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The benefits of solar

Eligible households in Victoria can receive a 50% rebate on new solar, cutting up to $2,225 from a 4kW solar system. A 4kW system can lower power bills by up to $890 pa, so solar industry leaders expect there will be a surge of interest. Available up to June 30 2019 for just 24,000 eligible households, find out what you need to know to access the Victorian solar rebate.

Australia has just eclipsed two million solar rooftop systems. Now, one in five Australian homes are benefitting from a solar PV system. It’s clear that households are voting with their wallets to buy cheaper and cleaner electricity.

Looking for the latest feed-in tariffs? You’ve come to the right place. WATTever rank the best feed-in tariffs for every retailer in every state and territory plus solar feed-in rates for every public plan offered by each retailer. We explain why the biggest feed-in tariff isn’t necessarily the best deal – and how to choose the right electricity plan for solar.

WATTever founder, David Hiley shares his experience saving money on energy over the last decade. “There is one thing that has made the biggest difference to our household power bills. Adding solar has made the greatest contribution to getting my homes energy costs down to less than $500 a year. Here’s why solar can be a game changer for you too.”

Generating your own electricity means you’ll have much smaller bills while enjoying greater independence. Choosing the right retailer and electricity plan for your situation will help you maximise your solar savings. Here’s what to look for

Discover the deals that maximise your return. We outline how the solar arbitrage strategy works plus rank current plans where you can sell energy back to the grid for more than you can buy it. It’s all based on a real-world experiment I’ve run over a couple of months with my solar and battery set up.

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Solar powers a brighter future

Solar is not just a savvy financial investment. A 5kW solar panel system on your home over 25 years reduces greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to:

25 cars off the road for a year


Petrol cars parked for a year.

Oil barrel


Oil barrels not burnt.

CO2 black cloud


Tonnes of CO² avoided