Business Controlled Load 2 Rates Comparison

Business Controlled Load 2 dedicated circuitBusiness Controlled Load 2 Rates are the amount you pay per kilowatt hour (kWh) for appliances that are on dedicated circuits connected as a Controlled 2 Load. This can include pool pumps, in-floor heating and occasionally hot water heating (if longer heating hours are required than controlled load 1 provides). Business Controlled Load 2 Rates vary depending on;
1. The electricity network location you are connected to.
2. The electricity retailer who you buy power through.

Listed below are electricity retailer’s Controlled Load 2 Rates for small businesses in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania. There are no Controlled Load 2 tariffs in the other states and territories. A low controlled load 2 rate is important, but you also need to consider the other usage rates, daily charges and feed-in tariffs (if you have solar) to ensure you find the best deal. WATTever’s comprehensive electricity comparison makes it easy to get it right by including all this information for every retailer.

View the Business Controlled Load 1 Rates comparison here. View the Residential Controlled Load 2 Rates comparison here.

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Ausgrid Network Business Controlled Load 2 Rates – Tariff EA040 (Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Region and Newcastle)
#Retailer Plans 
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.122
QEnergy Flexi Saver Biz$0.124
AGL Business Savers$0.125
QEnergy Flexi Biz$0.125
Alinta Energy Business Saver 27$0.126
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.127
Sumo Business 25$0.128
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$0.129
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.129
AGL Business Fixed$0.132
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.132
Blue NRG Blue 36$0.132
Lumo Energy Business Premium$0.134
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$0.136
AGL Business Everyday$0.137
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$0.145
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$0.145
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$0.148
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.149
Red Energy Living Energy Simple$0.149
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.149
Simply Energy Business NRMA Plus 18 Online$0.164
AGL Business Standing Offer$0.165
AGL Business Solar Savers$0.165
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.165
AGL Business Freedom$0.165
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.167
Lumo Energy Business Options$0.168
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$0.168
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.168
Commander Market Offer$0.169
Simply Energy Business Plus 15 Online$0.170
Pooled Energy Market Offer$0.172
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.173
Energy Australia Basic Business$0.175
CovaU Freedom$0.176
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.176
Origin Energy Standing$0.177
Origin Energy Supply$0.177
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.178
Simply Energy Business Qantas Points Plus 10 Online$0.180
Simply Energy Business Save 10 Online$0.180
Powershop Mega Pack$0.181
Energy Locals Business Member$0.187
Powershop Power Saver$0.188
Powershop Lite$0.194
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.200
CovaU Freedom Solar$0.201
Sumo Standing Offer$0.202
ERM Power Standing Offer$0.206
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.209
Energy Locals Save Me$0.209
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.210
Powershop Standing Offer$0.213
Commander Standing Offer$0.232
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.233
CovaU Standing Offer$0.251
amaysim business 1$0.278
Blue NRG Blue Standing$0.279
Click Energy Business Plus$0.281
Click Energy Business Select$0.298
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$0.319
amaysim business standing$0.323
Click Energy Business Standing$0.323
QEnergy Biz Your Way$0.332
Endeavour Energy Network Business Controlled Load 2 Rates – Tariff N54 (Western Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and Illawarra)
#Retailer Plans 
QEnergy Flexi Saver Biz$0.119
Alinta Energy Business Saver 27$0.120
QEnergy Flexi Biz$0.120
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.122
AGL Business Savers$0.125
Lumo Energy Business Premium$0.128
Sumo Business 25$0.131
Blue NRG Blue 36$0.132
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.132
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.136
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.136
AGL Business Everyday$0.137
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.137
Red Energy Living Energy Simple$0.138
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$0.141
Simply Energy Business NRMA Plus 18 Online$0.148
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$0.149
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$0.152
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$0.152
Simply Energy Business Plus 15 Online$0.153
Lumo Energy Business Options$0.154
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.154
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$0.154
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.155
CovaU Freedom$0.156
Powershop Mega Pack$0.160
Simply Energy Business Save 10 Online$0.162
Simply Energy Business Qantas Points Plus 10 Online$0.162
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.164
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.165
AGL Business Freedom$0.165
Energy Locals Business Member$0.165
AGL Business Solar Savers$0.165
AGL Business Standing Offer$0.165
Commander Market Offer$0.166
Powershop Power Saver$0.166
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.168
Powershop Lite$0.172
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.175
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$0.176
Pooled Energy Market Offer$0.177
CovaU Freedom Solar$0.178
ERM Power Standing Offer$0.179
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.181
Energy Australia Basic Business$0.181
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.184
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.184
Origin Energy Standing$0.185
Origin Energy Supply$0.185
Energy Locals Save Me$0.187
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.187
Powershop Standing Offer$0.189
Sumo Standing Offer$0.206
CovaU Standing Offer$0.222
Commander Standing Offer$0.228
Blue NRG Blue Standing$0.237
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.237
amaysim business 1$0.254
Click Energy Business Plus$0.256
Click Energy Business Select$0.271
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$0.286
Click Energy Business Standing$0.295
amaysim business standing$0.295
QEnergy Biz Your Way$0.312
Essential Energy Network Business Controlled Load 2 Rates – Tariff BLNC2AU (Regional NSW)
#Retailer Plans 
QEnergy Flexi Saver Biz$0.155
QEnergy Flexi Biz$0.157
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$0.159
Momentum Energy SmilePower Flexi$0.161
Sumo Business 25$0.165
Simply Energy Business NRMA Plus 18 Online$0.167
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$0.167
Red Energy Living Energy Simple$0.171
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.171
Lumo Energy Business Premium$0.172
Simply Energy Business Plus 15 Online$0.173
AGL Business Savers$0.175
Blue NRG Blue 36$0.176
Powershop Mega Pack$0.180
Red Energy Living Energy Saver$0.180
CovaU Freedom$0.181
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.181
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$0.182
Simply Energy Business Qantas Points Plus 10 Online$0.183
Simply Energy Business Save 10 Online$0.183
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.184
AGL Business Fixed$0.184
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$0.185
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$0.185
Powershop Power Saver$0.187
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.187
Energy Locals Business Member$0.187
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.190
Powershop Lite$0.193
AGL Business Everyday$0.194
Alinta Energy Business Saver 27$0.199
Enova Energy Business Economy Plus$0.203
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.203
Energy Locals Save Me$0.203
Lumo Energy Business Options$0.204
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.204
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.205
CovaU Freedom Solar$0.207
Commander Market Offer$0.207
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.209
Powershop Standing Offer$0.212
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$0.214
Energy Australia Basic Business$0.214
ERM Power Standing Offer$0.218
Momentum Energy SmilePower$0.219
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$0.220
Origin Energy Standing$0.226
Origin Energy Supply$0.226
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.230
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.231
AGL Business Standing Offer$0.231
AGL Business Solar Savers$0.231
AGL Business Freedom$0.231
Enova Energy Standing Offer$0.242
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.245
Blue NRG Blue Standing$0.246
CovaU Standing Offer$0.259
Sumo Standing Offer$0.262
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.273
Commander Standing Offer$0.284
amaysim business 1$0.284
Click Energy Business Plus$0.287
Click Energy Business Select$0.304
Click Energy Business Standing$0.330
amaysim business standing$0.330
QEnergy Biz Your Way$0.340
Australian Capital Territory Business Controlled Load 2 Rates – Tariff 070
#Retailer Plans 
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$0.132
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$0.139
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$0.150
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$0.152
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.153
ActewAGL ACT Business (Smart Meter)$0.162
ActewAGL ACT Business$0.162
Energy Australia Basic Business$0.163
Energy Locals Business Member$0.164
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.165
Energy Locals Save Me$0.165
Origin Energy Supply$0.167
Origin Energy Standing$0.167
ActewAGL Standing Offer$0.184
ActewAGL Standing Offer (Smart Meter)$0.184
ActewAGL Standing Offer (Interval Meter)$0.184
Next Business Energy Standing Offer$0.198
Next Business Energy Market Offer$0.199
ERM Power Standing Offer$0.219
Energex Network Business Controlled Load 2 Rates – Tariff 33 (South East Queensland)
#Retailer Plans 
QEnergy Flexi Saver Biz$0.160
QEnergy Flexi Biz$0.161
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.184
Alinta Energy Business SaverPlus$0.189
Alinta Energy Business SaverPlus Solar$0.189
Origin Energy BusinessSaver$0.189
Powershop Mega Pack$0.190
Energy Australia Everyday Saver Business$0.192
Powershop Power Saver$0.197
Energy Australia Rate Fix Business$0.197
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.198
AGL Melbourne Victory$0.199
Red Energy Easy Saver$0.200
Origin Energy Rate Freeze$0.200
Energy Australia Flexi Saver Business$0.201
Powershop Lite$0.202
AGL Business Savers$0.204
AGL Business Fixed$0.204
Red Energy Living Energy Easy$0.207
Energy Locals Business Member$0.209
Powerdirect Market Offer$0.209
AGL Business Everyday$0.211
Origin Energy Business Solar Boost$0.216
Origin Energy Supply$0.222
Origin Energy Standing$0.222
Energy Australia Basic Business$0.223
Powershop Standing Offer$0.224
Red Energy Standing Offer$0.229
Energy Locals Save Me$0.231
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.232
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.236
Simply Energy Business Save 10 Online$0.236
Alinta Energy Standing Offer Solar$0.236
AGL Business Solar Savers$0.240
AGL Business Standing Offer$0.240
Powerdirect Standing Offer$0.240
AGL Business Freedom$0.240
1st Energy 1st Saver$0.242
Click Energy Business Plus$0.262
amaysim business 1$0.262
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.262
Energy Locals Standing Offer$0.264
Click Energy Business Standing$0.276
amaysim business standing$0.276
1st Energy Standing Offer$0.286
ERM Power Standing Offer$0.293
QEnergy Biz Your Way$0.346
Ergon Network Business Controlled Load 2 Rates (Regional Queensland)
#Retailer Plans 
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 24)$0.232
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 21)$0.232
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 62)$0.232
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 20)$0.232
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 22A)$0.232
Momentum Energy Standing Offer$0.232
Ergon Energy Standard Contract (Tariff 41)$0.232
Tasmania Business Controlled Load 2 Rates – Tariff 61
#Retailer Plans 
Aurora Energy General Business$0.138
ERM Power Adjustable$0.214
ERM Power Fixed$0.228
ERM Power Standing Offer$0.239

Please note the following about the information below:
1. Rates shown include GST and all available discounts.
2. Daily charges relating to controlled load or dedicated circuits are not shown on this page.