Rimfire Energy Solar Feed-in Tariffs for Northern Territory

Rimfire Energy Solar Feed-in Tariff

Rimfire Energy provide electricity plans offering solar feed-in tariffs (FIT). Listed here are Rimfire Energy solar feed-in tariffs for households in the Northern Territory.

Rimfire Energy solar feed-in tariffs for the Northern Territory (cents per kWh exported)

Feed-in tariffs (FITs) shown exclude GST. GST on feed-in tariffs is only paid to ABN holders.
Feed-in tariffs are sourced from the Retailer's published Basic Plan Information Documents/Energy Price Fact Sheets. Some plans may have additional conditions relating to solar feed-in tariffs not displayed here. Please review the Retailer's Terms and Conditions before taking up any contract.
FITs are typically variable, and future FITs may be subject to change by the Retailer.
Where a Premium FIT is paid, please note that all premium feed-in tariff schemes are closed to new entrants, so if you are not currently receiving a premium feed-in tariff, you will only be able to receive the standard feed-in tariff.