What we're about

We started WATTever because we were fed up with complicated energy pricing, incomplete comparisons and confusing technology. Why can’t it be easier to be well informed about energy – and easier to make savings? So, we created an energy saving service that provides impartial information and tools to help Australians make the decisions that will put them in control. Along the way, WATTever has become Australia’s largest publisher of retail energy pricing information. We cover electricity and gas in every state and territory. Now energy retailers subscribe to WATTever’s pricing data and software so they can keep on top of what’s happening the market. We’re committed to sharing comprehensive information to help households and business take the power back and find the best deal. Plus, we know that with some simple steps, you can enjoy even bigger savings.

How do we know? WATTever is based on the practical experience of reducing energy costs in our very own homes. We’ve reduced the annual energy costs to less than $500 for a four-bedroom suburban house with three-phase air conditioning and two electric cars in the garage. WATTever is all about sharing how to be more energy efficient without compromising your lifestyle. It’s good for the planet. Equally good for your wallet.

Come with us on the journey to save energy.

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Our Team

David Hiley

David Hiley
Energy-saving evangelist and analytics expert

WATTever is about sharing the knowledge I’ve gained transforming my families energy costs over the last ten years.
With a background at leading management firms before founding my own practice, I have consulted as a system architect, technical lead and e-commerce analyst to Australia’s leading finance and insurance companies.
I’m super obsessive about analytics and creating a better future. I’m also an EV enthusiast, racing electric motorbikes and have developed a range of fast battery chargers for EVs.

Tim Photo

Tim Hiley
Communications Activist

The energy industry needs to change for the better. Forget government and big business looking after your interests. It’s everyday Australians that now have the power to take control of their energy use. With two decades working for major communications agencies and their clients in finance, travel, FMCG and automotive, Tim loves to design and write.

What matters to us



We show it how it is.

It’s easier to make informed choices when you can see things clearly. We have no time for hidden fees, hidden agendas or incomplete comparisons.
Independent and impartial


We are 100% impartial.

WATTever provides objective analysis to assist Australians to make better informed decisions. We are a family business independent from the energy industry. We’re analysts and energy-saving evangalists not sales people.


Helping others makes us better.

WATTever offer free access to decision tools and information to help everyone save money and energy. We are happy when a customer makes an informed choice whether or not there is any return to us.


Leave the world a better place.

We believe we have a responsibility to help improve things. Fossil fuels damage the environment and peoples health. Renewable energy offers us a better future.


WATTever and/or David Hiley have appeared in the media, industry and government conferences including; 

Presenter &
EV Test Drive Facilitator
Sydney Electric Vehicle Expo

Presenter &
NSW – Vice President
Australian Electric Vehicle Association 2018-2019

Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition 2019

Speaker: Energy Foresighting Forum
Speaker: Electrifying Industry Symposium
Speaker: NSW Solar Installer Conference
Randwick City Council
EV Facilitator:
Eco-Living Expo
2017 – 2018