Energy Bill Relief for business

Energy bill relief for business

Rising costs are at a boiling point for business. So, the Commonwealth Government along with state and territory governments have introduced Energy Bill Relief for business to counter surging energy prices.

From 1 July 2023, Energy Bill Relief payments will be provided directly to the retailers, who then apply credits to shrink eligible small business customers’ energy bills. We’ll break out who is eligible, what’s on offer and what you need to do (ps. It should get paid automatically).

Who will get Energy Bill Relief for business?

To be eligible, a business must be on a separately metered business tariff with their electricity retailer, AND have an annual electricity consumption that is less than the threshold. The energy consumption threshold is:

  • 40MWh in Victoria
  • 50MWh in Western Australia
  • 100MWh in the ACT, NSW and Queensland
  • 150MWh in Tasmania
  • 160MWh in the Northern Territory and South Australia

Who won’t get Energy Bill Relief for business?

  • Small businesses using electricity from home won’t generally be eligible for small business bill relief.
  • Businesses with electricity use above the annual energy use threshold (MWh) won’t be eligible.
  • Businesses in embedded networks in the ACT and Victoria won’t be eligible.

How much Energy Bill Relief for business is available?

The amount of bill relief depends on which state or territory your small business is located in.

  • If your eligible small business is in NSW, NT, Queensland, SA, Tasmania or WA, then $650 of bill relief is available.
  • For eligible small business is in Victoria and the ACT, then $325 bill relief is provided.

You don’t need to apply to receive these measures. If your business is eligible, then bill relief will be provided on your electricity bills from 1 July 2023.

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