WATTever Deal Tracker Terms of Use

This agreement sets out the terms and conditions for use of the Deal Tracker service provided by WATTever through WATTever’s website. Please read these terms, WATTever’s general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before subscribing to the Deal Tracker service. If you do not accept our Terms of Use, you will not be permitted to use the Deal Tracker service. These terms are a legally binding contract between WATTever (‘we’) and yourself (‘subscriber’). These terms commence when you accept the Terms of Use on the WATTever website and continue until the end of the subscription period or if the agreement is terminated by either party as set out in this Terms of Use.
Changes to Terms
WATTever may make amendments to the terms of use from time to time. Any significant amendments that change your rights or responsibilities will be notified in writing.
Nature of the Deal Tracker Service
WATTever’s Deal Tracker is an information service monitoring publicly-listed electricity plans for residential and small business customers in the contestable states and territories (ACT, NSW, SA, SE QLD & VIC) where electricity pricing is deregulated and there is a choice of retailer. It is designed to provide information on the state of market offers. By using Deal Tracker, you accept that WATTever is monitoring publicly-listed electricity plans. We define publicly-listed plans as those that are included as Price Fact Sheets on electricity Retailers websites. You acknowledge that private, special, limited or exclusive offers, which may include additional incentives or bonuses, are not covered by this service. WATTever do not include combined gas and electricity offers. WATTever uses the electricity usage information that is provided by you as the basis of comparison against monitored plans, once a month during the subscription period. WATTever will contact you by email with an alert notification when a plan is available that offers estimated savings greater than the savings threshold you have selected for your Tracked Plan. You will be informed about the relative performance of your Tracked Plan against publicly-listed electricity plans, via Quarterly Checkup emails. WATTever make no guarantee that a cheaper plan will exist or can be found during the subscription period.
How estimated savings are calculated
Savings are calculated as the estimated one-year cost improvement between your nominated Tracked Plan and another plan in the market. Savings are projected for a 12-month period based on the selected tracked plan and usage entered by you during that time. Savings calculations do include upfront/sign-up credits/rebates but do not include exit fees that may be applicable to some plans.
Information sourced by us
Whilst WATTever endeavours to maintain a comprehensive monitoring service, information is sourced from third-parties. WATTever does not guarantee the accuracy, availability or completeness of third-party information provided through Deal Tracker, or for any inability we may have in accessing information on third-party websites.
Information providing by you
The information you provide is important, as it forms the basis for ongoing comparisons that are undertaken and the savings calculations that are estimated through the Deal Tracker service. You are responsible for providing accurate and current electricity usage information for your profile on our website. WATTever is not responsible for incomplete or incorrect information that may be supplied. You should review each electricity bill you receive for your Tracked Plan to ensure that you are on the nominated plan and receiving the rates and discounts for the currently listed plan. It is your responsibility to ensure the Tracked Plan in your profile is current.
Tracked Plans for non-market offers
In the event that you wish to Track a plan which is not listed through our site, you agree that a market plan from the same Retailers which is the next best fit may be used as the basis for comparison and alert notifications. Where a Tracked Plan is no longer a current market offer, you agree that a market plan from the same Retailer which is the next best fit may be used as the basis for comparison and alert notifications. Where you tell us about a benefit period on a Tracked Plan, we will notify you around the date of that benefit period expiring to update your tracked plan details.
Importance of investigating plans
No warranty is given to the appropriateness of plans included on the service. You must make your own enquiries before entering into any agreement with a Retailer, taking into account your financial position. It is your responsibility to determine if, and with what Retailer you might choose to Switch with. WATTever does not endorse or recommend any individual plan. WATTever do not provide financial advice in relation to energy products.
Subscription Fee
You will be charged an annual subscription fee to receive the Deal Tracker Business and Business Plus services. At the completion of the subscription period, unless you cancel the service a recurring charge will be made for the next subscription period. If there is any change to the annual fee we will notify you in writing at least 14 days in advance of any payment.
Website and Email access
Your participation in the Deal Tracker service requires a valid email address and internet access to obtain your alerts and maintain your profile. WATTever will provide access to our website for the purpose of comparison, however we cannot guarantee the website will be free of periods of interruption. WATTever is not liable for any transmission issues that block or interfere with the delivery of service messages during the subscription period, or a subscriber’s inability to access the WATTever website. WATTever may make changes to the website and service for purpose of enhancing the service. We ask that you keep confidential any password and user name for the Deal Tracker service.
Your use of Deal Tracker
You agree that Deal Tracker is only to be used for the nominated household or business and that information from the service is not to be re-sold or transferred to obtain commercial gain. You agree that you will not tamper with or cause harm to the website. In the event that the Terms of Use are breached, you acknowledge that WATTever reserves the right to restrict or end access to the website and Deal Tracker service.
Limitations of Liability
WATTever will be liable to you for the performance of its obligations as set out in the Deal Tracker Terms of Use agreement only. Any liability is limited to the value of the Deal Tracker subscription fees that have been paid to WATTever under this agreement. Full details on Limitations of liability and indemnity is set out in the general Terms and Use. In no event shall WATTever be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data or profit, or due to business interruption) arising out of the use or inability to use the materials on the WATTever website. WATTever will not be liable for;
  • Acts or omissions from any third-party electricity retailers or service providers
  • Information sourced from any third-party electricity retailer or service providers
  • Any inability on your part to access the website
Referral Fee and Deal Tracker subscribers
WATTever has commercial arrangements with some retailers, if you choose to switch through our site. A list of current Retailer partners is set out on our website. The ranking of products presented for comparison through the Deal Tracker service are not modified or repositioned due to any commercial relationships that WATTever may or may not have. WATTever does not seek or receive commissions relating to the ranking of plans presented in the Deal Tracker service. If you choose to Switch to a Retail Partner through WATTever and WATTever receives a referral fee, WATTever will refund your Deal Tracker Fee for the current period in full and will terminate the Deal Tracker service. Due to contractual agreements with Retail Partners that include a non-solicitation period, WATTever will not be able to provide the Deal Tracker service to you whilst you are a customer of the Partner Retailer for the duration of the non-solicitation period.
Termination of Deal Tracker subscription
If you choose to cancel your subscription, WATTever reserves the right to retain all the fees paid under the Terms of Use agreement. Please contact us at support@wattever.com.au if you wish to cancel your subscription.