Climate Saver Rates Comparison

For households in the Powercor network in Victoria, a special tariff generally used for heating and cooling appliances was made available called Climate Saver. Climate Saver features a Summer (November to March) rate and Winter (April to October) rate. The lower winter rate provides a lower cost option (compared to standard anytime usage rates) for heating, however the summer rates are generally higher than standard anytime rates so the tariff is better suited for those with higher winter heating versus summer cooling needs. Powercor have now closed the Climate Saver tariff to new entrants and it is only available if you are currently receiving it. The table below compares the rates charged by retailers for those households who are still on this tariff. You can check a recent electricity bill if you are not sure whether you are on this tariff.

WATTever’s comprehensive electricity comparison includes Climate Saver tariffs for each retailer who supports them.

Powercor Climate Saver Tariff Rates
#Retailer PlansCS Summer RateCS Winter Rate
Simply Energy RACV Plus 45 30 Online$0.202$0.141
Simply Energy Extra 43 26 Online$0.209$0.146
Alinta Energy Fair Deal 43$0.218$0.147
Simply Energy Plus 40 26 Online$0.220$0.154
Dodo Market Offer$0.236$0.148
Simply Energy RACV Plus 35 20 Green 10 Online$0.239$0.166
Alinta Energy Sure Saver$0.248$0.167
Simply Energy AFL Plus 30 15 Online$0.257$0.179
Simply Energy Gold Class Plus 30 15 Online$0.257$0.179
Simply Energy RACV Plus 30 15 Green 20 Online$0.257$0.179
Simply Energy Save 30 15 Online$0.257$0.179
Origin Energy One Low Rate$0.273$0.140
Powershop Mega Pack$0.283$0.186
Powershop Power Saver$0.297$0.195
Commander Market Offer$0.308$0.193
Powershop Lite$0.311$0.204
Origin Energy Maximiser Online Bonus$0.314$0.161
Origin Energy Maximiser$0.319$0.163
Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus$0.327$0.168
Origin Energy Saver Online$0.331$0.170
Origin Energy Saver$0.335$0.172
Diamond Energy Market Offer$0.347$0.237
Origin Energy Solar Boost$0.352$0.180
Origin Energy Smart Saver$0.356$0.183
Powershop Standing Offer$0.369$0.242
Dodo Standing Offer$0.376$0.236
Origin Energy BillSaver$0.377$0.193
Alinta Energy Standing Offer$0.382$0.257
Diamond Energy Standing Offer$0.385$0.264
Simply Energy Standing Offer$0.395$0.275
Origin Energy Standing$0.419$0.215
Origin Energy Supply Online Move$0.419$0.215

Note: Climate Saver Rates shown include GST and all available discounts.

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