Residential Usage Rates Comparison

Light bulb and clock Listed below are electricity retailer’s latest usage rates for households in the ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA. What are Usage Rates? Usage Rates are the amount you pay per kWH for the electricity you consume in your home. This includes lighting, appliances, air conditioning, ovens etc. Usage rates are charged one of two ways. 1. Anytime rates have the same cost whether power is used day or night. Anytime rates may change once you use a set amount of energy. 2. Time of Use (TOU) also referred to as Flexible rates are charges that reflect what time power is consumed. Peak rates apply during daytime periods when demand is greater so the cost is higher. Off Peak rates apply to nighttime when demand is lower so the rate is cheaper. Depending on your Time of Use plan, a Shoulder rate may apply to the period between Peak and Off Peak. View the time of use hours by electricity network. You’ll need an interval meter that measures when your power is consumed to be eligible for a Time of Use plan. Rates for controlled loads such as electric off-peak hot water systems are covered in our controlled load comparison. Usage Rates vary depending on; 1. The electricity network region you are connected to. There are 15 major electricity networks in Australia. 2. The electricity retailer who you buy power through. Here’s how to find the best deal. A low usage rate is important but to find the best deal you also need to consider daily charges, controlled load rates and feed-in tariffs if you have solar. WATTever’s comprehensive electricity comparison makes it easy to get it right by including all this information for every retailer. You can also read our essential guide to comparing electricity properly.
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Ausgrid Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Region and Newcastle)
#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 RateGeneral Usage Rate 2 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 3 Rate
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Battery$0.20800
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Solar Battery$0.20800
GloBird Energy Combo$0.2185929.59 kWh$0.23883
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.21917
GloBird Energy Easysave$0.2200029.59 kWh$0.23650
ReAmped Energy Handshake$0.22130
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.22330
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.2233429.59 kWh$0.24402
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat$0.22450
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Solar$0.22450
ReAmped Energy Market Offer$0.23100
Sumo Select$0.23188
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.23248
Future X Power Flexi Saver$0.23441
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.23500
Discover Energy Ultimate$0.23584
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.239806.58 kWh$0.2351015.34 kWh$0.23250
GloBird Energy Default Market Offer$0.24200
Simply Energy Simply Low Rates$0.24390
Simply Energy Simply NRMA Plus 50$0.24390
Simply Energy Simply NRMA Blue Plus 50$0.24390
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.24500
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.24502
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.247306.58 kWh$0.2423015.34 kWh$0.23980
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.24797
Alinta Energy No Fuss$0.24980
Discover Energy Economy Saver$0.25058
QEnergy Home Saver Smart Variable$0.25180
Enova Energy Community Plus$0.25220
Energy Australia No Frills$0.25300
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.2533315.00 kWh$0.28616
AGL Seniors Plus Online$0.25360
AGL Essentials Saver$0.25360
AGL Seniors Plus$0.25360
AGL Essentials Saver Online$0.25360
Powerdirect Discount Saver$0.25361
Elysian Energy Standing Simple Plan$0.25370
Origin Energy Flexi$0.25387
QEnergy Home Saver Lite Variable$0.25440
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.2560014.52 kWh$0.24230
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.2560014.52 kWh$0.24230
Red Energy Red Taronga Saver$0.2560014.52 kWh$0.24230
Sumo Saver$0.2563014.25 kWh$0.22660
Commander Residential Market$0.25630
Dodo Market Offer$0.25630
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.256413.29 kWh$0.27621
QEnergy Home Saver Variable$0.25690
CovaU Freedom$0.25785
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.25800
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.25830
Sumo Lite$0.2585014.25 kWh$0.25300
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.25970
Enova Energy Solar Premium$0.26000
Enova Energy Standing Offer$0.26000
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.26330
Click Energy Banksia$0.26360
AGL Essentials Plus Online$0.26430
AGL Essentials Plus$0.26430
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.26510
Powershop Lite$0.26550
Origin Energy Freedom$0.26863
Sumo Standing Offer$0.27280
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.2728015.00 kWh$0.30800
Nectr Default Market Offer$0.27350
Powershop Standing Offer$0.27350
Amber Electric Market Offer$0.27410
CovaU Default Market Offer$0.27500
CovaU Freedom Solar$0.27504
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.28050
amaysim Default Market Offer$0.28350
Click Energy Default Market Offer$0.28350
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.28350
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.28390
Dodo Standing Offer$0.28480
Commander Standing Offer$0.28480
Future X Power Standing Offer$0.28940
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.29010
AGL Solar Savers Online$0.29150
AGL Standing Offer$0.29150
AGL Solar Savers$0.29150
Discover Energy Standing Offer$0.29480
Discover Energy Solar Boost$0.29480
Origin Energy Basic$0.29520
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.29520
Origin Energy Standing$0.29520
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.29520
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.29540
Mojo Power Energy without Benefits$0.29540
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.29690
Powerclub Default Market Offer$0.30370
amaysim solar as you go$0.30750
amaysim electricity as you go$0.30750
Pooled Energy Market Offer$0.31490
Ausgrid Network Residential Electricity Time Of Use Usage Rates (Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Region and Newcastle)
#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Nectr Default Market Offer$0.274$0.274$0.274
Powershop Shopper Market Offer – Electric Vehicles$0.337$0.184$0.154
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.337$0.184$0.154
Sumo Select$0.357$0.185$0.149
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.378$0.210$0.190
Click Energy Banksia$0.387$0.214$0.194
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.391$0.193$0.171
GloBird Energy Standing Offer$0.392$0.178$0.178
Powershop Standing Offer$0.396$0.216$0.181
GloBird Energy Combo$0.403$0.188$0.188
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.405$0.205$0.185
Enova Energy Community Plus$0.407$0.204$0.175
GloBird Energy Easysave$0.407$0.191$0.191
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.40814.52 kWh$0.397$0.220$0.146
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.40814.52 kWh$0.397$0.220$0.146
Red Energy Red Taronga Saver$0.40814.52 kWh$0.397$0.220$0.146
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.412$0.192$0.192
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.415$0.210$0.190
amaysim Default Market Offer$0.416$0.231$0.209
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.416$0.231$0.209
Click Energy Default Market Offer$0.416$0.231$0.209
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.416$0.153$0.153
Sumo Saver$0.418$0.215$0.193
Enova Energy Solar Premium$0.420$0.210$0.180
Enova Energy Standing Offer$0.420$0.210$0.180
Sumo Standing Offer$0.420$0.218$0.175
Powershop Lite$0.424$0.214$0.175
Sumo Lite$0.424$0.220$0.198
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.4296.58 kWh$0.420$0.189$0.119
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.429$0.231$0.154
Simply Energy Simply NRMA Blue Plus 50$0.435$0.231$0.176
Simply Energy Simply Low Rates$0.435$0.231$0.176
Simply Energy Simply NRMA Plus 50$0.435$0.231$0.176
CovaU Freedom$0.437$0.214$0.160
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.442$0.244$0.186
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.4426.58 kWh$0.433$0.195$0.123
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.450$0.235$0.192
Dodo Market Offer$0.451$0.211$0.185
Commander Residential Market$0.451$0.211$0.185
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.451$0.253$0.231
QEnergy Home Saver Smart Variable$0.456$0.210$0.109
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.456$0.204$0.124
ReAmped Energy Market Offer$0.457$0.182$0.117
Discover Energy Ultimate$0.458$0.207$0.158
QEnergy Home Saver Lite Variable$0.460$0.212$0.110
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.461$0.207$0.125
QEnergy Home Saver Variable$0.465$0.214$0.111
CovaU Freedom Solar$0.466$0.228$0.171
Alinta Energy No Fuss$0.466$0.196$0.128
amaysim solar as you go$0.471$0.251$0.223
amaysim electricity as you go$0.471$0.251$0.223
Origin Energy Flexi$0.472$0.212$0.128
AGL Essentials Saver Online$0.473$0.201$0.131
AGL Seniors Plus Online$0.473$0.201$0.131
Powerdirect Discount Saver$0.473$0.201$0.131
AGL Essentials Saver$0.473$0.201$0.131
AGL Seniors Plus$0.473$0.201$0.131
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.474$0.248$0.151
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.47411.18 kWh$0.494$0.219$0.136
Elysian Energy Standing Simple Plan$0.482$0.178$0.178
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.484$0.253$0.207
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.485$0.204$0.133
Discover Energy Economy Saver$0.486$0.220$0.168
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.491$0.209$0.136
AGL Essentials Plus Online$0.493$0.210$0.137
AGL Essentials Plus$0.493$0.210$0.137
Origin Energy Freedom$0.499$0.224$0.136
Dodo Standing Offer$0.501$0.235$0.206
Commander Standing Offer$0.501$0.235$0.206
AGL Solar Savers$0.544$0.231$0.151
AGL Standing Offer$0.544$0.231$0.151
AGL Solar Savers Online$0.544$0.231$0.151
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.5450.93 kWh$0.604$0.258$0.198
Pooled Energy Market Offer$0.549$0.246$0.149
Origin Energy Standing$0.549$0.246$0.149
Origin Energy Basic$0.549$0.246$0.149
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.549$0.246$0.149
Discover Energy Solar Boost$0.572$0.259$0.198
Discover Energy Standing Offer$0.572$0.259$0.198
CovaU Standing Offer$0.583$0.285$0.214
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.5916.58 kWh$0.579$0.260$0.164
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.593$0.310$0.189
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.661$0.342$0.309
Ausgrid Network Residential Electricity Time Of Use Demand Usage Rates (Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Region and Newcastle)
#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.161$0.161$0.161
GloBird Energy Easysave$0.414$0.176$0.176
CovaU Freedom EA115$0.495$0.223$0.190
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi EA115$0.477$0.251$0.123
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats EA115$0.463$0.244$0.119
ReAmped Energy Market Offer$0.457$0.182$0.117
CovaU Standing Offer EA111$0.385$0.385$0.352
GloBird Energy Standing Offer$0.440$0.187$0.187
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.414$0.176$0.176
GloBird Energy Combo$0.405$0.172$0.172
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.161$0.161$0.161
CovaU Freedom EA111$0.289$0.289$0.264
CovaU Standing Offer EA116$0.275$0.275$0.242
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi EA111$0.251$0.251$0.202
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats EA111$0.244$0.244$0.196
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi EA116$0.206$0.195$0.123
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats EA116$0.200$0.189$0.119
Red Energy Red Taronga Saver$0.161$0.161$0.161
CovaU Standing Offer EA115$0.660$0.297$0.253
Endeavour Energy Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Western Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and Illawarra)
#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 RateGeneral Usage Rate 2 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 3 Rate
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Battery$0.21790
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Solar Battery$0.21790
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.21955
Sumo Select$0.22160
GloBird Energy Combo$0.2246629.59 kWh$0.24086
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.22550
ReAmped Energy Market Offer$0.22660
GloBird Energy Easysave$0.2266029.59 kWh$0.24090
Discover Energy Ultimate$0.22784
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat$0.22790
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Solar$0.22790
Future X Power Flexi Saver$0.22907
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.2295529.59 kWh$0.24609
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.231006.58 kWh$0.22630
CovaU Freedom$0.23100
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.23171
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.238206.58 kWh$0.23330
Alinta Energy No Fuss$0.23870
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.24000
GloBird Energy Default Market Offer$0.24200
Discover Energy Economy Saver$0.24208
QEnergy Home Saver Smart Variable$0.24340
Simply Energy Simply NRMA Blue Plus 50$0.24390
Simply Energy Simply Low Rates$0.24390
Simply Energy Simply NRMA Plus 50$0.24390
Powerdirect Discount Saver$0.24398
QEnergy Home Saver Lite Variable$0.24590
CovaU Freedom Solar$0.24640
AGL Essentials Saver Online$0.24670
AGL Seniors Plus Online$0.24670
AGL Essentials Saver$0.24670
AGL Seniors Plus$0.24670
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.247053.29 kWh$0.26685
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.24830
QEnergy Home Saver Variable$0.24840
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.24865
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.2492415.00 kWh$0.28523
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.25000
Powershop Lite$0.25050
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.25150
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.25195
Enova Energy Community Plus$0.25220
Sumo Saver$0.2530014.25 kWh$0.23100
Energy Australia No Frills$0.25300
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.2531014.52 kWh$0.23650
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.2531014.52 kWh$0.23650
Red Energy Red Taronga Saver$0.2531014.52 kWh$0.23650
Dodo Market Offer$0.25370
Commander Residential Market$0.25370
Elysian Energy Standing Simple Plan$0.25430
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.25510
Sumo Lite$0.2552014.25 kWh$0.23870
AGL Essentials Plus$0.25620
AGL Essentials Plus Online$0.25620
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.25680
Origin Energy Flexi$0.25722
Enova Energy Standing Offer$0.26000
Enova Energy Solar Premium$0.26000
Origin Energy Freedom$0.26008
Sumo Standing Offer$0.26070
Click Energy Banksia$0.26240
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.26300
CovaU Default Market Offer$0.26400
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.26840
Powershop Standing Offer$0.27260
Amber Electric Market Offer$0.27350
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.27780
Mojo Power Energy without Benefits$0.27780
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.27830
Commander Standing Offer$0.28180
Dodo Standing Offer$0.28180
Click Energy Default Market Offer$0.28220
amaysim Default Market Offer$0.28220
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.28220
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.28250
Future X Power Standing Offer$0.28280
AGL Solar Savers$0.28370
AGL Standing Offer$0.28370
AGL Solar Savers Online$0.28370
Discover Energy Standing Offer$0.28480
Discover Energy Solar Boost$0.28480
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.28580
Origin Energy Basic$0.28580
Pooled Energy Market Offer$0.28580
Origin Energy Standing$0.28580
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.28580
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.28960
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.29550
Powerclub Default Market Offer$0.29660
amaysim solar as you go$0.30270
amaysim electricity as you go$0.30270
Endeavour Energy Network Residential Electricity Time Of Use Usage Rates (Western Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and Illawarra)
#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Sumo Select$0.224$0.210$0.196
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex Battery$0.256$0.209$0.204
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex Solar Battery$0.256$0.209$0.204
Sumo Standing Offer$0.264$0.248$0.231
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.270$0.230$0.216
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex Solar$0.272$0.225$0.220
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex$0.272$0.225$0.220
Discover Energy Ultimate$0.277$0.249$0.176
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.280$0.217$0.211
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.285$0.240$0.235
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.288$0.243$0.237
Discover Energy Economy Saver$0.290$0.261$0.184
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.290$0.245$0.240
Powershop Shopper Market Offer – Electric Vehicles$0.291$0.218$0.144
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.291$0.218$0.144
ReAmped Energy Market Offer$0.292$0.248$0.169
Click Energy Banksia$0.295$0.249$0.243
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.296$0.269$0.240
Powershop Lite$0.299$0.256$0.224
Simply Energy Simply NRMA Plus 50$0.301$0.256$0.217
Simply Energy Simply NRMA Blue Plus 50$0.301$0.256$0.217
Simply Energy Simply Low Rates$0.301$0.256$0.217
GloBird Energy Combo$0.304$0.207$0.207
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.30714.52 kWh$0.297$0.211$0.198
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.30714.52 kWh$0.297$0.211$0.198
Red Energy Red Taronga Saver$0.30714.52 kWh$0.297$0.211$0.198
GloBird Energy Easysave$0.308$0.209$0.209
Sumo Saver$0.308$0.253$0.220
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.310$0.212$0.212
Sumo Lite$0.312$0.257$0.226
Click Energy Default Market Offer$0.317$0.267$0.261
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.317$0.267$0.261
amaysim Default Market Offer$0.317$0.267$0.261
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.317$0.270$0.228
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.319$0.289$0.259
Powerdirect Discount Saver$0.320$0.270$0.135
CovaU Freedom$0.321$0.258$0.218
AGL Essentials Saver$0.324$0.273$0.136
AGL Essentials Saver Online$0.324$0.273$0.136
AGL Seniors Plus Online$0.324$0.273$0.136
AGL Seniors Plus$0.324$0.273$0.136
Elysian Energy Standing Simple Plan$0.324$0.251$0.245
Discover Energy Solar Boost$0.330$0.297$0.209
Discover Energy Standing Offer$0.330$0.297$0.209
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.335$0.282$0.141
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.3366.58 kWh$0.329$0.267$0.142
AGL Essentials Plus Online$0.336$0.283$0.142
Alinta Energy No Fuss$0.336$0.285$0.152
AGL Essentials Plus$0.336$0.283$0.142
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.340$0.300$0.286
Enova Energy Community Plus$0.340$0.233$0.184
GloBird Energy Standing Offer$0.341$0.253$0.253
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.341$0.234$0.220
Powershop Standing Offer$0.342$0.257$0.170
CovaU Freedom Solar$0.342$0.276$0.233
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.3466.58 kWh$0.339$0.275$0.147
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.350$0.297$0.158
Enova Energy Standing Offer$0.350$0.240$0.190
Enova Energy Solar Premium$0.350$0.240$0.190
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.35211.18 kWh$0.375$0.249$0.164
QEnergy Home Saver Smart Variable$0.355$0.299$0.133
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.356$0.250$0.150
QEnergy Home Saver Lite Variable$0.359$0.302$0.135
QEnergy Home Saver Variable$0.363$0.305$0.136
AGL Standing Offer$0.372$0.314$0.157
AGL Solar Savers$0.372$0.314$0.157
AGL Solar Savers Online$0.372$0.314$0.157
amaysim electricity as you go$0.373$0.322$0.257
amaysim solar as you go$0.373$0.322$0.257
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.376$0.307$0.164
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.380$0.311$0.166
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.3840.93 kWh$0.417$0.308$0.197
Origin Energy Flexi$0.389$0.318$0.170
Origin Energy Freedom$0.393$0.322$0.172
Dodo Market Offer$0.398$0.281$0.231
Commander Residential Market$0.398$0.281$0.231
CovaU Standing Offer$0.428$0.345$0.291
Origin Energy Standing$0.432$0.353$0.189
Origin Energy Basic$0.432$0.353$0.189
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.432$0.353$0.189
Pooled Energy Market Offer$0.432$0.353$0.189
Dodo Standing Offer$0.442$0.313$0.257
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.4626.58 kWh$0.452$0.367$0.196
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.463$0.355$0.195
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.490$0.415$0.357
Commander Standing Offer$0.538$0.393$0.235
Endeavour Energy Network Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates (Western Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and Illawarra)
#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 Rate
GloBird Energy Combo$0.1771029.59 kWh$0.20240
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.1809529.59 kWh$0.20680
GloBird Energy Easysave$0.1848029.59 kWh$0.19800
Red Energy Red Taronga Saver$0.18480
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.18480
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.18480
GloBird Energy Standing Offer$0.19250
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats N72$0.20010
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi N72$0.20630
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats N73$0.21600
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi N73$0.22280
ReAmped Energy Market Offer$0.22660
CovaU Freedom N72$0.23760
CovaU Freedom N73$0.25988
CovaU Standing Offer N72$0.31680
CovaU Standing Offer N73$0.34650
Essential Energy Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Regional NSW)
#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 RateGeneral Usage Rate 2 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 3 Rate
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.218706.58 kWh$0.25630
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.225406.58 kWh$0.26420
GloBird Energy Combo$0.2327629.59 kWh$0.26312
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Solar Battery$0.23330
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Battery$0.23330
ReAmped Energy Market Offer$0.23540
GloBird Energy Easysave$0.2365029.59 kWh$0.25850
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.2378229.59 kWh$0.26884
Future X Power Flexi Saver$0.24438
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.24491
Discover Energy Ultimate$0.24608
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.24610
CovaU Freedom$0.24750
QEnergy Home Saver Smart Variable$0.24940
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat$0.24980
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Solar$0.24980
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.25050
Alinta Energy No Fuss$0.25170
QEnergy Home Saver Lite Variable$0.25190
Sumo Select$0.25339
QEnergy Home Saver Variable$0.25450
Powershop Lite$0.25800
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.26000
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.2604015.00 kWh$0.29937
Powerdirect Discount Saver$0.26067
Discover Energy Economy Saver$0.26146
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.26170
AGL Seniors Plus Online$0.26360
AGL Essentials Saver$0.26360
AGL Essentials Saver Online$0.26360
AGL Seniors Plus$0.26360
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.26500
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.26570
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.267123.29 kWh$0.29601
Simply Energy Simply NRMA Plus 50$0.26800
Simply Energy Simply Low Rates$0.26800
Simply Energy Simply NRMA Blue Plus 50$0.26800
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.26875
Enova Energy Community Plus$0.26888
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.27060
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.2727014.52 kWh$0.25080
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.2727014.52 kWh$0.25080
Red Energy Red Taronga Saver$0.2727014.52 kWh$0.25080
AGL Essentials Plus$0.27280
AGL Essentials Plus Online$0.27280
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.27292
Commander Residential Market$0.27340
Dodo Market Offer$0.27340
Origin Energy Flexi$0.27486
Energy Australia No Frills$0.27500
CovaU Default Market Offer$0.27500
Enova Energy Solar Premium$0.27720
Enova Energy Standing Offer$0.27720
Origin Energy Freedom$0.27791
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.27830
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.28050
Sumo Saver$0.2805012.60 kWh$0.25300
Sumo Lite$0.28160
Elysian Energy Standing Simple Plan$0.28360
Click Energy Banksia$0.28440
GloBird Energy Default Market Offer$0.28600
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.28810
Powershop Standing Offer$0.29470
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.29520
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.29700
Sumo Standing Offer$0.29810
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.29980
Mojo Power Energy without Benefits$0.29980
Future X Power Standing Offer$0.30170
Amber Electric Market Offer$0.30200
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.30210
AGL Standing Offer$0.30310
AGL Solar Savers$0.30310
AGL Solar Savers Online$0.30310
Dodo Standing Offer$0.30370
Commander Standing Offer$0.30370
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.30540
Origin Energy Standing$0.30540
Origin Energy Basic$0.30540
amaysim Default Market Offer$0.30580
Click Energy Default Market Offer$0.30580
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.30580
Discover Energy Solar Boost$0.30760
Discover Energy Standing Offer$0.30760
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.31370
amaysim solar as you go$0.31880
amaysim electricity as you go$0.31880
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.32240
Powerclub Default Market Offer$0.32400
Essential Energy Network Residential Electricity Time Of Use Usage Rates (Regional NSW)
#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.2716.58 kWh$0.317$0.264$0.146
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex Battery$0.272$0.246$0.168
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex Solar Battery$0.272$0.246$0.168
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.279$0.264$0.181
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.2806.58 kWh$0.326$0.272$0.151
Sumo Select$0.281$0.271$0.196
GloBird Energy Standing Offer$0.286$0.286$0.286
ReAmped Energy Market Offer$0.286$0.261$0.164
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex Solar$0.288$0.263$0.184
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex$0.288$0.263$0.184
Powershop Shopper Market Offer – Electric Vehicles$0.289$0.261$0.179
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.289$0.261$0.179
Discover Energy Ultimate$0.290$0.282$0.150
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.293$0.264$0.173
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.295$0.280$0.195
CovaU Freedom$0.297$0.289$0.177
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.300$0.285$0.200
QEnergy Home Saver Smart Variable$0.300$0.282$0.145
Powershop Lite$0.303$0.272$0.203
QEnergy Home Saver Lite Variable$0.303$0.285$0.147
GloBird Energy Combo$0.304$0.223$0.223
Dodo Market Offer$0.305$0.288$0.190
Commander Residential Market$0.305$0.288$0.190
QEnergy Home Saver Variable$0.306$0.288$0.148
Alinta Energy No Fuss$0.307$0.290$0.170
Discover Energy Economy Saver$0.309$0.299$0.159
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.31011.18 kWh$0.336$0.296$0.181
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.310$0.227$0.227
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.311$0.277$0.192
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.311$0.291$0.160
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.31714.52 kWh$0.297$0.297$0.166
Red Energy Red Taronga Saver$0.31714.52 kWh$0.297$0.297$0.166
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.31714.52 kWh$0.297$0.297$0.166
Sumo Lite$0.319$0.304$0.226
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.319$0.301$0.177
Sumo Saver$0.319$0.303$0.220
Simply Energy Simply Low Rates$0.319$0.304$0.192
Simply Energy Simply NRMA Blue Plus 50$0.319$0.304$0.192
Simply Energy Simply NRMA Plus 50$0.319$0.304$0.192
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.321$0.290$0.208
Powerdirect Discount Saver$0.324$0.315$0.171
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.327$0.315$0.181
AGL Seniors Plus$0.328$0.319$0.173
Click Energy Banksia$0.328$0.297$0.213
GloBird Energy Easysave$0.328$0.218$0.218
AGL Seniors Plus Online$0.328$0.319$0.173
AGL Essentials Saver$0.328$0.319$0.173
AGL Essentials Saver Online$0.328$0.319$0.173
Sumo Standing Offer$0.330$0.319$0.231
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.331$0.319$0.183
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.334$0.298$0.207
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.336$0.327$0.177
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.339$0.324$0.204
AGL Essentials Plus$0.339$0.330$0.179
Origin Energy Flexi$0.339$0.326$0.187
Elysian Energy Standing Simple Plan$0.339$0.306$0.200
Dodo Standing Offer$0.339$0.320$0.211
Commander Standing Offer$0.339$0.320$0.211
AGL Essentials Plus Online$0.339$0.330$0.179
Powershop Standing Offer$0.340$0.307$0.211
Origin Energy Freedom$0.342$0.330$0.189
amaysim solar as you go$0.346$0.333$0.241
amaysim electricity as you go$0.346$0.333$0.241
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.352$0.330$0.185
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.353$0.319$0.229
amaysim Default Market Offer$0.353$0.319$0.229
Click Energy Default Market Offer$0.353$0.319$0.229
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.354$0.339$0.256
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.3550.93 kWh$0.385$0.349$0.213
Enova Energy Community Plus$0.362$0.266$0.187
Discover Energy Solar Boost$0.363$0.352$0.187
Discover Energy Standing Offer$0.363$0.352$0.187
Enova Energy Standing Offer$0.373$0.274$0.193
Enova Energy Solar Premium$0.373$0.274$0.193
Origin Energy Standing$0.376$0.362$0.208
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.376$0.362$0.208
Origin Energy Basic$0.376$0.362$0.208
AGL Standing Offer$0.377$0.366$0.199
AGL Solar Savers Online$0.377$0.366$0.199
AGL Solar Savers$0.377$0.366$0.199
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.3946.58 kWh$0.460$0.383$0.212
CovaU Standing Offer$0.396$0.385$0.236
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.397$0.372$0.205
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.465$0.447$0.336
Essential Energy Network Residential Electricity Time Of Use Demand Usage Rates (Regional NSW)
#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.187$0.132
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.187$0.132
Red Energy Red Taronga Saver$0.187$0.132
CovaU Freedom$0.205$0.160
GloBird Energy Combo$0.177$0.177
GloBird Energy Easysave$0.176$0.176
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.181$0.181
GloBird Energy Standing Offer$0.231$0.231
Energex Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (South East Queensland)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 Rate
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Battery$0.18000
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Solar Battery$0.18000
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Solar$0.20200
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat$0.20200
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.20311
Alinta Energy No Fuss Solar$0.20490
Alinta Energy No Fuss$0.20490
QEnergy Home Saver Lite Variable$0.20520
Click Energy Hibiscus$0.20540
Locality Planning Energy Principal Rate$0.20570
ReAmped Energy Market Offer$0.20610
ReAmped Energy Handshake$0.20610
Future X Power Flexi Saver$0.20631
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.20933
QEnergy Home Saver Variable$0.21020
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.21120
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.21182
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.21242
Click Energy Banksia$0.21290
Alinta Energy Sports Pack Solar$0.21750
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.21750
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.22131
Powerdirect Discount Saver$0.22324
Discover Energy Ultimate$0.22338
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.22440
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.22440
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.22500
Powershop Lite$0.22550
AGL Seniors Plus$0.22580
AGL Essentials Saver$0.22580
AGL Essentials Saver Online$0.22580
AGL Seniors Plus Online$0.22580
Origin Energy Flexi$0.22677
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.22762
Dodo Market Offer$0.22890
Energy Australia No Frills$0.23100
Discover Energy Economy Saver$0.23126
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.23360
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.23380
Elysian Energy Standing Simple Plan$0.23520
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.23870
Simply Energy Simply RACQ 100$0.23870
Simply Energy Simply Plus$0.23870
Simply Energy Simply Movies$0.23870
Origin Energy Freedom$0.23923
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.23980
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.24000
AGL Essentials Plus Online$0.24200
AGL Essentials Plus$0.24200
Amber Electric Market Offer$0.24230
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.24671
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.24750
Click Energy Default Market Offer$0.24750
amaysim Default Market Offer$0.24750
Origin Energy Standing$0.24920
Origin Energy Basic$0.24920
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.24920
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.24920
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.25040
Powershop Standing Offer$0.25080
Dodo Standing Offer$0.25430
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.25470
Future X Power Standing Offer$0.25470
AGL Solar Savers Online$0.25660
AGL Solar Savers$0.25660
AGL Standing Offer$0.25660
amaysim electricity as you go$0.25840
amaysim solar as you go$0.25840
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.26270
Discover Energy Standing Offer$0.26280
Discover Energy Solar Boost$0.26280
Powerclub Default Market Offer$0.26750
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.30530

Energex Network Residential Electricity Time Of Use Usage Rates (South East Queensland)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Click Energy Hibiscus$0.269$0.178$0.164
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex Battery$0.272$0.196$0.154
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex Solar Battery$0.272$0.196$0.154
ReAmped Energy Market Offer$0.275$0.194$0.164
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.276$0.199$0.162
Alinta Energy No Fuss Solar$0.276$0.205$0.173
Alinta Energy No Fuss$0.276$0.205$0.173
Click Energy Banksia$0.279$0.184$0.170
Powershop Shopper Market Offer – Electric Vehicles$0.281$0.187$0.162
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.281$0.187$0.162
QEnergy Home Saver Lite Variable$0.285$0.203$0.135
QEnergy Home Saver Variable$0.292$0.208$0.139
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.293$0.213$0.178
Alinta Energy Sports Pack Solar$0.293$0.218$0.184
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.293$0.218$0.184
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex Solar$0.294$0.191$0.176
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex$0.294$0.191$0.176
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.296$0.213$0.173
Powershop Lite$0.299$0.221$0.191
Origin Energy Flexi$0.299$0.216$0.175
Powerdirect Discount Saver$0.302$0.223$0.188
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.303$0.201$0.186
AGL Seniors Plus Online$0.306$0.226$0.190
AGL Essentials Saver$0.306$0.226$0.190
AGL Seniors Plus$0.306$0.226$0.190
AGL Essentials Saver Online$0.306$0.226$0.190
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.307$0.202$0.174
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.307$0.202$0.174
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.315$0.215$0.200
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.316$0.234$0.197
Origin Energy Freedom$0.316$0.228$0.185
Dodo Market Offer$0.323$0.210$0.193
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.323$0.216$0.179
amaysim Default Market Offer$0.325$0.214$0.198
Click Energy Default Market Offer$0.325$0.214$0.198
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.325$0.214$0.198
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.325$0.219$0.204
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.326$0.235$0.191
AGL Essentials Plus Online$0.327$0.242$0.204
AGL Essentials Plus$0.327$0.242$0.204
Discover Energy Ultimate$0.329$0.226$0.190
Origin Energy Basic$0.329$0.237$0.193
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.329$0.237$0.193
Origin Energy Standing$0.329$0.237$0.193
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.330$0.230$0.215
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.331$0.201$0.183
Powershop Standing Offer$0.331$0.220$0.191
Discover Energy Economy Saver$0.337$0.231$0.195
amaysim solar as you go$0.341$0.252$0.233
amaysim electricity as you go$0.341$0.252$0.233
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.342$0.231$0.215
AGL Standing Offer$0.347$0.257$0.216
AGL Solar Savers Online$0.347$0.257$0.216
AGL Solar Savers$0.347$0.257$0.216
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.352$0.216$0.204
Simply Energy Simply RACQ 100$0.358$0.228$0.187
Simply Energy Simply Plus$0.358$0.228$0.187
Simply Energy Simply Movies$0.358$0.228$0.187
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.358$0.228$0.187
Dodo Standing Offer$0.359$0.234$0.215
Elysian Energy Standing Simple Plan$0.364$0.221$0.202
Discover Energy Solar Boost$0.374$0.257$0.216
Discover Energy Standing Offer$0.374$0.257$0.216
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.383$0.256$0.212
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.397$0.294$0.279
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.474$0.356$0.316

Energex Network Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 Rate
AGL Essentials Saver Online$0.15760
AGL Seniors Plus Online$0.15760
AGL Essentials Saver$0.15760
AGL Seniors Plus$0.15760
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.16310
AGL Essentials Plus Online$0.16900
AGL Essentials Plus$0.16900
AGL Standing Offer$0.17920
AGL Solar Savers Online$0.17920
AGL Solar Savers$0.17920
Mojo Power Energy without Benefits Solar$0.25470
Mojo Power Energy without Benefits$0.25470

Ergon Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Regional Queensland)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 Rate
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 11)$0.26030
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.26030

Ergon Network Residential Electricity Two Rate TOU Usage Rates (Regional Queensland)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Off-Peak TOU Rate
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 12A)$0.685$0.219

South Australia Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 RateGeneral Usage Rate 2 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 3 RateGeneral Usage Rate 3 Limit per dayGeneral Usage Block 4 Rate
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Battery$0.2846010.96 kWh$0.29190
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Solar Battery$0.2846010.96 kWh$0.29190
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat$0.3066010.96 kWh$0.31390
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Solar$0.3066010.96 kWh$0.31390
Energy Locals Tesla Energy$0.31130
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.3147410.95 kWh$0.32272
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.31540
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.31790
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.31960
Origin Energy Value$0.3219210.96 kWh$0.34352
GloBird Energy Default Market Offer$0.3245010.81 kWh$0.34100
Elysian Energy Standing Simple Plan$0.3313010.95 kWh$0.33970
Alinta Energy No Fuss$0.331703.29 kWh$0.36950
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.33450
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.341603.29 kWh$0.38050
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.3420410.96 kWh$0.36499
Powershop Lite$0.34600
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.3460610.96 kWh$0.36928
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.3500010.96 kWh$0.35500
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.3500010.96 kWh$0.35500
AGL Essentials Saver$0.35120
AGL Essentials Saver Online$0.35120
Powerdirect Discount Saver$0.35131
Lumo Energy Movers$0.35390
Lumo Energy Basic$0.35390
Origin Energy Flexi$0.3541110.96 kWh$0.37787
Commander Residential Market$0.3565010.96 kWh$0.36580
Dodo Market Offer$0.3565010.96 kWh$0.36580
Simply Energy Simply VPP Plus Low Rates$0.36000
Simply Energy Simply Plus Low Rates$0.36000
Simply Energy Simply RAA 50$0.36000
Simply Energy Simply RAA Reward$0.36000
Simply Energy Simply RAA VPP 50$0.36000
Simply Energy Simply Low Rates$0.36000
Simply Energy Simply RAA VPP Reward$0.36000
Simply Energy Simply VPP Low Rates$0.36000
Origin Energy Freedom$0.3621610.96 kWh$0.38646
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.36300
AGL Essentials Plus Online$0.36360
AGL Essentials Plus$0.36360
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.36410
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.36410
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.365903.29 kWh$0.394807.66 kWh$0.4285016.44 kWh$0.43860
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.3661810.96 kWh$0.39075
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.3661810.96 kWh$0.39075
Powershop Standing Offer$0.37600
Amber Electric Market Offer$0.37710
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.38230
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.38258
Lumo Energy Standing Offer$0.38470
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.3847010.96 kWh$0.47930
Energy Australia No Frills$0.38500
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.38590
Click Energy Banksia$0.39020
Powerclub Default Market Offer$0.3911010.96 kWh$0.31390
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.39410
amaysim Default Market Offer$0.39410
Click Energy Default Market Offer$0.39410
Commander Standing Offer$0.3961010.96 kWh$0.40630
Dodo Standing Offer$0.3961010.96 kWh$0.40630
Origin Energy Standing$0.4002010.96 kWh$0.42720
Origin Energy Basic$0.4024010.96 kWh$0.42940
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.40300
AGL Standing Offer$0.40380
AGL Solar Savers$0.40380
AGL Solar Savers Online$0.40380
amaysim electricity as you go$0.4049010.96 kWh$0.42350
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.40700
amaysim solar as you go$0.4206010.96 kWh$0.44000

South Australia Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 Rate
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.26040
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.27170
Alinta Energy No Fuss$0.28340
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.29180
AGL Standing Offer$0.32900
AGL Solar Savers Online$0.32900
AGL Solar Savers$0.32900
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.34400

AusNet Services Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Eastern Victoria)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 Rate
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.2112013.15 kWh$0.24750
GloBird Energy ComboElec$0.2327611.18 kWh$0.32384
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.2332011.18 kWh$0.32780
Commander Market Offer$0.2336011.18 kWh$0.26750
Dodo Residential Market$0.2336011.18 kWh$0.26750
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.2378211.18 kWh$0.33088
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.2385011.18 kWh$0.26870
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.2430611.18 kWh$0.27394
Tango Energy Home Select$0.2431011.18 kWh$0.27720
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.2431011.18 kWh$0.27390
AGL Seniors Plus$0.2431011.18 kWh$0.27390
AGL Essentials Saver$0.2431011.18 kWh$0.27390
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.2484011.18 kWh$0.27980
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.25415
AGL Essentials$0.2542011.18 kWh$0.28630
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat$0.2543011.18 kWh$0.28730
Sumo Select$0.2596311.18 kWh$0.29262
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.2597211.18 kWh$0.29262
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.2597211.18 kWh$0.29262
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.2605011.18 kWh$0.29350
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.2624911.18 kWh$0.29574
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.2664911.18 kWh$0.29376
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.26750
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.2680011.18 kWh$0.30200
Origin Energy Flexi$0.2680111.18 kWh$0.30196
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.2680211.18 kWh$0.30195
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.2680211.18 kWh$0.30195
Click Energy Banksia$0.2735011.18 kWh$0.30820
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.2735411.18 kWh$0.30819
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.2750011.18 kWh$0.31000
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.2750011.18 kWh$0.31000
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.2760011.18 kWh$0.31100
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.2760011.18 kWh$0.31100
Simply Energy AFL$0.2762011.18 kWh$0.31130
Simply Energy Plus$0.2762011.18 kWh$0.31130
Simply Energy RACV$0.2762011.18 kWh$0.31130
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.2762011.18 kWh$0.31130
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.2762011.18 kWh$0.31130
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.2762111.18 kWh$0.29421
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Energy Australia No Frills$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Origin Energy Basic$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Sumo Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Energy Locals Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Dodo Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Diamond Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Tango Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Origin Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Simply Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Elysian Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Alinta Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Red Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
amaysim Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Blue NRG Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
AGL Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Commander Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
CovaU Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Energy Australia Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Powerclub Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
QEnergy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Kogan Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Powershop Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
People Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Momentum Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Lumo Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
1st Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.2763011.18 kWh$0.31130
Lumo Energy Value$0.2774211.18 kWh$0.30943
Lumo Energy Movers$0.2774211.18 kWh$0.30943
Powershop Lite$0.27830
Lumo Energy Basic$0.2860011.18 kWh$0.31900
CovaU Smart Saver$0.2871711.18 kWh$0.31647
Sumo Saver$0.2960011.18 kWh$0.33350
Sumo Lite$0.2960011.18 kWh$0.33350
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.2978011.18 kWh$0.33550
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.2979811.18 kWh$0.31738
Tango Energy Tango Blue$0.3003011.18 kWh$0.33440
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.3036011.18 kWh$0.34210
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.3041311.18 kWh$0.32393
Amber Electric Market Offer$0.30450
amaysim electricity as you go$0.3099011.18 kWh$0.35050
amaysim solar as you go$0.3099011.18 kWh$0.35050
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.32700
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.32930

AusNet Services Network Residential Electricity Two Rate TOU Usage Rates (Eastern Victoria)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Off-Peak TOU Rate
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.27611.18 kWh$0.311$0.276
Lumo Energy Standing Offer$0.27611.18 kWh$0.311$0.276
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.27611.18 kWh$0.311$0.276
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.325$0.190
Commander Market Offer$0.326$0.161
Dodo Residential Market$0.326$0.161
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.338$0.164
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.339$0.186
AGL Seniors Plus$0.339$0.186
AGL Essentials Saver$0.339$0.186
Tango Energy Home Select$0.343$0.158
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex$0.346$0.187
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.351$0.192
Lumo Energy Value$0.352$0.200
Lumo Energy Movers$0.352$0.200
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.352$0.210
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.354$0.194
AGL Essentials$0.355$0.194
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.355$0.194
Powershop Lite$0.356$0.208
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.356$0.197
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.35711.18 kWh$0.366$0.190
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.358$0.170
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.358$0.170
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.360$0.200
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.360$0.200
Sumo Select$0.360$0.202
Origin Energy Flexi$0.362$0.198
Lumo Energy Basic$0.363$0.206
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.363$0.199
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.369$0.213
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.370$0.202
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.373$0.204
Origin Energy Standing$0.373$0.204
Origin Energy Basic$0.373$0.204
Click Energy Banksia$0.376$0.218
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.379$0.213
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.380$0.220
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.380$0.220
amaysim Victorian Default Offer$0.380$0.220
CovaU Smart Saver$0.382$0.218
Sumo Lite$0.383$0.215
Sumo Saver$0.383$0.215
Sumo Standing Offer$0.383$0.215
Simply Energy AFL$0.384$0.187
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.384$0.187
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.384$0.187
Simply Energy Plus$0.384$0.187
Simply Energy RACV$0.384$0.187
AGL Standing Offer$0.386$0.211
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.386$0.226
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.387$0.227
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.387$0.218
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.391$0.182
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.391$0.182
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.392$0.240
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.398$0.189
Tango Energy Tango Blue$0.400$0.216
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.403$0.171
Dodo Standing Offer$0.408$0.201
Commander Standing Offer$0.408$0.201
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.419$0.178
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.429$0.234
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.439$0.251
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.44011.18 kWh$0.484$0.253
amaysim electricity as you go$0.443$0.221
amaysim solar as you go$0.443$0.221
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.452$0.270
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.466$0.198
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.466$0.198
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.478$0.203
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.489$0.263
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.509$0.238
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.513$0.218
Powershop Standing Offer$0.576$0.283
CovaU Standing Offer$0.578$0.331
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.5961.10 kWh$0.662$0.363

AusNet Services Network Residential Electricity Flexible Usage Rates (Eastern Victoria)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.27611.18 kWh$0.311$0.276$0.276
Commander Market Offer$0.283$0.247$0.167
Dodo Residential Market$0.283$0.247$0.167
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.292$0.258$0.186
AGL Seniors Plus$0.292$0.258$0.186
AGL Essentials Saver$0.292$0.258$0.186
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.302$0.267$0.192
Tango Energy Home Select$0.303$0.278$0.185
AGL Essentials$0.305$0.270$0.194
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.305$0.270$0.194
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.307$0.272$0.197
Sumo Select$0.308$0.290$0.207
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.309$0.278$0.207
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.310$0.275$0.200
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.310$0.275$0.200
Origin Energy Flexi$0.312$0.276$0.198
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.313$0.277$0.199
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.318$0.282$0.202
Origin Energy Standing$0.321$0.284$0.205
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.321$0.284$0.205
Origin Energy Basic$0.321$0.284$0.205
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.324$0.286$0.182
Powershop Shopper Market Offer – Electric Vehicles$0.324$0.286$0.182
Sumo Lite$0.328$0.308$0.220
Sumo Standing Offer$0.328$0.308$0.220
Sumo Saver$0.328$0.308$0.220
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.330$0.291$0.213
CovaU Smart Saver$0.331$0.292$0.210
Lumo Energy Movers$0.331$0.288$0.200
Lumo Energy Value$0.331$0.288$0.200
AGL Standing Offer$0.332$0.294$0.211
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.336$0.301$0.226
Click Energy Banksia$0.337$0.297$0.218
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.338$0.303$0.228
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.340$0.300$0.220
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.340$0.300$0.220
Lumo Energy Basic$0.341$0.297$0.206
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.342$0.292$0.170
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.342$0.292$0.170
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.342$0.292$0.199
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.351$0.244$0.139
Dodo Standing Offer$0.354$0.309$0.209
Commander Standing Offer$0.354$0.309$0.209
Powershop Lite$0.354$0.313$0.199
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.359$0.320$0.176
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.363$0.267$0.267
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.370$0.272$0.272
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.374$0.334$0.183
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.379$0.296$0.201
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.379$0.296$0.201
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.380$0.325$0.189
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.399$0.277$0.159
Simply Energy Plus$0.399$0.277$0.159
Simply Energy RACV$0.399$0.277$0.159
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.399$0.277$0.159
Simply Energy AFL$0.399$0.277$0.159
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.413$0.322$0.211
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.415$0.371$0.203
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.415$0.371$0.203
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.429$0.327$0.228
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.440$0.352$0.231
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.457$0.408$0.224
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.494$0.386$0.262
CovaU Standing Offer$0.501$0.442$0.318
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo Solar$0.523$0.213$0.213
GloBird Energy VicSave Solar$0.534$0.218$0.218
Powershop Standing Offer$0.578$0.479$0.284
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.610$0.497$0.305

AusNet Services Network Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates (Eastern Victoria)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 Rate
Lumo Energy Movers$0.2230011.18 kWh$0.26888
Lumo Energy Value$0.2230011.18 kWh$0.26888
AGL Essentials Saver$0.22450
AGL Seniors Plus$0.22450
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.22450
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.22473
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.22770
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.22770
Lumo Energy Basic$0.2299011.18 kWh$0.27720
AGL Essentials$0.23470
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.24060
Powershop Lite$0.24620
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.25140
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.25300
AGL Standing Offer$0.25520
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.32780
Powershop Standing Offer$0.36740

CitiPower Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 Rate
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.18370
Commander Market Offer$0.19620
Dodo Residential Market$0.19620
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.20060
GloBird Energy ComboElec$0.2044229.59 kWh$0.26312
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.20451
Tango Energy Home Select$0.20570
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.2068029.59 kWh$0.26400
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.2088729.59 kWh$0.26884
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.20900
AGL Essentials Saver$0.20920
AGL Seniors Plus$0.20920
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.20920
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.21151
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat$0.21360
AGL Essentials$0.21380
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.2170811.18 kWh$0.23139
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.21800
Sumo Select$0.21846
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.21855
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.21855
Energy Australia No Frills$0.22000
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.22088
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.22280
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.22500
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.22500
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.22550
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.22553
Origin Energy Flexi$0.22553
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.22554
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.22554
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.22635
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.23018
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.23018
Click Energy Banksia$0.23020
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.23130
Powershop Lite$0.23180
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.23230
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.23230
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.23240
Simply Energy RACV$0.23240
Simply Energy Plus$0.23240
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.23240
Simply Energy AFL$0.23240
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.23250
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.23250
Origin Energy Basic$0.23250
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.23250
Diamond Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Energy Locals Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Dodo Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
People Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Tango Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Elysian Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
1st Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
AGL Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.23250
Alinta Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Sumo Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Blue NRG Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Commander Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
CovaU Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
amaysim Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Energy Australia Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Lumo Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Momentum Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Origin Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Powerclub Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Powershop Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Simply Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
QEnergy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Kogan Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Red Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.23250
Lumo Energy Value$0.23581
Lumo Energy Movers$0.23581
Lumo Energy Basic$0.24310
Sumo Saver$0.24900
Sumo Lite$0.24900
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.25060
amaysim electricity as you go$0.25250
amaysim solar as you go$0.25250
CovaU Smart Saver$0.25285
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.25480
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.25550
Amber Electric Market Offer$0.25870
Tango Energy Tango Blue$0.26290
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.29116

CitiPower Network Residential Electricity Two Rate TOU Usage Rates (Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Off-Peak TOU Rate
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.232$0.232
Lumo Energy Standing Offer$0.233$0.233
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.233$0.233
Dodo Residential Market$0.251$0.150
Commander Market Offer$0.251$0.150
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.266$0.171
AGL Essentials Saver$0.272$0.175
AGL Seniors Plus$0.272$0.175
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.272$0.175
Tango Energy Home Select$0.273$0.160
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.273$0.194
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.27511.18 kWh$0.340$0.177
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.275$0.177
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.277$0.179
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.277$0.143
AGL Essentials$0.278$0.179
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.278$0.179
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.279$0.181
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.283$0.183
Origin Energy Flexi$0.284$0.183
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.285$0.185
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.285$0.185
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.288$0.190
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.289$0.187
Sumo Select$0.290$0.186
Powershop Lite$0.291$0.188
Lumo Energy Value$0.292$0.179
Lumo Energy Movers$0.292$0.179
Origin Energy Standing$0.292$0.189
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.292$0.189
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.292$0.153
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.292$0.153
Origin Energy Basic$0.292$0.189
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.296$0.198
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.300$0.197
Lumo Energy Basic$0.301$0.185
AGL Standing Offer$0.302$0.195
Click Energy Banksia$0.302$0.202
amaysim Victorian Default Offer$0.305$0.204
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.305$0.204
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.305$0.204
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.306$0.201
Sumo Standing Offer$0.308$0.198
Sumo Saver$0.308$0.198
Sumo Lite$0.308$0.198
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.310$0.175
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.310$0.175
CovaU Smart Saver$0.310$0.204
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.311$0.213
Commander Standing Offer$0.314$0.187
Dodo Standing Offer$0.314$0.187
Simply Energy AFL$0.315$0.162
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.315$0.162
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.315$0.162
Simply Energy Plus$0.315$0.162
Simply Energy RACV$0.315$0.162
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.318$0.154
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.325$0.171
Tango Energy Tango Blue$0.330$0.217
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.331$0.160
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.345$0.207
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.347$0.198
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.366$0.207
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.368$0.178
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.368$0.178
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.368$0.178
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.37211.18 kWh$0.377$0.220
amaysim electricity as you go$0.373$0.196
amaysim solar as you go$0.373$0.196
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.384$0.215
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.405$0.196
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.410$0.228
Powershop Standing Offer$0.438$0.276
CovaU Standing Offer$0.470$0.309
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.5201.10 kWh$0.578$0.275

CitiPower Network Residential Electricity Flexible Usage Rates (Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.232$0.232$0.232
Dodo Residential Market$0.271$0.222$0.160
Commander Market Offer$0.271$0.222$0.160
Tango Energy Home Select$0.282$0.227$0.171
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex$0.284$0.238$0.179
Powershop Shopper Market Offer – Electric Vehicles$0.285$0.235$0.181
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.285$0.235$0.181
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.286$0.240$0.182
AGL Seniors Plus$0.286$0.240$0.182
AGL Essentials Saver$0.286$0.240$0.182
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.289$0.243$0.184
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.291$0.248$0.195
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.292$0.237$0.153
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.292$0.237$0.153
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.292$0.245$0.186
AGL Essentials$0.292$0.245$0.187
Lumo Energy Value$0.293$0.239$0.179
Lumo Energy Movers$0.293$0.239$0.179
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.293$0.247$0.189
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.295$0.250$0.190
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.295$0.250$0.190
Origin Energy Flexi$0.298$0.250$0.190
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.298$0.250$0.190
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.298$0.249$0.190
Sumo Select$0.300$0.248$0.196
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.302$0.255$0.197
Lumo Energy Basic$0.303$0.246$0.185
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.304$0.256$0.194
Origin Energy Basic$0.308$0.258$0.196
Origin Energy Standing$0.308$0.258$0.196
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.308$0.258$0.196
Powershop Lite$0.312$0.257$0.198
AGL Standing Offer$0.318$0.267$0.203
Sumo Standing Offer$0.319$0.264$0.209
Sumo Saver$0.319$0.264$0.209
Sumo Lite$0.319$0.264$0.209
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.320$0.272$0.209
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.325$0.279$0.221
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.325$0.263$0.171
Click Energy Banksia$0.327$0.277$0.213
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.330$0.280$0.215
CovaU Smart Saver$0.330$0.273$0.212
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.330$0.280$0.215
Dodo Standing Offer$0.339$0.277$0.200
Commander Standing Offer$0.339$0.277$0.200
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.340$0.288$0.165
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.340$0.218$0.130
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.347$0.213$0.213
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.354$0.299$0.172
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.354$0.218$0.218
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.362$0.248$0.179
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.365$0.298$0.214
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.365$0.298$0.214
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.380$0.315$0.244
Simply Energy Plus$0.386$0.247$0.147
Simply Energy RACV$0.386$0.247$0.147
Simply Energy AFL$0.386$0.247$0.147
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.386$0.247$0.147
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.386$0.247$0.147
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.394$0.333$0.191
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.394$0.333$0.191
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.394$0.333$0.191
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.416$0.315$0.215
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.418$0.330$0.220
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.431$0.352$0.253
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.433$0.366$0.210
Powershop Standing Offer$0.467$0.376$0.287
CovaU Standing Offer$0.501$0.414$0.321
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.549$0.459$0.333

CitiPower Network Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates (Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 Rate
Lumo Energy Movers$0.18246
Lumo Energy Value$0.18246
AGL Essentials Saver$0.18280
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.18280
AGL Seniors Plus$0.18280
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.18501
AGL Essentials$0.18690
Lumo Energy Basic$0.18810
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.18810
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.18810
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.19050
CovaU Smart Saver$0.19140
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.19440
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.20240
Powershop Lite$0.20260
AGL Standing Offer$0.20320
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.20830
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.20900
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.22500
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.22500
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.22520
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.24640
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.24740
CovaU Standing Offer$0.29000
Powershop Standing Offer$0.30120

Jemena Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (North West Melbourne)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 Rate
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.19800
GloBird Energy ComboElec$0.2125229.59 kWh$0.27324
Commander Market Offer$0.21300
Dodo Residential Market$0.21300
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.2145029.59 kWh$0.27500
Tango Energy Home Select$0.21560
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.2171429.59 kWh$0.27918
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.21990
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.22414
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.22900
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.22910
AGL Seniors Plus$0.22910
AGL Essentials Saver$0.22910
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat$0.23020
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.23272
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.2367011.18 kWh$0.25461
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.23740
AGL Essentials$0.23940
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.23942
Sumo Select$0.23942
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.23942
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.24000
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.24000
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.24197
Energy Australia No Frills$0.24200
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.24600
Origin Energy Flexi$0.24706
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.24710
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.24714
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.24714
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.25056
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.25215
Click Energy Banksia$0.25220
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.25440
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.25440
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.25470
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.25470
Origin Energy Basic$0.25470
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.25470
Energy Locals Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Dodo Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Diamond Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Tango Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Sumo Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Red Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Simply Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
People Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
QEnergy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Blue NRG Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Simply Energy AFL$0.25470
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.25470
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.25470
Simply Energy Plus$0.25470
Powershop Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
1st Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
AGL Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.25470
Alinta Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
amaysim Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Simply Energy RACV$0.25470
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Commander Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
CovaU Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Elysian Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Powerclub Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Energy Australia Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Kogan Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Origin Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Lumo Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Momentum Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.25470
Powershop Lite$0.25490
Lumo Energy Movers$0.25608
Lumo Energy Value$0.25608
Lumo Energy Basic$0.26400
CovaU Smart Saver$0.26565
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.26950
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.27034
Tango Energy Tango Blue$0.27280
Sumo Lite$0.27300
Sumo Saver$0.27300
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.27460
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.27591
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.27760
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.27980
Amber Electric Market Offer$0.28020
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.30590
amaysim electricity as you go$0.30690
amaysim solar as you go$0.30690

Jemena Network Residential Electricity Two Rate TOU Usage Rates (North West Melbourne)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Off-Peak TOU Rate
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.255$0.255
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.255$0.255
Lumo Energy Standing Offer$0.255$0.255
AGL Essentials Saver$0.262$0.178
AGL Seniors Plus$0.262$0.178
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.262$0.178
Tango Energy Home Select$0.263$0.142
Commander Market Offer$0.265$0.148
Dodo Residential Market$0.265$0.148
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.267$0.182
AGL Essentials$0.274$0.186
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.28111.18 kWh$0.316$0.191
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.281$0.192
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.283$0.172
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.286$0.178
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.288$0.178
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.288$0.207
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.289$0.144
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.290$0.180
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.290$0.180
AGL Standing Offer$0.291$0.198
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.291$0.180
CovaU Smart Saver$0.294$0.194
Origin Energy Flexi$0.297$0.183
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.299$0.204
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.303$0.187
Click Energy Banksia$0.305$0.208
Origin Energy Basic$0.306$0.189
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.306$0.189
Origin Energy Standing$0.306$0.189
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.307$0.182
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.307$0.182
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.308$0.210
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.308$0.210
amaysim Victorian Default Offer$0.308$0.210
Powershop Lite$0.310$0.188
Sumo Select$0.310$0.207
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.316$0.171
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.316$0.171
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.318$0.210
Lumo Energy Value$0.319$0.189
Lumo Energy Movers$0.319$0.189
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.320$0.213
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.326$0.219
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.327$0.218
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.328$0.163
Simply Energy AFL$0.328$0.163
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.328$0.163
Simply Energy Plus$0.328$0.163
Simply Energy RACV$0.328$0.163
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.329$0.216
Lumo Energy Basic$0.329$0.195
Sumo Standing Offer$0.330$0.220
Sumo Lite$0.330$0.220
Sumo Saver$0.330$0.220
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.330$0.157
Dodo Standing Offer$0.331$0.185
Commander Standing Offer$0.331$0.185
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.341$0.203
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.343$0.164
Tango Energy Tango Blue$0.349$0.209
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.380$0.167
amaysim electricity as you go$0.382$0.220
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.382$0.182
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.382$0.182
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.382$0.182
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.399$0.254
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.420$0.200
amaysim solar as you go$0.423$0.215
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.424$0.229
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.42911.18 kWh$0.440$0.220
CovaU Standing Offer$0.445$0.294
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.456$0.242
Powershop Standing Offer$0.461$0.260
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.5961.10 kWh$0.662$0.305

Jemena Network Residential Electricity Flexible Usage Rates (North West Melbourne)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.255$0.255$0.255
Commander Market Offer$0.272$0.219$0.169
Dodo Residential Market$0.272$0.219$0.169
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex$0.279$0.230$0.184
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.285$0.237$0.192
AGL Seniors Plus$0.285$0.237$0.192
AGL Essentials Saver$0.285$0.237$0.192
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.286$0.237$0.192
Powershop Shopper Market Offer – Electric Vehicles$0.287$0.238$0.185
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.287$0.238$0.185
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.288$0.240$0.194
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.290$0.240$0.195
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.290$0.240$0.195
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.291$0.242$0.196
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.296$0.248$0.209
Origin Energy Flexi$0.297$0.247$0.200
AGL Essentials$0.297$0.247$0.200
Lumo Energy Value$0.298$0.267$0.189
Lumo Energy Movers$0.298$0.267$0.189
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.303$0.252$0.204
Tango Energy Home Select$0.304$0.226$0.179
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.305$0.254$0.206
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.305$0.254$0.191
Origin Energy Basic$0.306$0.255$0.206
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.306$0.255$0.206
Origin Energy Standing$0.306$0.255$0.206
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.307$0.257$0.182
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.307$0.257$0.182
Lumo Energy Basic$0.307$0.275$0.195
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.310$0.257$0.209
Sumo Select$0.312$0.250$0.212
Powershop Lite$0.315$0.261$0.203
AGL Standing Offer$0.316$0.263$0.213
Click Energy Banksia$0.317$0.262$0.213
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.318$0.269$0.223
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.320$0.265$0.215
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.320$0.265$0.215
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.326$0.278$0.232
CovaU Smart Saver$0.330$0.277$0.212
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.330$0.278$0.170
Sumo Standing Offer$0.332$0.266$0.226
Sumo Lite$0.333$0.267$0.226
Sumo Saver$0.333$0.267$0.226
Dodo Standing Offer$0.340$0.274$0.212
Commander Standing Offer$0.340$0.274$0.212
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.341$0.244$0.244
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.341$0.217$0.140
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.341$0.286$0.203
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.343$0.290$0.177
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.348$0.249$0.249
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.363$0.295$0.232
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.367$0.255$0.168
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.367$0.255$0.168
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.379$0.319$0.244
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.382$0.322$0.197
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.382$0.322$0.197
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.382$0.322$0.197
Simply Energy RACV$0.387$0.246$0.159
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.387$0.246$0.159
Simply Energy Plus$0.387$0.246$0.159
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.387$0.246$0.159
Simply Energy AFL$0.387$0.246$0.159
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.418$0.330$0.220
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.420$0.354$0.217
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.447$0.283$0.208
Powershop Standing Offer$0.464$0.368$0.291
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.492$0.341$0.226
CovaU Standing Offer$0.499$0.420$0.321
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.709$0.469$0.293

Jemena Network Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates (North West Melbourne)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 Rate
AGL Essentials Saver$0.19090
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.19090
AGL Seniors Plus$0.19090
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.19108
AGL Essentials$0.19930
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.19930
Lumo Energy Movers$0.20166
Lumo Energy Value$0.20166
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.20480
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.20760
Lumo Energy Basic$0.20790
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.20790
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.20790
Powershop Lite$0.20920
AGL Standing Offer$0.21210
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.21530
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.23070
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.23070
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.23090
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.23100
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.25380
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.28820
Powershop Standing Offer$0.30250

Powercor Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Western Victoria)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 Rate
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.19250
Commander Market Offer$0.20460
Dodo Residential Market$0.20460
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.20750
GloBird Energy ComboElec$0.2084729.59 kWh$0.26312
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.2090029.59 kWh$0.26400
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.21138
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.2130029.59 kWh$0.26884
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.21600
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.21630
AGL Seniors Plus$0.21630
AGL Essentials Saver$0.21630
AGL Essentials$0.21870
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.22250
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.2233811.18 kWh$0.24030
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat$0.22540
Sumo Select$0.22579
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.22588
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.22588
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.22829
Energy Australia No Frills$0.23100
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.23157
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.23301
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.23301
Origin Energy Flexi$0.23309
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.23310
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.23430
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.23500
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.23500
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.23742
Click Energy Banksia$0.23790
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.23790
Tango Energy Home Select$0.23980
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.24000
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.24000
Simply Energy AFL$0.24020
Simply Energy RACV$0.24020
Simply Energy Plus$0.24020
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.24020
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.24020
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.24030
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.24030
Origin Energy Basic$0.24030
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.24030
Sumo Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Energy Locals Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Dodo Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Diamond Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Tango Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
People Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Simply Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
CovaU Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
1st Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
AGL Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.24030
Red Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
amaysim Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Blue NRG Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Commander Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Alinta Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Elysian Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Powerclub Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Kogan Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Lumo Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
QEnergy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Momentum Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Origin Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Powershop Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Energy Australia Victorian Default Offer$0.24030
Lumo Energy Movers$0.24221
Lumo Energy Value$0.24221
Lumo Energy Basic$0.24970
Powershop Lite$0.25360
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.25608
Sumo Saver$0.25750
Sumo Lite$0.25750
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.25890
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.26136
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.26410
CovaU Smart Saver$0.26512
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.26620
Amber Electric Market Offer$0.26700
Tango Energy Tango Blue$0.26840
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.27250
amaysim electricity as you go$0.27520
amaysim solar as you go$0.27520
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.30529

Powercor Network Residential Electricity Two Rate TOU Usage Rates (Western Victoria)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Off-Peak TOU Rate
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.240$0.240
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.240$0.240
Lumo Energy Standing Offer$0.240$0.240
Commander Market Offer$0.265$0.159
Dodo Residential Market$0.265$0.159
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.283$0.181
Tango Energy Home Select$0.283$0.162
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.28311.18 kWh$0.327$0.180
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.284$0.186
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.285$0.178
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.285$0.178
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.285$0.182
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.286$0.148
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.286$0.183
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.286$0.179
AGL Essentials Saver$0.286$0.179
AGL Seniors Plus$0.286$0.179
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.288$0.184
AGL Essentials$0.289$0.181
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.290$0.198
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.292$0.190
Origin Energy Flexi$0.292$0.187
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.295$0.190
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.295$0.190
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.298$0.190
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.301$0.192
Origin Energy Standing$0.301$0.192
Origin Energy Basic$0.301$0.192
Lumo Energy Movers$0.304$0.181
Lumo Energy Value$0.304$0.181
Sumo Select$0.310$0.207
Powershop Lite$0.311$0.204
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.313$0.158
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.313$0.194
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.313$0.158
Lumo Energy Basic$0.314$0.187
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.315$0.213
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.316$0.197
AGL Standing Offer$0.317$0.199
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.319$0.198
Click Energy Banksia$0.322$0.218
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.323$0.221
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.325$0.168
Simply Energy AFL$0.325$0.168
Simply Energy Plus$0.325$0.168
Simply Energy RACV$0.325$0.168
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.325$0.168
amaysim Victorian Default Offer$0.325$0.220
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.325$0.220
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.325$0.220
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.328$0.226
Sumo Lite$0.330$0.220
Sumo Saver$0.330$0.220
Sumo Standing Offer$0.330$0.220
Dodo Standing Offer$0.332$0.199
Commander Standing Offer$0.332$0.199
CovaU Smart Saver$0.336$0.202
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.340$0.167
Tango Energy Tango Blue$0.340$0.219
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.354$0.174
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.355$0.188
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.366$0.224
amaysim electricity as you go$0.368$0.198
amaysim solar as you go$0.368$0.198
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.394$0.193
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.394$0.193
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.394$0.193
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.404$0.230
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.406$0.205
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.41811.18 kWh$0.429$0.220
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.433$0.213
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.452$0.231
Powershop Standing Offer$0.474$0.286
CovaU Standing Offer$0.508$0.306
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.5791.10 kWh$0.643$0.278

Powercor Network Residential Electricity Flexible Usage Rates (Western Victoria)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.240$0.240$0.240
Commander Market Offer$0.269$0.207$0.158
Dodo Residential Market$0.269$0.207$0.158
AGL Seniors Plus$0.286$0.226$0.179
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.286$0.226$0.179
AGL Essentials Saver$0.286$0.226$0.179
AGL Essentials$0.289$0.229$0.181
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex$0.289$0.229$0.180
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.289$0.229$0.181
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.290$0.236$0.205
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.292$0.231$0.183
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.293$0.234$0.187
Powershop Shopper Market Offer – Electric Vehicles$0.293$0.234$0.187
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.294$0.233$0.184
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.296$0.234$0.184
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.297$0.237$0.189
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.297$0.234$0.178
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.297$0.234$0.178
Origin Energy Flexi$0.298$0.236$0.187
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.300$0.240$0.190
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.300$0.240$0.190
Tango Energy Home Select$0.300$0.240$0.191
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.304$0.241$0.191
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.307$0.244$0.193
Origin Energy Basic$0.307$0.244$0.193
Origin Energy Standing$0.307$0.244$0.193
AGL Standing Offer$0.318$0.252$0.199
Lumo Energy Movers$0.320$0.245$0.181
Lumo Energy Value$0.320$0.245$0.181
Sumo Select$0.321$0.259$0.212
Powershop Lite$0.321$0.256$0.205
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.327$0.267$0.218
Sumo Saver$0.328$0.308$0.220
Sumo Lite$0.328$0.308$0.220
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.330$0.260$0.197
Lumo Energy Basic$0.330$0.253$0.187
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.331$0.270$0.222
Click Energy Banksia$0.334$0.272$0.223
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.336$0.275$0.227
Commander Standing Offer$0.337$0.259$0.197
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.337$0.275$0.225
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.337$0.275$0.225
Dodo Standing Offer$0.337$0.259$0.197
Sumo Standing Offer$0.341$0.275$0.226
CovaU Smart Saver$0.343$0.265$0.212
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.346$0.262$0.164
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.346$0.262$0.164
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.352$0.286$0.170
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.364$0.220$0.220
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.366$0.296$0.224
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.367$0.298$0.177
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.371$0.224$0.224
Simply Energy AFL$0.390$0.237$0.147
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.395$0.305$0.244
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.408$0.331$0.197
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.408$0.331$0.197
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.424$0.289$0.211
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.440$0.330$0.220
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.449$0.364$0.216
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.449$0.339$0.212
Powershop Standing Offer$0.488$0.375$0.289
CovaU Standing Offer$0.519$0.402$0.321
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.662$0.452$0.293

Powercor Network Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates (Western Victoria)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 Rate
AGL Essentials Saver$0.18170
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.18170
AGL Seniors Plus$0.18170
Lumo Energy Movers$0.18246
Lumo Energy Value$0.18246
AGL Essentials$0.18370
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.18700
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.18810
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.18810
Lumo Energy Basic$0.18810
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.19461
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.19950
AGL Standing Offer$0.20200
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.20440
CovaU Smart Saver$0.20638
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.20900
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.21300
Powershop Lite$0.21320
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.23660
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.23660
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.23680
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.25850
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.26030
Powershop Standing Offer$0.30680
CovaU Standing Offer$0.32170

United Energy Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 Rate
Elysian Energy Market Simple Plan$0.20900
Commander Market Offer$0.21650
Dodo Residential Market$0.21650
GloBird Energy ComboElec$0.2206229.59 kWh$0.28336
Tango Energy Home Select$0.22110
GloBird Energy EasySave$0.2222029.59 kWh$0.28600
GloBird Energy GloSave$0.2254129.59 kWh$0.28952
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.22620
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.23047
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.23060
AGL Seniors Plus$0.23060
AGL Essentials Saver$0.23060
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.23349
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.23550
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.2436311.18 kWh$0.26190
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.24460
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat$0.24570
Sumo Select$0.24619
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.24628
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.24628
AGL Essentials$0.24630
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.24890
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.25280
Energy Australia No Frills$0.25300
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.25410
Origin Energy Flexi$0.25414
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.25416
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.25416
Powershop Lite$0.25580
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.25938
Click Energy Banksia$0.25940
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.25990
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.25990
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.26170
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.26170
Simply Energy AFL$0.26190
Simply Energy RACV$0.26190
Simply Energy Plus$0.26190
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.26190
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.26190
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.26200
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.26200
Origin Energy Basic$0.26200
Sumo Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.26200
Energy Locals Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Dodo Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Diamond Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Tango Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
People Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Simply Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
CovaU Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
1st Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
AGL Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Red Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Alinta Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
amaysim Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Blue NRG Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Commander Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.26200
Elysian Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Energy Australia Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Kogan Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Lumo Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Momentum Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Origin Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
QEnergy Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Powerclub Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
Powershop Victorian Default Offer$0.26200
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.26316
Lumo Energy Movers$0.26355
Lumo Energy Value$0.26355
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.26460
Lumo Energy Basic$0.27170
CovaU Smart Saver$0.27192
Tango Energy Tango Blue$0.27830
Sumo Lite$0.28050
Sumo Saver$0.28050
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.28230
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.28240
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.28392
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.28790
amaysim electricity as you go$0.28810
amaysim solar as you go$0.28810
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.28977
Amber Electric Market Offer$0.29220
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.31312

United Energy Network Residential Electricity Two Rate TOU Usage Rates (South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Off-Peak TOU Rate
Commander Market Offer$0.232$0.158
Dodo Residential Market$0.232$0.158
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.262$0.262
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.262$0.262
Lumo Energy Standing Offer$0.262$0.262
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.273$0.167
Tango Energy Home Select$0.273$0.161
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.275$0.171
AGL Essentials Saver$0.283$0.170
AGL Seniors Plus$0.283$0.170
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.283$0.170
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.289$0.176
Dodo Standing Offer$0.290$0.197
Commander Standing Offer$0.290$0.197
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.292$0.178
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.292$0.143
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.293$0.178
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.295$0.191
Powershop Lite$0.299$0.183
Origin Energy Flexi$0.299$0.182
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.305$0.185
Origin Energy Standing$0.308$0.187
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.308$0.187
Origin Energy Basic$0.308$0.187
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.308$0.214
Sumo Select$0.310$0.196
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.31011.18 kWh$0.337$0.175
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.310$0.187
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.313$0.208
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.315$0.175
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.315$0.175
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.320$0.194
AGL Standing Offer$0.321$0.193
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.324$0.178
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.324$0.178
Click Energy Banksia$0.327$0.198
Sumo Saver$0.330$0.209
Sumo Lite$0.330$0.209
Tango Energy Tango Blue$0.330$0.218
Sumo Standing Offer$0.330$0.209
amaysim Victorian Default Offer$0.330$0.200
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.330$0.200
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.330$0.200
Lumo Energy Value$0.331$0.185
Lumo Energy Movers$0.331$0.185
Simply Energy AFL$0.332$0.162
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.332$0.162
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.332$0.168
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.332$0.168
Simply Energy RACV$0.332$0.162
Simply Energy Plus$0.332$0.162
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.332$0.162
CovaU Smart Saver$0.338$0.190
Lumo Energy Basic$0.341$0.190
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.341$0.213
AGL Essentials$0.341$0.198
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.342$0.148
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.348$0.218
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.357$0.155
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.360$0.198
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.364$0.209
Blue NRG Standing Offer$0.370$0.238
amaysim electricity as you go$0.373$0.178
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.393$0.185
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.395$0.199
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.396$0.172
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.396$0.172
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.397$0.172
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.41811.18 kWh$0.429$0.209
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.436$0.189
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.455$0.211
Powershop Standing Offer$0.456$0.265
CovaU Standing Offer$0.512$0.288
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.5651.10 kWh$0.628$0.263

United Energy Network Residential Electricity Flexible Usage Rates (South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Peak Rate TOU 1 Limit per dayPeak TOU Rate 2Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.262$0.262$0.262
Commander Market Offer TOD$0.313$0.201$0.159
Dodo Residential Market TOD$0.313$0.201$0.159
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.314$0.213$0.190
Powershop Shopper Market Offer – Electric Vehicles$0.314$0.213$0.190
Kogan Energy Market Offer$0.328$0.223$0.188
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.330$0.225$0.200
Commander Market Offer FLEX$0.333$0.202$0.171
Dodo Residential Market FLEX$0.333$0.202$0.171
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.334$0.227$0.202
Origin Energy Flexi$0.341$0.232$0.206
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver$0.341$0.240$0.211
Lumo Energy Movers$0.341$0.264$0.185
Lumo Energy Value$0.341$0.264$0.185
Tango Energy Home Select FLEX$0.341$0.220$0.198
Sumo Select$0.341$0.259$0.207
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.342$0.256$0.178
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.342$0.256$0.178
Powershop Lite$0.344$0.234$0.209
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.348$0.237$0.210
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.349$0.243$0.219
Click Energy Banksia Plus$0.349$0.252$0.204
Origin Energy Basic$0.351$0.239$0.212
Origin Energy Standing$0.351$0.239$0.212
Origin Energy Solar Optimiser$0.351$0.239$0.212
Lumo Energy Basic$0.352$0.272$0.190
Tango Energy Home Select$0.354$0.253$0.155
Click Energy Banksia$0.356$0.257$0.208
DC Power Co Market Offer$0.358$0.245$0.220
Click Energy Banksia Solar$0.360$0.260$0.210
Click Energy Victorian Default Offer$0.360$0.260$0.210
Sumo Saver$0.363$0.275$0.220
Sumo Lite$0.363$0.275$0.220
Sumo Standing Offer$0.363$0.275$0.220
Kogan Energy Solar Market Offer$0.365$0.261$0.226
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex$0.368$0.225$0.180
AGL Essentials Saver$0.375$0.219$0.193
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.375$0.219$0.193
AGL Seniors Plus$0.375$0.219$0.193
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.380$0.235$0.190
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.380$0.235$0.190
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.380$0.284$0.198
Dodo Standing Offer TOD$0.391$0.251$0.199
Commander Standing Offer TOD$0.391$0.251$0.199
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.400$0.271$0.168
CovaU Smart Saver$0.401$0.249$0.218
AGL Essentials$0.401$0.234$0.206
amaysim solar as you go$0.405$0.272$0.220
GloBird Energy VicSave Combo$0.405$0.238$0.238
CovaU Smart Saver FLEX$0.410$0.253$0.225
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.412$0.240$0.212
GloBird Energy VicSave$0.414$0.243$0.243
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.416$0.282$0.175
Dodo Standing Offer FLEX$0.416$0.253$0.213
Commander Standing Offer FLEX$0.416$0.253$0.213
Simply Energy Summer GDC$0.419$0.194$0.134
AGL Standing Offer$0.427$0.249$0.219
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.440$0.308$0.264
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.442$0.266$0.182
Alinta Energy Sports Pack$0.442$0.266$0.182
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$0.462$0.286$0.251
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.463$0.314$0.194
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.463$0.314$0.195
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.463$0.314$0.194
Tango Energy Home Standing$0.471$0.271$0.240
CovaU Smart Saver Solar FLEX$0.472$0.291$0.259
Simply Energy Gold Class$0.476$0.221$0.152
Simply Energy RACV$0.476$0.221$0.152
Simply Energy Plus$0.476$0.221$0.152
Simply Energy Choice Plus$0.476$0.221$0.152
Simply Energy AFL$0.476$0.221$0.152
QEnergy Home Your Way$0.478$0.284$0.226
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.509$0.345$0.214
Powershop Standing Offer$0.517$0.355$0.291
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.525$0.316$0.216
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.583$0.401$0.323
CovaU Standing Offer$0.607$0.377$0.331
CovaU Standing Offer Solar$0.607$0.377$0.331
CovaU Standing Offer FLEX$0.622$0.383$0.341

United Energy Network Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates (South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 Rate
AGL Essentials Saver$0.18540
Powerdirect Rate Saver$0.18540
AGL Seniors Plus$0.18540
Lumo Energy Movers$0.18731
Lumo Energy Value$0.18731
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.19305
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.19305
Lumo Energy Basic$0.19310
Powershop Shopper Market Offer$0.19653
AGL Essentials$0.19800
Momentum Energy Self Serve$0.19890
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan$0.20330
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$0.20720
AGL Standing Offer$0.21070
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$0.21450
Powershop Lite$0.21520
CovaU Smart Saver$0.21754
Alinta Energy Real Deal$0.22400
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$0.23020
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.23020
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.23050
Momentum Energy Move Mate$0.25320
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.26620
Powershop Standing Offer$0.29630
CovaU Standing Offer$0.32960

Australian Capital Territory Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 Rate
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special Rate 3$0.17230
Origin Energy Max Saver Rate 3$0.17432
ActewAGL ACT 20 Home Saver Plus$0.17784
Origin Energy Flexi Rate 3$0.18243
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special Rate 2$0.18598
Origin Energy Max Saver Rate 2$0.18817
Origin Energy Freedom Rate 3$0.19054
ActewAGL ACT 20 Home Saver$0.19120
ActewAGL ACT 12 Home Saver Plus$0.19562
Origin Energy Flexi Rate 2$0.19692
Red Energy Living Energy Saver 3$0.20010
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver 3$0.20010
ActewAGL ACT 20 Home$0.20200
Origin Energy Basic Rate 3$0.20270
Origin Energy Standing Rate 3$0.20270
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Battery$0.20370
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Solar Battery$0.20370
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.20485
Origin Energy Freedom Rate 2$0.20567
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.20726
ActewAGL ACT 12 Home Saver$0.21032
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver 2$0.21510
Red Energy Living Energy Saver 2$0.21510
Origin Energy Flexi$0.21690
Origin Energy Basic Rate 2$0.21880
Origin Energy Standing Rate 2$0.21880
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.22000
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat$0.22020
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat Solar$0.22020
ActewAGL ACT 12 Home$0.22220
ActewAGL Standing Offer Home Saver Plus$0.22230
Red Energy Standing Offer 3$0.22230
ActewAGL Certain Saver$0.22590
Origin Energy Freedom$0.22654
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.22720
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.22720
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.22759
Energy Australia No Frills$0.23100
ActewAGL Standing Offer Home Saver$0.23900
Red Energy Standing Offer 2$0.23900
Origin Energy Standing$0.24100
Origin Energy Basic$0.24100
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.24500
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.24810
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.25010
ActewAGL Standing Offer Home$0.25250
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.25250
Amber Electric Market Offer$0.25650
Powerclub Default Market Offer$0.34260

Australian Capital Territory Residential Electricity Time Of Use Usage Rates

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Origin Energy Max Saver Online Special$0.262$0.187$0.148
ActewAGL ACT 20 Home$0.262$0.189$0.150
ActewAGL ACT 20 Smart Meter Home$0.262$0.189$0.150
Origin Energy Max Saver$0.266$0.189$0.149
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex Battery$0.272$0.188$0.152
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex Solar Battery$0.272$0.188$0.152
Energy Australia Total Plan$0.275$0.190$0.144
Origin Energy Flexi$0.278$0.198$0.156
Energy Locals Online Saver$0.285$0.200$0.165
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex Solar$0.289$0.204$0.168
ActewAGL ACT 12 Home$0.289$0.207$0.165
ActewAGL ACT 12 Smart Meter Home$0.289$0.207$0.165
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flex$0.289$0.204$0.168
Origin Energy Freedom$0.290$0.207$0.163
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.295$0.212$0.169
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver$0.295$0.212$0.169
Energy Australia Basic Home$0.302$0.209$0.159
Origin Energy Basic$0.309$0.220$0.174
Energy Locals Local Saver$0.315$0.230$0.195
ActewAGL Standing Offer Home$0.328$0.236$0.188
ActewAGL Standing Offer Smart Meter Home$0.328$0.236$0.188
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.328$0.236$0.188
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.341$0.230$0.173

Australian Capital Territory Residential Electricity Anytime Demand Usage Rates

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 Rate
ActewAGL ACT 20 Smart Meter Home$0.15472
ActewAGL ACT 12 Smart Meter Home$0.17019
ActewAGL Standing Offer Smart Meter Home$0.19340

Horizon Power Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (Regional Western Australia)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 RateGeneral Usage Rate 2 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 3 Rate
Horizon Power Standard Residential$0.28823
Horizon Power Part Residential and Business$0.2920520.00 kWh$0.275221,630.00 kWh$0.31030

Western Power Network Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates (South West of WA)

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 RateGeneral Usage Rate 1 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 2 RateGeneral Usage Rate 2 Limit per dayGeneral Usage 3 Rate
Synergy Home$0.28823
Synergy Home Business$0.2920520.00 kWh$0.275221,630.00 kWh$0.31030

Western Power Network Residential Electricity Time Of Use Usage Rates (South West of WA)

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Shoulder TOU RateOff-Peak TOU Rate
Synergy Electric Vehicle Home$0.288$0.201
Synergy Smart Home$0.548$0.287$0.151

Northern Territory Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 Rate
Jacana Energy Everyday Home$0.26050
Jacana Energy Multipurpose tariff$0.26050
Jacana Energy Prepayment tariff$0.28640

Tasmania Residential Electricity Anytime Usage Rates

#Retailer Plans (linked)General Usage 1 Rate
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.25603
1st Energy 1st Plus$0.26950
1st Energy 1st Solar Bonus$0.26950
Aurora Energy Standing Offer$0.26960

Tasmania Residential Electricity Two Rate Time Of Use Usage Rates

#Retailer Plans (linked)Peak TOU Rate 1Off-Peak TOU Rate
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.310$0.144
1st Energy 1st Plus$0.326$0.152
1st Energy 1st Solar Bonus$0.326$0.152
Aurora Energy Standing Offer$0.326$0.152

Note: Usage Rates shown are per kWh and include GST and all available discounts.

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Enova Energy expands across NSW

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