ReAmped Energy launch into South Australia

ReAmped Energy drop into South Australia
ReAmped Energy has just launched into the South Australian market on March 5 2020. The fast-growing online retailer has created a wave of interest in the Eastern States by offering rock bottom electricity plans in NSW and Queensland since February 2019.
So is ReAmped set to treat S.A. households to better power deals?

It’s all about the price.

ReAmped Energy offers simple plans without confusing discounts or benefit periods, back by online customer service. But it’s the pricing which is the main attraction. As of 6th March 2020, the ReAmped Energy Handshake plan ranks in the top 5 cheapest plans in NSW, QLD and SA, for the majority of households who export under 10kWh of solar per day.

Acting CEO of ReAmped Energy, Luke Blincoe, says the Brisbane-based company is now on a mission to bring increased competition and lower prices to South Australia. “Our aim has always been to offer the best rates on the Energy Made Easy price comparison website, and that will be no different in South Australia. Customers can expect our same straightforward pricing and fast online service,” he says.

“We don’t use conditional or expiring discounts to create the illusion of good value, instead we offer simple prices up front, with no unnecessary maths required. And with 7000 customers – and growing – it’s working!”

“Australians are fed up and prepared to look for alternatives. Customers are realising how easy it is to find better prices and switch providers online,” he says.

ReAmped Energy – Handshake plan

As at March 6, 2020, ReAmped’s most competitive plan – Handshake – is available with or without controlled load for households connected to South Australia’s S.A. Power Network. The Handshake plan has a general usage rate of 31.31c, daily supply charge of 100.2c and 8c feed-in tariff (all rates incl GST). South Australia has the highest general electricity rates in Australia due to higher network and generation costs. The lowest S.A. rates are in the 30-33c range. Rates for ReAmped Energy in NSW and QLD where generation and network costs are lower, run at 20 to 23 cents kWh. If you’re looking for a very competitive plan in NSW, QLD or S.A. you can check out how ReAmped Energy stacks up for you by completing a  personalised electricity comparison. It’s the easy way to compare against every publicly-listed plan from all electricity retailers servicing your home so you can find the best deal!

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