Solar feed-in tariffs to fall in July 2018

Solar feed-in tariffs to fall in July 2018

Solar feed-in tariffs are expected to fall from July 1 2018 in most states. This is due to a reduction in the forward wholesale electricity prices. Forward prices are a key driver of the feed-in tariffs paid by retailers. In Victoria, the Essential Services Commission has reduced its mandated minimum from 11.3 cents to 9.9 cents per kWh.

While in NSW, IPART have recommended a feed-in tariff of just 7.5c per kWh (down from 11.9 to 15c per kWh).

As of 18th June, only a couple of retailers have published their new July feed-in tariffs. Those that have, including Origin Energy, Ergon Energy and Energy Australia have confirmed feed-in tariffs up to 15% lower than June 2018.

For Origin, feed-in tariffs on their Supply and Standing offers have dropped by 1 cent in ACT, NSW and SA to 8, 8 and 10 cents respectively. We expect that drop to be reflected in more competitive market offers to be released in July. It will be interesting to see how much the fall will be on their Solar Boost plans, which have very high feed-in tariffs balanced out by higher usage rates.

Ergon Energy, who are the monopoly supplier in regional Queensland, are reducing their feed-in tariffs from 10.102c per kWh to 9.369c per kWh.

Energy Australia are keeping their feed-in tariffs at the same level in NSW, QLD and SA according to

To see the latest feed-in tariffs for all retailers in your location, view our solar feed-in tariff comparison page.

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