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We’ve summarised the cheapest residential usage rates for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Perth and Darwin for each retailer’s publicly listed electricity plans.
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Cheapest electricity rates by retailer in New South Wales (Sydney – Ausgrid network)
Retailer (link to plans)General Usage RateDiscount Duration *Green Rating **
Powerclub20.80cOngoingNot rated
GloBird Energy21.86cOngoing1.5 stars
Elysian Energy21.92cOngoingNot rated
ReAmped Energy22.13cOngoingNot rated
Kogan Energy22.33cOngoingNot rated
Sumo23.19c12+ months1.5 stars
Powershop23.25cOngoing5 stars
Future X Power23.44cOngoingNot rated
Energy Locals23.50cOngoing4 stars
Discover Energy23.58cOngoingNot rated
Momentum Energy23.98cOngoing3.5 stars
Simply Energy24.39cOngoing2 stars
Origin Energy24.50c12+ months3.5 stars
Alinta Energy24.98cOngoing2 stars
QEnergy25.18c12+ months2 stars
Enova Energy25.22cOngoing4 stars
Energy Australia25.30c12+ months3 stars
1st Energy25.33cOngoing1 stars
Powerdirect25.36c12+ months3 stars
AGL25.36cOngoing3.5 stars
Red Energy25.60cOngoing3 stars
Commander25.63cOngoing2.5 stars
Dodo25.63cOngoing2.5 stars
Diamond Energy25.64cOngoing5 stars
CovaU25.79cOngoing1.5 stars
Click Energy25.80cOngoing2 stars
Alinta Energy25.97c12+ months2 stars
AGL26.33c12+ months3.5 stars
Origin Energy26.86cOngoing3.5 stars
Sumo27.28cOngoing1.5 stars
Nectr27.35cOngoingNot rated
Amber Electric27.41cOngoing4 stars
amaysim28.35cOngoing2 stars
DC Power Co28.39cOngoing5 stars
QEnergy29.54cOngoing2 stars
Mojo Power29.54cOngoing2 stars
Energy Australia29.69cOngoing3 stars
Pooled Energy31.49cOngoingNot rated
Cheapest electricity rates by retailer in Queensland (Brisbane – Energex network)
Retailer (link to plans)General Usage RateDiscount Duration *Green Rating **
Powerclub18.00cOngoingNot rated
Elysian Energy20.31cOngoingNot rated
Alinta Energy20.49cOngoing2 stars
QEnergy20.52c12+ months2 stars
Click Energy20.54cOngoing2 stars
Locality Planning Energy20.57cOngoingNot rated
ReAmped Energy20.61cOngoingNot rated
Future X Power20.63cOngoingNot rated
Origin Energy20.93c12+ months3.5 stars
Kogan Energy21.12cOngoingNot rated
Powershop21.24cOngoing5 stars
Alinta Energy21.75c12+ months2 stars
Diamond Energy22.13cOngoing5 stars
Powerdirect22.32c12+ months3 stars
Discover Energy22.34cOngoingNot rated
Red Energy22.44cOngoing3 stars
Energy Locals22.50cOngoing4 stars
AGL22.58cOngoing3.5 stars
1st Energy22.76cOngoing1 stars
Dodo22.89cOngoing2.5 stars
Energy Australia23.10c12+ months3 stars
AGL23.36c12+ months3.5 stars
Simply Energy23.87cOngoing2 stars
Amber Electric24.23cOngoing4 stars
amaysim24.75cOngoing2 stars
Origin Energy24.92cOngoing3.5 stars
QEnergy25.47cOngoing2 stars
Energy Australia26.27cOngoing3 stars
DC Power Co30.53cOngoing5 stars
Cheapest electricity rates by retailer in South Australia
Retailer (link to plans)General Usage RateDiscount Duration *Green Rating **
Powerclub28.46cOngoingNot rated
Energy Locals31.13cOngoing4 stars
Elysian Energy31.47cOngoingNot rated
Kogan Energy31.54cOngoingNot rated
Momentum Energy31.79cOngoing3.5 stars
Powershop31.96cOngoing5 stars
Origin Energy32.19cOngoing3.5 stars
GloBird Energy32.45cOngoing1.5 stars
Alinta Energy33.17cOngoing2 stars
Alinta Energy34.16c12+ months2 stars
Origin Energy34.20c12+ months3.5 stars
AGL35.12cOngoing3.5 stars
Powerdirect35.13c12+ months3 stars
Lumo Energy35.39cOngoing3 stars
Commander35.65cOngoing2.5 stars
Dodo35.65cOngoing2.5 stars
Simply Energy36.00cOngoing2 stars
AGL36.30c12+ months3.5 stars
Red Energy36.41cOngoing3 stars
Amber Electric37.71cOngoing4 stars
Click Energy38.23cOngoing2 stars
Energy Australia38.26c12+ months3 stars
amaysim39.41cOngoing2 stars
QEnergy40.30cOngoing2 stars
Energy Australia40.70cOngoing3 stars
Cheapest electricity rates by retailer in Victoria (Melbourne – CitiPower network)
Retailer (link to plans)General Usage RateDiscount Duration *Green Rating **
Elysian Energy18.37cOngoingNot rated
Commander19.62cOngoing2.5 stars
Dodo19.62cOngoing2.5 stars
Momentum Energy20.06cOngoing3.5 stars
GloBird Energy20.44cOngoing1.5 stars
Simply Energy20.45cOngoing2 stars
Tango Energy20.57c12+ months2.5 stars
Powerdirect20.92c12+ months3 stars
AGL20.92cOngoing3.5 stars
Powershop21.15cOngoing5 stars
Powerclub21.36cOngoingNot rated
AGL21.38c12+ months3.5 stars
Diamond Energy21.71cOngoing5 stars
Sumo21.85cOngoing1.5 stars
Origin Energy21.86c12+ months3.5 stars
Energy Australia21.86c12+ months3 stars
Kogan Energy22.28cOngoingNot rated
Energy Locals22.50cOngoing4 stars
Click Energy22.55cOngoing2 stars
Red Energy22.55cOngoing3 stars
1st Energy22.64cOngoing1 stars
DC Power Co23.13cOngoing5 stars
Lumo Energy23.25cOngoing3 stars
Energy Australia23.25cOngoing3 stars
Origin Energy23.25cOngoing3.5 stars
People Energy23.25cOngoing1.5 stars
CovaU23.25cOngoing1.5 stars
Blue NRG23.25cOngoingNot rated
QEnergy23.25cOngoing2 stars
amaysim23.25cOngoing2 stars
Alinta Energy23.25cOngoing2 stars
Alinta Energy23.25c12+ months2 stars
Tango Energy23.25cOngoing2.5 stars
Sumo24.90c12+ months1.5 stars
Amber Electric25.87cOngoing4 stars
Cheapest electricity rates by retailer in the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra – Evoenergy network)
Retailer (link to plans)General Usage RateDiscount Duration *Green Rating **
Origin Energy17.23c12+ months3.5 stars
ActewAGL17.78c12+ months2.5 stars
Origin Energy19.05cOngoing3.5 stars
Red Energy20.01cOngoing3 stars
Powerclub20.37cOngoingNot rated
Energy Locals22.00cOngoing4 stars
ActewAGL22.59cOngoing2.5 stars
Energy Australia22.76c12+ months3 stars
Amber Electric25.65cOngoing4 stars
Cheapest electricity rates by retailer in Tasmania (Hobart – TasNetworks network)
Retailer (link to plans)General Usage RateDiscount Duration *Green Rating **
1st Energy25.60c12+ months1 stars
1st Energy26.95cOngoing1 stars
Aurora Energy26.96cOngoing3 stars
Cheapest electricity rates by retailer in Western Australia (Perth – Western Energy network)
Retailer (link to plans)General Usage RateDiscount Duration *Green Rating **
Synergy28.82cOngoing2 stars
Cheapest electricity rates by retailer in the Northern Territory (Darwin – Power and Water network)
Retailer (link to plans)General Usage RateDiscount Duration *Green Rating **
Jacana Energy26.05cOngoing2.5 stars

^ Rates shown are for anytime (flat rate) tariff and include GST and all available discounts. Plans are updated weekly from retailer’s Basic Plan Information Documents (BPIDs)/Energy Price Fact Sheets. * Discount duration reflects whether plans are subject to a benefit period after which plan benefits (including discounts) may end. ** Green Rating courtesy of the Green Electricity Guide 2018 published by Greenpeace and The Total Environment Centre.

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