Horizon Power Solar Feed-in Tariffs for Regional Western Australia

Horizon Power Solar Feed-in Tariff

Horizon Power provide electricity plans offering solar feed-in tariffs (FIT). Listed here are Horizon Power’s solar feed-in tariffs for households in regional Western Australia.

A great solar feed-in tariff is important, but to ensure you find the best deal you also need to consider the usage rates and supply charges. WATTever’s comprehensive electricity comparison makes it easy to get it right by including all this information for every retailer.

Horizon Power solar feed-in tariffs for Regional Western Australia (cents per kWh exported)

PartnerRetailer PlansStandard FITLink to PlansPlan Conditions
Horizon Power Standard Residential7.1cView Horizon Power plansConditions Apply
Horizon Power Part Residential and Business7.1cView Horizon Power plansConditions Apply

Note 1: All premium feed-in tariff schemes are closed to new entrants so if you are not currently receiving a premium feed-in tariff you will only be able to receive the standard feed-in tariff.
Note 2: The feed-in tariffs are sourced from the energy price fact sheets published on the Horizon Power web site. Some plans may have conditions relating to solar feed-in tariffs including system size and export limits. Horizon Power’s Terms and Conditions may include other conditions not shown here.
Note 3: Residential feed-in tariffs shown exclude GST. GST on feed-in tariffs is only paid to ABN holders.
Basic Plan Information Documents are available at https://wattever.com.au/fact-sheet-finder/