292$0.197$0.159
Dodo Market Offer$0.302$0.204$0.125
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.309$0.181$0.161
amaysim electricity 1$0.310$0.209$0.168
Powershop Mega Pack$0.314$0.213$0.190
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.315$0.169$0.132
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.3176.58 kWh$0.306$0.221$0.134
1st Energy 1st easySaver$0.321$0.218$0.195
Energy Australia Regular Saver$0.321$0.235$0.165
1st Energy 1st directSaver$0.326$0.220$0.197
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.327$0.175$0.137
Click Energy Agate$0.328$0.221$0.178
Powershop Power Saver$0.329$0.223$0.199
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.329$0.198$0.135
Tango Energy Home eSelect$0.330$0.231$0.143
Tango Energy Home Select$0.330$0.231$0.143
AGL Essentials$0.334$0.196$0.174
AGL Savers Online$0.339$0.199$0.177
Energy Australia Night Saver$0.340$0.251$0.128
Lumo Energy Basic$0.341$0.200$0.176
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.342$0.203$0.162
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.344$0.184$0.144
Powershop Lite$0.344$0.234$0.209
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.345$0.234$0.210
CovaU Smart Saver$0.348$0.218$0.196
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.352$0.250$0.170
GloBird Energy Solar Plus$0.356$0.247$0.247
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.356$0.208$0.178
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.356$0.208$0.178
Lumo Energy eDeal$0.361$0.240$0.181
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.36327.40 kWh$0.353$0.252$0.208
Energy Australia Weekend Saver$0.365$0.223$0.189
AGL Savers$0.369$0.217$0.193
AGL Set and Forget$0.369$0.217$0.193
amaysim solar 2$0.369$0.248$0.200
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.372$0.200$0.200
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.372$0.199$0.156
Lumo Energy Advantage Premium$0.377$0.250$0.189
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.378$0.203$0.203
AGL Prepaid$0.380$0.223$0.198
amaysim solar 1$0.387$0.260$0.210
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.390$0.229$0.203
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.392$0.278$0.189
Lumo Energy Advantage$0.393$0.261$0.198
Commander Market Offer$0.395$0.267$0.163
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.395$0.234$0.187
Click Energy Solar Light$0.396$0.266$0.215
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.396$0.231$0.198
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.400$0.237$0.189
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.401$0.215$0.168
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.401$0.251$0.226
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.401$0.215$0.168
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.401$0.215$0.168
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.401$0.215$0.168
People Energy On-Time Saver$0.404$0.227$0.172
Powershop Standing Offer$0.409$0.278$0.248
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.410$0.243$0.194
People Energy Total Saver$0.415$0.233$0.177
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.416$0.247$0.196
Click Energy Move$0.418$0.281$0.227
Origin Energy Saver$0.421$0.250$0.199
Click Energy Solar$0.427$0.287$0.232
amaysim solar 4$0.427$0.287$0.232
amaysim electricity 4$0.427$0.287$0.232
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.4286.58 kWh$0.414$0.299$0.181
AGL Everyday$0.430$0.252$0.224
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.438$0.252$0.223
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.442$0.262$0.209
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.447$0.265$0.211
amaysim electricity standing$0.450$0.303$0.244
Click Energy Standing$0.450$0.303$0.244
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.4516.58 kWh$0.436$0.314$0.190
Commander Standing Offer$0.473$0.319$0.195
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.473$0.281$0.224
Dodo Standing Offer$0.482$0.325$0.199
Lumo Energy Movers$0.485$0.322$0.244
CovaU Standing Offer$0.490$0.286$0.248
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.506$0.297$0.264
AGL Standing Offer$0.506$0.297$0.264
AGL Solar Savers$0.506$0.297$0.264
AGL Residential Freedom$0.506$0.297$0.264
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.523$0.315$0.215
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.526$0.312$0.249
Origin Energy Standing$0.526$0.312$0.249
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.583$0.401$0.323
Click Energy Natural$0.625$0.420$0.339
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.671$0.359$0.279
Sumo Standing Offer$0.821$0.652$0.451
United Energy Network Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates (South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 Rate
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.16104
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.16239
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.170286.58 kWh$0.16038
AGL Essentials$0.17380
AGL Savers Online$0.17688
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.18150
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.18519
AGL Savers$0.19272
AGL Set and Forget$0.19272
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.1933211.18 kWh$0.21708
Powershop Mega Pack$0.19638
AGL Prepaid$0.19800
CovaU Smart Saver$0.19965
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.20020
AGL Savers Home Connect$0.20328
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.20328
Powershop Power Saver$0.20584
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.20930
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.21209
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.2148011.18 kWh$0.24640
Powershop Lite$0.21520
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.21767
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.22047
Origin Energy Saver$0.22326
AGL Everyday$0.22440
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.22990
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.230016.58 kWh$0.21681
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.23442
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.23721
CovaU Standing Offer$0.24200
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.242226.58 kWh$0.22825
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.25116
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.25381
Powershop Standing Offer$0.25570
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.26400
AGL Standing Offer$0.26400
AGL Solar Savers$0.26400
AGL Residential Freedom$0.26400
Origin Energy Standing$0.27907
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.27907
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.29469
Horizon Power Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Regional Western Australia)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 RateAnytime Rate 2 Limit per dayAnytime 3 Rate
Horizon Power Part Residential and Business$0.2832720.00 kWh$0.266951,630.00 kWh$0.30097
Horizon Power Standard Residential$0.28327


Western Power Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (South West of WA)
#Retailer PlansAnytime 1 RateAnytime Rate 1 Limit per dayAnytime 2 RateAnytime Rate 2 Limit per dayAnytime 3 Rate
Synergy Home$0.28327
Synergy Home Business$0.2832720.00 kWh$0.266951,630.00 kWh$0.30097
Western Power Network Residential Electricity Time Of Use Usage Rates (South West of WA)
#Retailer PlansPeak TOU Rate 1Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Synergy Smart Home$0.539$0.282$0.148

Note: Usage Rates shown are per kWh and include GST and all available discounts.

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