Cheapest electricity deals we’ve seen in Victoria

Cheapest electricity deals in Victoria

From March 2021, there has been fierce discounting of grid electricity offers by several energy retailers in Victoria. So we ran the numbers to find out if the plans available now are cheaper than any deal since WATTever began comparing every electricity plan listed on retailers websites in July 2017.

Spoiler alert – yes, they are. And we’ve published the proof below!

Over the last four years, WATTever has recorded and compared 6,209 flat-rate Victorian electricity offers across the State’s five networks. To determine how today’s leading deals stack up, we calculated and ranked the annual electricity cost for an average household using 4000kW of power on a flat-rate tariff for every plan in our extensive database, for each network. The energy usage is the same as the 2019 VDO, so it’s the best point of comparison.

Everyones a winner

The findings are consistent across all five Victorian power networks. The cheapest currently available electricity anytime offer in each network is now lower than it has been over the last four years. It’s unusual to see prices for any cost of living expenses fall, and it’s very welcome. We think it’s important for people to know that savvy Victorian households can now pay less for grid electricity than at any time over the last four years, if they choose the cheapest deals. Now is the time to move to a better deal because the electricity plans held by households, including specially discounted private offers, are bettered in almost all cases by the latest offers lower grid rates.

See for yourself

We love data and transparency, so for a complete ranking of energy plans by Victorian energy network since July 2017 you are welcome to dive in on the links below;

Eastern Victoria (AusNet Services network)

Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs (CitiPower network)

North West Melbourne (Jemena network)

Western Victoria (PowerCor network)

South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula (United Energy network)


Lowest electricity offers in Victoria (16/6/2021)

If you’re looking for a quick benchmark for how much households could be paying here’s a breakdown of the leading deal for each network. This is the estimated annual cost for a household using 4000kW of electricity a year and includes all discounts and GST. Of course, everyone is different, and your bill will vary based on your energy usage.

In Eastern Victoria (AusNet Services network) residents could pay $1070 annually, receiving up to 29% discount on the Victorian Default Offer (VDO).

Those residing in the Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs (CitiPower network) could pay $831 – receiving up to a 35% discount on the VDO.

For households in North West Melbourne (Jemena network) the cheapest deal is $851, equalling a 36% discount on the VDO.

In Western Victoria (PowerCor network) residents could select the cheapest deal for $950, receiving a 31% discount on the VDO.

In South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula (United Energy network) the cheapest deal is $851 annually which is a 36% discount on the VDO.

For a full ranking of the latest plans see our Compare best electricity rates in Victoria table.

Want to find the best electricity deal for your household?

WATTever’s comprehensive comparison makes it easy to compare all the plans listed on electricity retailers websites and see a ranked cost estimate for your unique usage, solar export, controlled load configuration and more. Start your comparison and find the best deal.

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