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ReAmped Energy

There has been a steady chant of complaint about how complicated energy pricing has become. ReAmped Energy is a new online electricity retailer that keeps it simple. With a no nonsense pricing model and online service could ReAmped Energy be the retailer that rocks your world?

This is the second in a series profiling new energy retailers ready to disrupt the energy industry. If you are tired of the big energy retailers, then it’s worth knowing more about the next generation of retailers set to step up and bring a new level of competition.

Getting loud with low prices

Read just about any electricity retailers website and you’ll find lots of claims that prices are low. Of course, the only reliable measure is to compare the offer to the rest of the market. So far, since ReAmped’s launch in early 2019, they’ve hit the market with genuinely low prices. ReAmped plays it straight with easy to understand pricing. There’s no tricky discounts or short term honeymoon offers. Plus, you won’t find pay-on-time conditional discounts either.

Of course prices can change, but ReAmped is betting on their low cost business model helping maintain a competitive edge. The Solar Feed-in Tariffs on offer are modest in comparison to headline FITs currently available. Bear in mind, that ‘big’ solar plans come with inflated usage and supply charges, so it’s always worth doing a thorough comparison to see how it plays out for you.

A formula for success

ReAmped CEO and founder, Jason Donald, was involved with Electric Kiwi – one of New Zealand’s fastest growing electricity retailers. Established in 2014, Electric Kiwi is an independent online retailer, using cloud computing and smart meters to efficiently serve their customers. The Electric Kiwi experience is that good online service can be valued by customers, with the retailer winning Canstar’s Most Satisfied Customers Award – Electricity in 2017. ReAmped’s formula is similar. They offer an antidote to complex energy pricing, using technology to more efficiently serve customers and keep costs down.

If you’re all about online, then ReAmped service could be ideal for you. Customers talk to the service team using online chat. And bills are sent electronically.

The lowdown

Where: Available in NSW, SA & South East Queensland.
Where Next: ReAmped is set to expand to other markets.
Who’s it for: Fans of online service and honest pricing.
What’s the buzz: ReAmped is a straight-talking electricity retailer for the online generation.

You’ll find ReAmped Energy in WATTever’s comparison if you are shopping for a better electricity deal in New South Wales and South East Queensland.

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