Enova Energy expands across NSW

Enova-Energy expands across NSW
Founded from grass-roots action in the Northern Rivers of NSW, and based in sun soaked Byron Bay, pioneering electricity retailer Enova Energy has built a loyal following. Now the retailer has switched on its community-owned social enterprise energy across the state.
You’ll find Enova’s plans available in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong and surrounding areas. Expect Enova to appear in Queensland in early 2020. With a focus on renewable energy, more than 60 per cent of Enova’s customers have roof top solar panels. Enova CEO Felicity Stening said, “Enova’s aim is to establish an energy supply model that can be recreated by communities across the country and in the longer term, produce enough renewable energy locally to meet all its customers’ energy needs.” With up to half of its energy supply coming customers’ own rooftops, Enova is buying back exported solar energy with a high feed-in tariff and recirculating it. Enova Energy is all about increasing locally generated sustainable energy to benefit the community. So it’s no surprise that the retailer was awarded four stars in the 2018 Green Electricity Guide, published by The Total Environment Centre and Greenpeace, as result of efforts in this area. “Our vision for Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong is to enable energy self-sufficiency for everyone. To achieve this, we need to connect businesses…and houses in streets, so they can share locally generated electricity amongst themselves; and, we need to harness rooftop solar in a way that enables people who can’t have solar panels to receive the benefits,” Stening said. To do just that, Enova is in the process of piloting a “solar garden”.

Sharing the benefits of a Solar Garden

Like a community garden but generating electricity, a solar garden is open to all to share the benefits of cheap energy captured from the sun. To get involved households can buy a share which builds the garden (covering the PV system and lease of the land). Then the electricity retailer provides an on bill credit to participating households for their share of electricity produced from the solar panels in the garden. Just like direct solar owners, the energy bill savings are greater than the purchase costs.

Supporting Solar for All

Enova has endorsed the recent Solar for All campaign which brings together 20 community organisations to call on state governments to end the solar lock-out. The campaign speaks up for more than one-third of Australians who are locked out of access to clean energy generation because they rent, live in apartments, have unsuitable rooftops, or cannot afford the upfront cost of solar panels. Solar for All aims to give every Australian access to sustainable and affordable energy.

Acting Local

Equally important to Enova is keeping money spent on energy bills circulating locally. With a Northern Rivers based customer support team the retailer promises very approachable service. Plus as a social enterprise, half of Enova’s profits are put back into initiatives to support renewables and the community.

The lowdown

Where: Electricity plans available across NSW. Arriving South East Queensland early 2020. Who’s it for: Community minded households. Solar owners. What’s the buzz: An energy retailer that wants you to share in a renewable-led future. Want to know if Enova Energy’s offers stack up for you? You’ll find Enova Energy in WATTever’s comprehensive electricity comparison.

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