Kogan Energy switches on

Kogan Energy launch electricity offers
Known for cheap electronics, Kogan has been expanding fast. The brand name now covers internet and phone plans, home loans and even a car marketplace. From today, you’ll see Kogan Energy on electricity and gas deals.
The new Kogan Energy service is available to residential customers in Victoria, New South Wales, South East Queensland and South Australia for power. Victorian customers will also be able to get gas. Kogan Energy claims that they will be sticking to the brand’s recipe of everyday low prices and simplicity. “Kogan Energy is helping Aussies keep more of their hard-earned money by delivering exceptional prices on vital services,” said David Shafer, Executive Director of Kogan.com. With straight-up pricing and no confusing discounts offers use a ‘per day’ charge plus a ‘per amount used’ charge.

Powered by Powershop

The new service is supported by a partnership with Powershop, a subsidiary of Meridian Energy. Meridian Energy is Australasia’s largest generator of renewable energy and owns and operates wind farms and hydro power stations. Powershop hold the license to operate an energy business and will be providing the backend and system support for Kogan Energy customers.

Kogan Energy App

Once connected, Kogan Energy customers will be able to check in on their power and gas usage as well as pay bills through a mobile app. According to Mr Shafer, the “easy-to-use online platform and mobile app will help people monitor and take control of their energy usage”

The lowdown

Where: Electricity plans available in NSW, Victoria, South East Queensland & South Australia. Gas for Victoria only, so far. Who’s it for: Online bargain hunters – without solar. What’s the buzz: The low-price online retailer steps up to offer low-price energy. Want to know if Kogan Energy’s offers stack up for you? You’ll find Kogan Energy ranked in WATTever’s comprehensive electricity comparison.

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