Add solar. Cut Energy Costs.

Add solar. Cut Energy Costs.

Business Daily Supply Charges Comparison

Business electricity daily supply charges Daily supply charges are the amount your business pays to be connected to the electricity grid. Also called the ‘service to property’ charge, fixed charge or service charge, they are usually shown on your bill as a daily rate. Business daily supply charges are not based on how much energy you use. Electricity daily supply charges vary depending on three things;
1. The electricity network region you are connected to. There are 15 major electricity networks in Australia.
2. What type of tariff you are on. This includes flat/anytime or time of use.
3. The electricity retailer who you buy power through.

Listed below are electricity retailer’s daily supply charges for business customers in ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA. A low daily supply charge is important, but you also need to consider the usage rates (and feed-in tariffs if you have solar) to ensure you get the best deal. WATTever’s comprehensive electricity comparison makes it easy to get it right by including all this information for every retailer.

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Ausgrid Network Electricity Daily Supply Charges (Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Region and Newcastle)

#Retailer PlansAnytimeTime Of UseTime Of Use Demand
Origin Energy Supply$2.04$7.59
AGL Business Everyday$1.63$1.63$6.16
amaysim business as you go$1.65$1.68
AGL Business Essentials$1.67$1.91$7.21
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$1.67$1.67$6.22
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$1.69$1.70$6.48
Origin Energy BillSaver$1.71$1.71$6.38
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver Business Rewards$1.73$1.73$7.59
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$1.73$1.73$7.59
QEnergy Biz Saver Variable$1.81$1.97$7.58
CovaU Freedom$1.81$1.81$5.24
Energy Locals Business Member$1.82$1.64$7.48
Red Energy Red Easy$1.87$1.87$1.87
Red Energy Qantas Red Easy$1.87$1.87$1.87
Diamond Energy Market Offer$1.88$1.88$6.93
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$1.89$1.89$7.37
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$1.92$1.92$8.43
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$1.94$1.94$7.60
Simply Energy Business Save 10 Online$1.95$1.94$7.62
Simply Energy Business Qantas Points Plus 10 Online$1.95$1.94$7.62
Simply Energy Business Plus 15 Online$1.95$1.94$7.62
Simply Energy Business NRMA Plus 18 Online$1.95$1.94$7.62
Lumo Energy Business Options$1.96$1.96
Red Energy Standing Offer$1.96$1.96
AGL Business Savers$1.97$1.97$7.42
AGL Business Freedom$1.97$1.97$7.42
AGL Melbourne Victory$1.97$1.97$7.42
Click Energy Business Elect$1.97$2.00
AGL Standing Offer$1.97$1.97$7.42
AGL Business Solar Savers$1.97$1.97$7.42
Powerdirect Market Offer$1.97$1.97$7.42
Powerdirect Standing Offer$1.97$1.97$7.42
Momentum Energy SmilePower$1.98$1.98$7.75
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$1.98$1.98$7.58
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$1.99$2.00$7.62
Energy Australia Basic Business$1.99$2.00$7.62
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$1.99$2.00$7.62
Pooled Energy Market Offer$2.00$2.08$7.60
Blue NRG Standing Offer$2.02$2.13$8.59
Energy Locals Save Me$2.02$2.18$8.04
Alinta Energy Corporate Saver 20$2.02$2.02$7.72
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$2.02$2.02$7.91
Origin Energy Standing$2.04$2.04$7.59
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$2.04$2.04$7.59
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost Plus$2.04$2.04$7.59
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$2.04$2.04$7.59
Powershop Mega Pack$2.06$2.06$7.78
CovaU Freedom Solar$2.07$2.07$5.98
Next Business Energy Market Offer$2.10$2.10$9.21
Powershop Power Saver$2.13$2.13$8.06
1st Energy 1st Saver$2.13$2.10$7.47
1st Energy Standing Offer$2.14$2.10$7.47
Click Energy Business Standing$2.15$2.18
amaysim business standing$2.15$2.18
Powershop Lite$2.26$2.26$8.51
Commander Market Offer$2.27$2.24
Sumo Business 25$2.28$2.06$7.54
QEnergy Biz Your Way$2.29$2.29$7.62
Energy Locals Standing Offer$2.34$2.17$8.13
Blue NRG Blue 36$2.38$1.78$7.69
Powershop Standing Offer$2.42$2.42$9.15
Commander Standing Offer$2.50$2.46
CovaU Standing Offer$2.58$2.58$7.48
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$2.69$2.64$10.78

Endeavour Energy Network Electricity Daily Supply Charges (Western Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and Illawarra)

#Retailer PlansAnytimeTime Of Use
Energy Locals Business Member$0.45$0.90
amaysim business as you go$0.86$1.10
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$0.92$0.99
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.92$1.23
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.94$0.85
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.94$1.02
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver Business Rewards$0.94$0.85
AGL Business Everyday$0.94$0.72
AGL Business Essentials$0.97$0.84
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$1.00$0.94
Click Energy Business Elect$1.02$1.32
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$1.05$0.95
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$1.05$1.75
Red Energy Qantas Red Easy$1.07$0.97
Red Energy Red Easy$1.07$0.97
Lumo Energy Business Options$1.07$0.97
Red Energy Standing Offer$1.07$0.97
Diamond Energy Market Offer$1.08$1.23
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$1.08$1.80
Simply Energy Business NRMA Plus 18 Online$1.09$1.18
Simply Energy Business Plus 15 Online$1.09$1.18
QEnergy Biz Saver Variable$1.09$1.17
Simply Energy Business Save 10 Online$1.09$1.18
QEnergy Biz Your Way$1.09$1.33
Simply Energy Business Qantas Points Plus 10 Online$1.09$1.18
Momentum Energy SmilePower$1.10$1.84
amaysim business standing$1.11$1.43
Click Energy Business Standing$1.11$1.43
Origin Energy Supply$1.12$1.21
Origin Energy Standing$1.12$1.21
CovaU Freedom$1.12$1.33
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$1.12$1.21
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost Plus$1.12$1.21
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$1.12$1.09
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$1.12$1.21
Powerdirect Market Offer$1.13$0.87
Powerdirect Standing Offer$1.13$0.87
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$1.13$1.20
AGL Melbourne Victory$1.13$0.87
AGL Business Freedom$1.13$0.87
AGL Business Savers$1.13$0.87
AGL Business Solar Savers$1.13$0.87
AGL Standing Offer$1.13$0.87
Alinta Energy Corporate Saver 20$1.14$1.11
Pooled Energy Market Offer$1.14$1.06
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$1.18$1.10
Energy Australia Basic Business$1.18$1.10
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$1.18$1.10
Blue NRG Standing Offer$1.21$1.28
1st Energy Standing Offer$1.22$2.41
Commander Market Offer$1.24$1.33
1st Energy 1st Saver$1.25$1.35
Powershop Mega Pack$1.26$1.36
CovaU Freedom Solar$1.28$1.52
Powershop Power Saver$1.31$1.41
Sumo Business 25$1.34$1.16
Commander Standing Offer$1.36$1.46
Powershop Lite$1.38$1.49
Powershop Standing Offer$1.49$1.60
Energy Locals Save Me$1.54$1.64
CovaU Standing Offer$1.60$1.90
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$1.65$1.72
Energy Locals Standing Offer$1.86$1.86
Blue NRG Blue 36$1.89$1.41

Essential Energy Network Electricity Daily Supply Charges (Regional NSW)

#Retailer PlansAnytimeTime Of Use
Energy Locals Business Member$1.07$7.15
amaysim business as you go$1.38$6.16
Next Business Energy Market Offer$1.38$9.21
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$1.48$9.90
Powershop Mega Pack$1.51$7.17
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$1.52$6.03
QEnergy Biz Saver Variable$1.55$7.15
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$1.55$6.85
Origin Energy BillSaver$1.56$6.18
Powershop Power Saver$1.57$7.43
AGL Business Everyday$1.57$6.05
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver Business Rewards$1.57$7.15
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$1.57$7.15
AGL Business Essentials$1.59$7.06
Click Energy Business Elect$1.65$7.36
Powershop Lite$1.66$7.85
Diamond Energy Market Offer$1.73$7.32
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$1.73$7.19
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$1.75$7.95
Red Energy Qantas Red Easy$1.76$7.70
Red Energy Red Easy$1.76$7.70
Powershop Standing Offer$1.78$8.44
Red Energy Standing Offer$1.78$8.11
Lumo Energy Business Options$1.78$8.11
Click Energy Business Standing$1.79$8.00
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$1.79$7.41
amaysim business standing$1.79$8.00
Momentum Energy SmilePower$1.82$7.56
Simply Energy Business Plus 15 Online$1.82$7.50
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$1.82$8.06
Simply Energy Business Save 10 Online$1.82$7.50
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$1.82$8.06
Simply Energy Business Qantas Points Plus 10 Online$1.82$7.50
Energy Australia Basic Business$1.82$8.06
Simply Energy Business NRMA Plus 18 Online$1.82$7.50
CovaU Freedom$1.83$5.07
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$1.85$7.59
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$1.86$7.72
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost Plus$1.86$7.36
Enova Energy Business Economy Plus$1.86$7.36
Enova Energy Standing Offer$1.86$7.36
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$1.86$7.36
Origin Energy Supply$1.86$7.36
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$1.86$7.36
Origin Energy Standing$1.86$7.36
AGL Business Solar Savers$1.87$7.21
AGL Melbourne Victory$1.87$7.21
AGL Standing Offer$1.87$7.21
Powerdirect Standing Offer$1.87$7.21
AGL Business Freedom$1.87$7.21
AGL Business Savers$1.87$7.21
Powerdirect Market Offer$1.87$7.21
Alinta Energy Corporate Saver 20$1.88$7.73
QEnergy Biz Your Way$1.94$9.07
1st Energy Standing Offer$1.99$7.82
Commander Market Offer$2.00$8.45
Blue NRG Standing Offer$2.02$7.57
1st Energy 1st Saver$2.06$7.82
CovaU Freedom Solar$2.09$5.79
Energy Locals Save Me$2.15$7.80
Commander Standing Offer$2.20$9.30
Sumo Business 25$2.32$7.81
Blue NRG Blue 36$2.33$9.82
Energy Locals Standing Offer$2.45$8.00
CovaU Standing Offer$2.62$7.37

Energex Network Electricity Daily Supply Charges (South East Queensland)

#Retailer PlansAnytimeTwo Rate TOU (5 day)Anytime Demand
Energy Locals Business Member$1.09$0.76
AGL Business Essentials$1.24$1.24$4.89
Origin Energy BillSaver$1.25$1.25
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$1.25$1.28
1st Energy 1st Saver$1.25$1.61
Powershop Mega Pack$1.29$1.29
AGL Business Everyday$1.29$1.29$5.06
Powershop Power Saver$1.33$1.33
Next Business Energy Market Offer$1.33$1.33
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$1.35$1.38
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver Business Rewards$1.35$1.35
Red Energy Easy Saver$1.35$1.35
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$1.40$1.40
Origin Energy Standing$1.41$1.41
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$1.41$1.41
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$1.41$1.41
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost Plus$1.41$1.41
Powershop Lite$1.41$1.41
Origin Energy Supply$1.41$1.41
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$1.42$1.45
Energy Australia Basic Business$1.42$1.45
QEnergy Biz Saver Lite Variable$1.42$1.42
Red Energy Red Easy$1.42$1.42
Red Energy Qantas Red Easy$1.42$1.42
Alinta Energy Business SaverPlus$1.42$1.42
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$1.42$1.42
QEnergy Biz Saver Variable$1.42$1.42
Simply Energy Business Save 10 Online$1.42$1.42
QEnergy Biz Saver Smart Variable$1.42$1.42
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$1.43$1.43$6.82
AGL Business Savers$1.46$1.46$5.75
AGL Melbourne Victory$1.46$1.46$5.75
AGL Standing Offer$1.46$1.46$5.75
AGL Business Solar Savers$1.46$1.46$5.75
AGL Business Freedom$1.46$1.46$5.75
Powerdirect Standing Offer$1.46$1.46
Powerdirect Market Offer$1.46$1.46
Energy Locals Save Me$1.47$1.43
Alinta Energy Standing Offer Solar$1.49$1.49
Alinta Energy Business SaverPlus Solar$1.49$1.49
Click Energy Business Choice$1.49$1.60
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$1.50$1.50
Lumo Energy Business Options$1.51$1.51
Powershop Standing Offer$1.52$1.52
amaysim business as you go$1.57$1.68
amaysim business standing$1.57$1.68
Click Energy Business Standing$1.57$1.68
Diamond Energy Market Offer$1.58$1.58
Energy Locals Standing Offer$1.58$1.61
1st Energy Standing Offer$1.64$1.63
QEnergy Biz Your Way$1.69$1.69

Ergon Electricity Daily Supply Charges (Regional Queensland)

#Retailer PlansAnytimeTwo Rate TOU (5 day)Anytime Demand
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 24)$0.70
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 62)$0.86
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 22A)$1.35
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 41)$5.82
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 21)$0.80
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 20)$1.35

South Australia Electricity Daily Supply Charges

#Retailer PlansAnytimeAnytime DemandTime Of Use Demand
amaysim business as you go$0.71
Energy Locals Business Member$0.80$0.55
Click Energy Business Elect$0.82
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.84
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$0.87
AGL Business Everyday$0.87$1.13
QEnergy Biz Your Way$0.88
AGL Business Essentials$0.88$1.23
Lumo Energy Flix 5$0.89
Lumo Energy Value 5$0.89
Lumo Energy Flix 3$0.91
Click Energy Business Standing$0.91
Lumo Energy Value 3$0.91
amaysim business standing$0.91
Lumo Energy Basic$0.94
Simply Energy Business Save 10 Online$0.95
Simply Energy Business Plus 15 Online$0.95
Simply Energy Business Qantas Points Plus 10 Online$0.95
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.97
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$0.98
Commander Market Offer$0.98
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost Plus$0.99
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.99$1.68$1.68
Origin Energy Supply$0.99
Origin Energy Standing$0.99
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$0.99
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$0.99
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$0.99
Tango Energy Business Standing$0.99
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver Business Rewards$0.99
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$0.99
Red Energy Easy Saver$0.99
AGL Business Freedom$1.00$1.30
Powerdirect Market Offer$1.00
AGL Business Savers$1.00$1.30
Powerdirect Standing Offer$1.00
AGL Business Solar Savers$1.00$1.30
AGL Standing Offer$1.00$1.30
AGL Melbourne Victory$1.00$1.30
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$1.00$1.55
Alinta Energy Corporate Saver 25$1.01$1.57
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$1.02$2.30$2.30
Energy Australia Basic Business$1.02
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$1.04
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$1.05$2.37$2.37
Momentum Energy SmilePower$1.08$2.42$2.42
Commander Standing Offer$1.08
Blue NRG Blue 36$1.10
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$1.10$2.47$2.47
Lumo Energy Movers 5$1.10
Red Energy Qantas Red Easy$1.11
Red Energy Red Easy$1.11
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$1.11
Lumo Energy Movers 3$1.12
Lumo Energy Business Options$1.15
Red Energy Standing Offer$1.15
Blue NRG Standing Offer$1.16
Powershop Standing Offer$1.23
Energy Locals Standing Offer$2.08$1.75

AusNet Network Electricity Daily Supply Charges (Eastern Victoria)

#Retailer PlansAnytimeTwo Rate TOU (5 day)Two Rate TOU (7 day)Time Of UseAnytime DemandTime Of Use Demand
Powershop Standing Offer (medium)$1.81$1.81
AGL Standing Offer (medium)$1.67
Powerdirect Standing Offer (medium)$1.67
Tango Energy Business Select (Medium)$1.59
Alinta Energy Standing Offer (medium)$1.67
Simply Energy Business Save 35 30 Online (medium)$1.44
Simply Energy Business RACV Plus 38 32 Online (medium)$1.44
Simply Energy Business Qantas Points Plus 30 25 Online (medium)$1.44
Simply Energy Business Plus 43 37 FIT (medium)$1.44
Powershop Lite (medium)$1.53$1.53
AGL Business Essentials (medium)$1.67
Blue NRG Blue Market Offer$1.87$1.85
AGL Business Solar Savers (medium)$1.67
Powershop Power Saver (medium)$1.40$1.40
AGL Business Savers (medium)$1.67
Simply Energy Standing Offer (medium)$1.44
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$1.55$1.71
Powershop Mega Pack (medium)$1.34$1.34
AGL Business Everyday (medium)$1.25
AGL Business Freedom (medium)$1.67
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$1.09$1.04$1.24$1.38
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver Business Rewards$1.09$1.04$1.24$1.38
Click Energy Business Elect$1.15$1.15$1.99
Lumo Energy Flix 5$1.15$1.10$1.31
Lumo Energy Value 5$1.15$1.10$1.31
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$1.16$1.16$1.68
Lumo Energy Flix 3$1.17$1.12$1.33
Lumo Energy Value 3$1.17$1.12$1.33
AGL Business Everyday$1.18$1.22$1.53$0.96$1.24
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$1.21$1.16$1.38$1.53
Lumo Energy Basic$1.21$1.16$1.38
Sumo Business 37$1.23$1.22$2.25
Click Energy Business Standing$1.23$1.23$2.14
amaysim business standing$1.23$1.23$2.14
amaysim business as you go$1.23$1.23$2.14
Lumo Energy Business Options$1.24$1.18$1.42
Lumo Energy Movers 5$1.25$1.20$1.41
AGL Business Essentials$1.28$1.51$1.88$1.29$1.66
Lumo Energy Movers 3$1.28$1.23$1.44
Origin Energy BillSaver$1.29$1.29$2.00$1.29
Blue NRG Blue 36$1.32$1.34$1.93
Next Business Energy Market Offer$1.33$1.33$2.05
Elysian Energy Market Offer$1.34$1.34$1.34$1.34
Powershop Mega Pack$1.34$1.34$1.89$1.34
Tango Energy Business Select$1.36$1.36$1.71$1.59$1.48
GloBird Energy BizSave$1.38$1.38$1.43
Powershop Power Saver$1.40$1.40$1.98$1.40
Red Energy Red Easy$1.43$1.43$1.43
Red Energy Qantas Red Easy$1.43$1.43$1.43
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$1.43$1.43$2.20
Simply Energy Standing Offer$1.44$1.27$1.21$1.44$1.44
Simply Energy Business Plus 43 37 FIT$1.44$1.44$1.21$1.44$1.44
Simply Energy Business Qantas Points Plus 30 25 Online$1.44$1.44$1.21$1.44$1.44
Simply Energy Business RACV Plus 38 32 Online$1.44$1.44$1.21$1.44$1.44
Simply Energy Business Save 35 30 Online$1.44$1.44$1.21$1.44$1.44
Blue NRG Standing without CL$1.45
People Energy Total Saver$1.46$1.52$2.13$1.46$1.46
Diamond Energy Market Offer$1.48$1.48$2.47
QEnergy Biz Your Way$1.52$1.52$2.35
Red Energy Standing Offer$1.52$1.18$1.42
Powershop Lite$1.53$1.53$2.16$1.53
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$1.54$1.54$2.23
Energy Australia Basic Business$1.54$1.54$2.23
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$1.54$1.54$2.23
CovaU Standing Offer$1.55$1.55$2.20$1.71$1.71
CovaU Smart Saver$1.55$1.55$2.20$1.71$1.71
Blue NRG Standing$1.56$1.66$2.03
1st Energy Market Offer$1.57$1.57$2.44
AGL Standing Offer$1.58$1.62$2.04$1.27$1.66
AGL Business Solar Savers$1.58$1.62$2.04$1.27$1.66
AGL Business Savers$1.58$1.62$2.04$1.27$1.66
AGL Business Freedom$1.58$1.62$2.04$1.27$1.66
Powerdirect Market Offer$1.58$1.62$2.04$1.27$1.66
Powerdirect Standing Offer$1.58$1.62$2.04$1.27$1.66
Tango Energy Business Standing$1.59$1.59$2.61$1.59$1.66$1.65
Origin Energy Supply$1.65$1.65$2.56$1.65
Origin Energy Standing$1.65$1.65$2.56$1.65
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$1.65$1.65$2.56$1.65
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$1.65$1.65$2.56$1.65
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$1.65$1.65$2.56$1.65
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$1.66$1.66$2.05$1.45$1.65
Commander Standing Offer$1.67$1.67$2.41
Dodo Standing Offer$1.71$1.71$2.46
Commander Market Offer$1.75$1.75$2.52
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$1.78$1.76$2.56$1.76$1.76
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$1.78$1.76$2.56$1.76$1.76
Momentum Energy Move Mate$1.78$1.76$2.56$1.76$1.76
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$1.78$1.76$2.56$1.76$1.76
Dodo Market Offer$1.78$1.78$2.57
Powershop Standing Offer$1.81$1.81$2.64$1.81
Momentum Energy SmilePower$1.82$1.80$2.61$1.80$1.80
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$1.86$1.83$2.66$1.83$1.83
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$1.90$1.90$3.16
People Energy On-Time Saver$2.09$2.17$3.04$2.09$2.09
Sumo Standing Offer$2.29$2.16$2.42
1st Energy Standing Offer$2.33$2.53$3.00

CitiPower Network Electricity Daily Supply Charges (Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs)

#Retailer PlansAnytimeTwo Rate TOU (5 day)Two Rate TOU (7 day)Time Of UseAnytime DemandTime Of Use Demand
Momentum Energy Standing Offer (medium)$1.95$4.92
Powershop Standing Offer (medium)$4.81$1.93$4.81
Blue NRG Blue Market Offer$1.79$3.82
Powershop Lite (medium)$3.54$1.62$3.54
Powershop Mega Pack (medium)$3.10$1.41$3.10
Powershop Power Saver (medium)$3.24$1.48$3.24
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi (medium)$1.87$4.08
QEnergy Biz Your Way (medium)$1.55
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up (medium)$1.87$4.08
Diamond Energy Market Offer (medium)$1.88
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats (medium)$1.87$4.72
Momentum Energy Move Mate (medium)$1.91$4.72
Momentum Energy SmilePower (medium)$1.91$4.83
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$1.14$1.14$1.14$1.09$1.65
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver Business Rewards$1.14$1.14$1.14$1.09$1.65
Lumo Energy Value 5$1.21$1.21$1.21
Lumo Energy Flix 5$1.21$1.21$1.21
Lumo Energy Value 3$1.24$1.24$1.24
Lumo Energy Flix 3$1.24$1.24$1.24
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$1.25$1.35$1.35
Click Energy Business Elect$1.27$1.27$1.27$1.27
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$1.27$1.27$1.27$1.21$1.84
Lumo Energy Basic$1.28$1.28$1.28
Origin Energy BillSaver$1.29$1.29$1.29$1.29$3.07
AGL Business Essentials$1.31$1.52$1.52$1.30$1.91$7.46
Lumo Energy Movers 5$1.32$1.32$1.32
Lumo Energy Business Options$1.33$1.31$1.31
Red Energy Standing Offer$1.33$1.31$1.31
Lumo Energy Movers 3$1.34$1.34$1.34
amaysim business as you go$1.37$1.37$1.37$1.37
amaysim business standing$1.37$1.37$1.37$1.37
Click Energy Business Standing$1.37$1.37$1.37$1.37
People Energy Total Saver$1.40$1.85$1.85$6.02
AGL Business Everyday$1.40$1.41$1.41$1.40$1.42$5.58
Powershop Mega Pack$1.41$1.41$1.41$1.41$3.10
GloBird Energy BizSave$1.43$1.48$1.48$1.57
Red Energy Red Easy$1.43$1.43$1.43$1.43
Red Energy Qantas Red Easy$1.43$1.43$1.43$1.43
Elysian Energy Market Offer$1.45$1.45$1.45$1.45$1.45
Tango Energy Business Select$1.45$1.45$1.47$1.76$1.47$3.79
Simply Energy Standing Offer$1.46$1.46$1.46$1.46$3.44
Simply Energy Business Save 35 30 Online$1.46$1.46$1.46$1.46$3.44
Simply Energy Business Qantas Points Plus 30 25 Online$1.46$1.46$1.46$1.46$3.44
Simply Energy Business Plus 43 37 FIT$1.46$1.46$1.46$1.46$3.44
Simply Energy Business RACV Plus 38 32 Online$1.46$1.46$1.46$1.46$3.44
Next Business Energy Market Offer$1.47$1.47$1.47
Powershop Power Saver$1.48$1.48$1.48$1.48$3.24
QEnergy Biz Your Way$1.55$1.55$1.55$1.55
Blue NRG Blue 36$1.56$1.87$1.68
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$1.58$1.58$1.58
Diamond Energy Market Offer$1.58$1.88$1.68$1.83
Powershop Lite$1.62$1.62$1.62$1.62$3.54
Commander Standing Offer$1.63$1.63$1.63
Sumo Business 37$1.64$1.63$1.90
1st Energy Market Offer$1.65$1.71$1.71
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$1.66$1.66$1.66$1.66$3.93
Origin Energy Standing$1.66$1.66$1.66$1.66$3.93
Tango Energy Business Standing$1.66$1.66$1.66$1.91$4.73
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$1.66$1.66$1.66$1.66$3.93
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$1.66$1.66$1.66$1.66$3.93
Origin Energy Supply$1.66$1.66$1.66$1.66$3.93
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$1.67$1.76$1.76$1.91$1.65$3.93
Dodo Standing Offer$1.67$1.67$1.67
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$1.67$1.80$1.80$1.67
Energy Australia Basic Business$1.67$1.80$1.80$1.67
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$1.67$1.80$1.80
Commander Market Offer$1.70$1.70$1.70
CovaU Smart Saver$1.71$1.71$1.71$1.71$4.07
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$1.71$1.71
CovaU Standing Offer$1.71$1.71$1.71$1.71$4.07
Blue NRG Standing without CL$1.72
Blue NRG Standing$1.72$2.06$1.85$1.97$4.20
Dodo Market Offer$1.75$1.75$1.75
Powerdirect Market Offer$1.87$1.88$1.88$1.90$7.44
Powerdirect Standing Offer$1.87$1.88$1.88$1.90$7.44
AGL Business Freedom$1.87$1.88$1.88$1.86$1.90$7.44
AGL Business Savers$1.87$1.88$1.88$1.86$1.90$7.44
AGL Business Solar Savers$1.87$1.88$1.88$1.86$1.90$7.44
AGL Standing Offer$1.87$1.88$1.88$1.86$1.90$7.44
Momentum Energy Move Mate$1.91$1.91$1.91$1.91$1.91$4.81
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$1.91$1.91$1.91$1.91$1.91$4.81
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$1.91$1.91$1.91$1.91$1.91$4.81
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$1.91$1.91$1.91$1.91$1.91$4.81
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$1.93$2.40$2.15$2.34
Powershop Standing Offer$1.93$1.93$1.93$1.93$4.81
Momentum Energy SmilePower$1.95$1.95$1.95$1.95$1.95$4.91
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$1.99$1.99$1.99$1.99$1.99$5.01
People Energy On-Time Saver$2.00$2.65$2.65$8.60
Sumo Standing Offer$2.16$2.42$2.16
1st Energy Standing Offer$2.32$2.32$2.32

Jemena Network Electricity Daily Supply Charges (North West Melbourne)

#Retailer PlansAnytimeTwo Rate TOU (5 day)Two Rate TOU (7 day)Time Of UseAnytime DemandTime Of Use Demand
Powershop Standing Offer (medium)$2.51$2.51
Blue NRG Blue Market Offer$1.54$2.51
Powershop Power Saver (medium)$1.90$1.90
Powershop Mega Pack (medium)$1.81$1.81
Powershop Lite (medium)$2.07$2.07
Click Energy Business Elect$0.98$0.98$0.98
AGL Business Essentials$1.02$1.48$1.48$1.56$2.51
AGL Business Everyday$1.05$1.23$1.23$1.16$1.86
amaysim business as you go$1.05$1.05$1.05
amaysim business standing$1.05$1.05$1.05
Click Energy Business Standing$1.05$1.05$1.05
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$1.10$1.24$1.23
Origin Energy BillSaver$1.12$1.27$1.27$1.12
Lumo Energy Value 5$1.15$1.23$1.23
Lumo Energy Flix 5$1.15$1.23$1.23
Lumo Energy Value 3$1.17$1.26$1.26
Lumo Energy Flix 3$1.17$1.26$1.26
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$1.19$1.14$1.14$1.43
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver Business Rewards$1.19$1.14$1.14$1.43
Lumo Energy Basic$1.21$1.30$1.30
Lumo Energy Movers 5$1.25$1.34$1.34
Tango Energy Business Select$1.25$1.42$1.51$1.34$2.50
Powershop Mega Pack$1.26$1.42$1.42$1.26
Lumo Energy Movers 3$1.28$1.37$1.37
Simply Energy Business Qantas Points Plus 30 25 Online$1.30$1.47$1.47$1.30$1.88
Simply Energy Business RACV Plus 38 32 Online$1.30$1.47$1.47$1.30$1.88
Simply Energy Standing Offer$1.30$1.47$1.47$1.30$1.88
Simply Energy Business Save 35 30 Online$1.30$1.47$1.47$1.30$1.88
Simply Energy Business Plus 43 37 FIT$1.30$1.47$1.47$1.30$1.88
Elysian Energy Market Offer$1.30$1.47$1.47$1.30
GloBird Energy BizSave$1.32$1.48$1.48$1.38$2.04
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$1.32$1.27$1.27$1.58
Powershop Power Saver$1.33$1.49$1.49$1.33
Next Business Energy Market Offer$1.33$1.43$1.43
Red Energy Standing Offer$1.38$1.31$1.31
Lumo Energy Business Options$1.38$1.31$1.31
Diamond Energy Market Offer$1.39$1.53$1.53$2.57
Powerdirect Standing Offer$1.40$1.63$1.63$1.55$2.48
Powerdirect Market Offer$1.40$1.63$1.63$1.55$2.48
AGL Business Freedom$1.40$1.63$1.63$1.55$2.48
AGL Business Savers$1.40$1.63$1.63$1.55$2.48
AGL Standing Offer$1.40$1.63$1.63$1.55$2.48
AGL Business Solar Savers$1.40$1.63$1.63$1.55$2.48
Commander Standing Offer$1.43$1.62$1.62
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$1.43$1.62$1.62$1.43
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$1.43$1.62$1.62$1.43
Origin Energy Standing$1.43$1.62$1.62$1.43
Origin Energy Supply$1.43$1.62$1.62$1.43
QEnergy Biz Your Way$1.43$1.62$1.62$1.43
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$1.43$1.54$1.54
1st Energy Market Offer$1.43$1.64$1.64
Red Energy Red Easy$1.43$1.43$1.43
Red Energy Qantas Red Easy$1.43$1.43$1.43
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$1.43$1.62$1.62$1.43
Powershop Lite$1.45$1.62$1.62$1.45
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$1.45$1.65$1.65$1.50$2.67
Energy Australia Basic Business$1.46$1.65$1.64
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$1.46$1.65$1.64
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$1.46$1.65$1.64
Blue NRG Blue 36$1.47$1.56$1.74
Dodo Standing Offer$1.47$1.66$1.66
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$1.48$1.71
CovaU Standing Offer$1.48$1.71$1.71
CovaU Smart Saver$1.48$1.71$1.71
Sumo Business 37$1.50$1.75$1.55
Commander Market Offer$1.50$1.69$1.69
Dodo Market Offer$1.53$1.73$1.73
Tango Energy Business Standing$1.59$1.77$1.77$1.43$2.58
People Energy Total Saver$1.60$1.69$1.71$1.27
Blue NRG Standing without CL$1.62
Blue NRG Standing$1.62$1.72$1.91$1.69$2.76
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$1.74$1.93$1.93$1.74$2.45
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$1.74$1.93$1.93$1.74$2.45
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$1.74$1.93$1.93$1.74$2.45
Momentum Energy Move Mate$1.74$1.93$1.93$1.74$2.45
Powershop Standing Offer$1.76$1.99$1.99$1.76
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$1.77$1.96$1.96$3.29
Momentum Energy SmilePower$1.78$1.97$1.97$1.78$2.51
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$1.81$2.01$2.01$1.81$2.56
Sumo Standing Offer$2.16$2.52$2.42
People Energy On-Time Saver$2.29$2.42$2.44$1.81
1st Energy Standing Offer$2.65$2.87$2.89

Powercor Network Electricity Daily Supply Charges (Western Victoria)

#Retailer PlansAnytimeTwo Rate TOU (5 day)Two Rate TOU (7 day)Time Of UseAnytime DemandTime Of Use Demand
Diamond Energy Market Offer (medium)$3.96
Powershop Standing Offer (medium)$5.20$5.20
Powershop Power Saver (medium)$3.57$3.57
Powershop Mega Pack (medium)$3.40$3.40
Powershop Lite (medium)$3.89$3.89
Blue NRG Blue Market Offer$1.85$4.40
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.99$0.92$0.92$1.09$1.73
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver Business Rewards$0.99$0.92$0.92$1.09$1.73
Lumo Energy Flix 5$1.04$0.98$0.98
Lumo Energy Value 5$1.04$0.98$0.98
Lumo Energy Value 3$1.07$1.00$1.00
Lumo Energy Flix 3$1.07$1.00$1.00
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$1.10$1.02$1.02$1.21$1.93
Lumo Energy Basic$1.10$1.03$1.03
Lumo Energy Business Options$1.13$1.04$1.04
Red Energy Standing Offer$1.13$1.04$1.04
Lumo Energy Movers 5$1.15$1.09$1.09
Lumo Energy Movers 3$1.17$1.11$1.11
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$1.19$1.22$1.22
Simply Energy Standing Offer$1.21$1.49$1.49$1.49$3.72
People Energy Total Saver$1.24$1.30$1.30$5.86
AGL Business Everyday$1.27$1.34$1.40$1.43$1.33$5.40
Origin Energy BillSaver$1.35$1.35$1.35$1.35$3.34
AGL Business Essentials$1.38$1.44$1.51$1.30$1.79$7.22
Diamond Energy Market Offer$1.39$1.58$1.88$1.58
Red Energy Qantas Red Easy$1.43$1.43$1.43$1.43
Red Energy Red Easy$1.43$1.43$1.43$1.43
GloBird Energy BizSave$1.43$1.43$1.43$1.43$1.43
Powershop Mega Pack$1.46$1.46$1.46$1.46
Click Energy Business Elect$1.48$1.48$1.48$1.48
Elysian Energy Market Offer$1.48$1.48$1.48$1.48$1.48
Simply Energy Business Qantas Points Plus 30 25 Online$1.49$1.49$1.49$1.49$3.72
Simply Energy Business Plus 43 37 FIT$1.49$1.49$1.49$1.49$3.72
Simply Energy Business RACV Plus 38 32 Online$1.49$1.49$1.49$1.49$3.72
Simply Energy Business Save 35 30 Online$1.49$1.49$1.49$1.49$3.72
Tango Energy Business Select$1.50$1.50$1.52$1.52$1.52$4.18
Sumo Standing Offer$1.53$2.28$2.10
Powershop Power Saver$1.53$1.53$1.53$1.53
QEnergy Biz Your Way$1.56$1.56$1.56$1.56
Sumo Business 37$1.57$1.64$1.66
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$1.58$1.62$1.62
Energy Australia Basic Business$1.58$1.62$1.62$1.58
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$1.58$1.62$1.62$1.58
amaysim business as you go$1.59$1.59$1.59$1.59
Click Energy Business Standing$1.59$1.59$1.59$1.59
amaysim business standing$1.59$1.59$1.59$1.59
Next Business Energy Market Offer$1.62$1.62$1.62
Blue NRG Blue 36$1.65$1.54$1.45
CovaU Standing Offer$1.66$1.66$1.66$1.66$1.66$4.29
CovaU Smart Saver Solar$1.66
CovaU Smart Saver$1.66$1.66$1.66$1.66$4.29
Powershop Lite$1.67$1.67$1.67$1.67
Powerdirect Market Offer$1.70$1.79$1.86$1.78$7.19
AGL Standing Offer$1.70$1.79$1.86$1.91$1.78$7.19
AGL Business Freedom$1.70$1.79$1.86$1.91$1.78$7.19
AGL Business Savers$1.70$1.79$1.86$1.91$1.78$7.19
AGL Business Solar Savers$1.70$1.79$1.86$1.91$1.78$7.19
Powerdirect Standing Offer$1.70$1.79$1.86$1.78$7.19
Commander Standing Offer$1.71$1.71$1.71
Tango Energy Business Standing$1.72$1.72$1.72$1.90$1.79$4.84
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$1.73$1.73$1.73$1.73$4.29
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$1.73$1.73$1.73$1.73$4.29
Origin Energy Supply$1.73$1.73$1.73$1.73$4.29
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$1.73$1.73$1.73$1.73$4.29
Origin Energy Standing$1.73$1.73$1.73$1.73$4.29
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$1.74$1.76$1.76$1.95$1.85$4.47
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$1.74$1.74$1.74
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$1.77$2.02$1.92$2.40
People Energy On-Time Saver$1.77$1.85$1.85$8.38
Commander Market Offer$1.78$1.78$1.78
1st Energy Market Offer$1.78$1.82$1.82
Blue NRG Standing$1.81$1.69$1.60$2.03$4.84
Blue NRG Standing without CL$1.81
Dodo Standing Offer$1.83$1.83$1.83
Dodo Market Offer$1.91$1.91$1.91
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$1.94$1.94$1.94$1.94$1.94$5.11
Momentum Energy Move Mate$1.94$1.94$1.94$1.94$1.94$5.11
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$1.94$1.94$1.94$1.94$1.94$5.11
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$1.94$1.94$1.94$1.94$1.94$5.11
Powershop Standing Offer$1.98$1.98$1.98$1.98
Momentum Energy SmilePower$1.98$1.98$1.98$1.98$1.98$5.22
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$2.02$2.02$2.02$2.02$2.02$5.33
1st Energy Standing Offer$2.09$2.09$2.09

United Energy Network Electricity Daily Supply Charges (South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula)

#Retailer PlansAnytimeTwo Rate TOU (5 day)Two Rate TOU (7 day)Time Of UseAnytime DemandTime Of Use Demand
Powershop Standing Offer (medium)$1.36
Origin Energy BusinessSaver (medium)$1.42
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats B$1.37
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up A$1.37
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up B$1.37
CovaU Standing Offer LVMKWTOU$1.38
Momentum Energy SmilePower B$1.40
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost (medium)$1.42
Origin Energy Standing (medium)$1.42
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi B$1.37
Origin Energy Supply (medium)$1.42
Momentum Energy Standing Offer A$1.43
Momentum Energy Standing Offer B$1.43
Blue NRG Standing A$1.45
Alinta Energy Standing Offer (medium)$1.30
Powershop Lite (medium)$1.11
Blue NRG Blue Market Offer$1.16
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats A$1.37
Momentum Energy SmilePower A$1.40
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi A$1.37
AGL Business Freedom (medium)$1.03
Momentum Energy Move Mate B$1.37
Blue NRG Standing B$1.27
Simply Energy Standing Offer (medium)$1.16
Powershop Mega Pack (medium)$0.97
Blue NRG Blue Market Offer (medium)$1.32
AGL Business Everyday (medium)$0.77
Powershop Power Saver (medium)$1.02
AGL Business Savers (medium)$1.03
AGL Business Solar Savers (medium)$1.03
AGL Standing Offer (medium)$1.03
Momentum Energy Move Mate A$1.37
AGL Business Essentials (medium)$1.03
Click Energy Business Elect$0.88$0.88$0.88
amaysim business as you go$0.94$0.94$0.94
amaysim business standing$0.94$0.94$0.94
Click Energy Business Standing$0.94$0.94$0.94
AGL Business Everyday$0.98$1.11$1.13$0.77
Origin Energy BillSaver$1.01$1.11$1.12$0.90
AGL Business Essentials$1.03$1.28$1.29$1.03
Elysian Energy Market Offer$1.04$1.16$1.18$0.91
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$1.04$1.04$1.04$0.99
Red Energy Qantas Red Saver Business Rewards$1.04$1.04$1.04$0.99
GloBird Energy BizSave$1.08$1.13$1.13$1.12$1.12
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$1.09$1.20$1.21
Next Business Energy Market Offer$1.09$1.33$1.19
Tango Energy Business Select$1.13$1.16$1.16$1.35$1.35
Powershop Mega Pack$1.13$1.21$1.22$0.90
Lumo Energy Value 5$1.14$1.14$1.14
Lumo Energy Flix 5$1.14$1.14$1.14
Lumo Energy Value 3$1.16$1.16$1.16
Red Energy Qantas Red Plus$1.16$1.16$1.16$1.10
Lumo Energy Flix 3$1.16$1.16$1.16
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$1.18$1.43$1.28
Powershop Power Saver$1.19$1.27$1.27$0.94
Lumo Energy Basic$1.20$1.20$1.20
Red Energy Standing Offer$1.20$1.20$1.20
Lumo Energy Business Options$1.20$1.20$1.20
QEnergy Biz Your Way$1.23$1.35$1.37$1.10
Diamond Energy Market Offer$1.24$1.39$1.34$1.39$1.39
Lumo Energy Movers 5$1.24$1.24$1.24
Lumo Energy Movers 3$1.27$1.27$1.27
Simply Energy Business RACV Plus 38 32 Online$1.28$1.40$1.42$1.16
Simply Energy Business Qantas Points Plus 30 25 Online$1.28$1.40$1.42$1.16
Simply Energy Standing Offer$1.28$1.40$1.42$1.16
Simply Energy Business Plus 43 37 FIT$1.28$1.40$1.42$1.16
Simply Energy Business Save 35 30 Online$1.28$1.40$1.42$1.16
Origin Energy Standing$1.29$1.42$1.44$1.15
Powershop Lite$1.29$1.39$1.39$1.02
Origin Energy Supply$1.29$1.42$1.44$1.15
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$1.29$1.42$1.44$1.15
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$1.29$1.42$1.44$1.15
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$1.29$1.42$1.44$1.15
Powerdirect Market Offer$1.31$1.48$1.50$1.03$1.02
AGL Standing Offer$1.31$1.48$1.50$1.02
AGL Business Solar Savers$1.31$1.48$1.50$1.02
AGL Business Savers$1.31$1.48$1.50$1.02
Sumo Business 37$1.31$1.47$1.55
AGL Business Freedom$1.31$1.48$1.50$1.02
Powerdirect Standing Offer$1.31$1.48$1.50$1.03$1.02
CovaU Standing Offer$1.32$1.38$1.38$1.32$1.38
CovaU Smart Saver$1.32$1.38$1.38$1.38$1.38
Blue NRG Blue 36$1.32$1.54$1.46
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$1.34$1.50$1.48$1.30
People Energy Total Saver$1.36$1.26$1.26$0.85$1.00
1st Energy Market Offer$1.36$1.45$1.45
Sumo Standing Offer$1.38$1.91$1.90
Tango Energy Business Standing$1.42$1.54$1.54$1.41$1.41
Red Energy Red Easy$1.43$1.43$1.43
Red Energy Qantas Red Easy$1.43$1.43$1.43
Commander Standing Offer$1.44$1.57$1.57
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$1.45$1.59$1.62
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$1.45$1.59$1.62
Energy Australia Basic Business$1.45$1.59$1.62
Blue NRG Standing$1.45$1.69$1.61
Blue NRG Standing without CL$1.45
Dodo Standing Offer$1.50$1.63$1.63
Commander Market Offer$1.51$1.64$1.64
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$1.52$1.66$1.68$1.37
Momentum Energy Move Mate$1.52$1.66$1.68$1.37
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up$1.52$1.66$1.68$1.37
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi Geelong Cats$1.52$1.66$1.68$1.37
Powershop Standing Offer$1.54$1.66$1.70$1.36
Momentum Energy SmilePower$1.56$1.69$1.71
Dodo Market Offer$1.57$1.70$1.70
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$1.58$1.77$1.71$1.77
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$1.58$1.73$1.75
People Energy On-Time Saver$1.94$1.80$1.80$1.21$1.43
1st Energy Standing Offer$1.95$2.01$2.08

Australian Capital Territory Electricity Daily Supply Charges

#Retailer PlansAnytimeTime Of UseTime Of Use Demand
ActewAGL ACT Business (Smart Meter)
ActewAGL Standing Offer (Smart Meter)$1.75
ActewAGL Standing Offer (Interval Meter)$1.47
Energy Locals Business Member$0.79$0.73
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$1.23$1.22
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$1.23$1.22
Origin Energy BillSaver$1.23$1.23
Next Business Energy Market Offer$1.23$1.23$2.76
Energy Australia Basic Business$1.31$1.29
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$1.32
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$1.32$1.32
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$1.34$1.34
Origin Energy Supply$1.34$1.34
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$1.34$1.34
Origin Energy Standing$1.34$1.34
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$1.34$1.34
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost Plus$1.34$1.34
ActewAGL ACT Business$1.47$1.47$4.80
ActewAGL Standing Offer$1.47
Red Energy Standing Offer$1.47
Energy Locals Standing Offer$1.67$1.40
Energy Locals Save Me$1.67$1.40

Western Power Network Electricity Daily Supply Charges (South West of Western Australia)
#Retailer PlansAnytimeTime Of Use
Synergy Business$1.72$3.31
Northern Territory Electricity Daily Supply Charges
#Retailer PlansAnytimeTwo Rate TOU (5 day)
Jacana Energy Business 6 to 6$0.80
Jacana Energy Everyday Business$0.80
Tasmania Electricity Daily Supply Charges

#Retailer PlansAnytimeTime Of Use
Aurora Energy Business Saver$0.88
ERM Power Adjustable$1.29
Aurora Energy General Business$1.02$1.10
1st Energy 1st Saver$1.02
ERM Power Fixed$1.21$1.31

Please note the following about the information below:
1. Daily electricity supply charges shown include GST and all available discounts.
2. Where retailers have subscription-based plans, periodic subscription fees are included in the daily supply charge.
3. Daily charges relating to controlled load or dedicated circuits are not shown on this page.

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